Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Shiroi Kageboshi (The White Shadow)

Suzuko and Teruko Suzuko Hasebe moved to the Asahi quarter because of his father's job. So, she had to change school. Some things were not easy to understand at the beginning. Why did she have to sit in the last line, while there was nobody sitting at the fourth line? That sit was always empty, even though sometimes Suzuko almost saw a girl sitting there. Anyway, one day she decided to move to the empty desk, so that she could better see the blackboard. Everybody seemed worried... After some hours, Suzuko started feeling very bad and she felt as if someone grabbed her from the backside. Since that moment, she decided not to sit there any longer. But hear health was not good and she still felt that presence... The White Shadow Thanks to Teruko Niwa, a school mate with mediumistic powers, she got to know that there used to be a girl, Sayoko Komori, who used to sit at that desk, and who died at school. She was alone, because of his father's bad reputation and because of her own bad health conditions. One day, a new class mate arrived and Sayoko attached to the new friend (named Chigusa). Anyway, the girl didn't want to be friends only with Sayoko and so she started spending her time with the other girls also. Sayoko was mad with jealousy, and she started ignoring her own health in order to stay at school with Chigusa as much as possible. One day, she died while sitting at the desk. After 6 years, Suzuko sat on that desk. Sayoko's ghost was unhappily wandering around, wanting Suzuko to die. Anyway, Suzuko managed to survive, and the won spirit didn't appear any longer in the school.


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