Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Midori no Honoo (The Green Flames)

Carol and Isabella Six years after her older sister Isabella's wedding day, the young Carol decided to lie to her father and go to visit her. Their father never forgave Isabella, who ran away from New York to marry her boyfriend Anton. Only Carol knew where they lived. She decided to spend her holidays at her sister's in a city called Lenoa. Many things surprised the young girl. First off, Lenoa was a too quiet town in the desert. All the people looked at her in a worried and suspicious way. Moreover, her sister was not the beautiful and joyful woman she used to be. She looked very pale, skinny and tired, and her husband was anything but nice. He was even angry when he saw her at home. Why did nobody except her sister welcome her? There were also other unpleasant things. Sand entered anywhere and anything: clothes, food, whatever. Often some terrible sand storms damaged the town and overwhelmed it with sand. Harold The only nice things there was Harold, a young rich boy who was very popular among the girls there. And he had a little crush for Carol! Anyway, the story didn't end happily. After Isabella's mysterious death, Carol decided to investigate on things she was not allowed to know. She decided to visit the special forest who protected Lenoa from the sand storms. Harold helped her to find the forest. Guess what? The special trees protecting Lenoa were human trees, with human blood! Even Isabella became one of them! Since Carol discovered the terrible secret, the citiziens of Lenoa kept her prisoner. She would become one of the trees of the forest! But at last, she managed to escape with Isabella's 5 year-old kid. The rest of the people, Harold included, were killed by a terrible sand storm.


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