Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Futari no Melody (Melody for Two)

Kurumi Saiwai: a beautiful, honest, shy, educated, elegant, fine boy. He's a only child who lives with his grandma, while her mother (a famous pianist) travels abroad with her husband. His father died when he was young. Kurumi: an impulsive girl, always fighting with her brothers, from a not rich but big, funny, noisy and warm family. She likes j-pop and manga, he reads classical books and he listens to classical music and opera. She loves spicy foods, he prefers sweets. She plays the drum, he is a talented violinist. They have absolutely nothing in common! And still, one day, they meet by chance, and it's love at first sight. Even if they can't share any interest, they enjoy very much their time together and they get closer and closer every day. Saiwai Until Saiwai's mum gets back to Japan... She decided that her son will move with her to Austria, to study music and to become a popular violinist. Since Saiwai doesn't want to leave Japan, the woman wants to meet his girlfriend to see if she is good enough to be part of their noble family. So Kurumi is invited for dinner, but after several emabarassing questions, she runs away crying... She can't stand to be looked down on by that woman! Even if she loves Saiwai so much... The girl doesn't wants to see him or to talk to him any longer. Saiwai is leaving to the airport with his mother and father-in-law, and in the slow traffic jam they can enjoy the matsuri from their car... Saiwai can't believe his eyes! Kurumi is playing the drum! He gets off the car and runs towards the girl: Maybe it's true that we are two discordant sounds, but we can become a perfect harmony together! I love you!


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