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Shirayuri no Kishi (The Chevalier of the Lilies)

Jeanne A romantic version of the story of Jeanne d'Arc, the French young lady who lead her country to victory against the English invaders.
The story takes place in France, in 1429. After the death of king Charles VI, English troops invaded France, supported by the French queen Isabeau. The son Charles VII escaped to Chinon. Pierre Jeanne is a 17 years old girl living in a small French town with her family. She is secretly loved by a young shepherd named Pierre, who knows her since their childhood and who will always follow and protect her. Unlike the other girls, Jeanne dreams of fighting for the freedom of France and she doesn't want to get married. She's worried for the villages who are besieged by English troops. One day she starts hearing voices calling her to save her country. Thanks to those voices, she can predict the future and save her fellow-citizens. Renard/William She can hear those voices more and more often, and she's more and more popular as she claims that God is guiding her. Run away from home to avoid marriage, she wants to meet prince Charles, to ask for some troops to free Orléans and to give the throne back to him. During her trip, she is happened to save life of a charming black knight, Renard Edmontes, who is looking for a young blond knight with a silver armour to kill him. He has been told that that boy will be the number one enemy of England, and actually Renard is an English spy, named William. Kiss He doesn't know that the girl will soon become the knight he's looking for. In the meantime Pierre is looking for Jeanne, and he accidentaly meets Renard. He joins him on his trip to Chinon. Jeanne overcomes several trials and conquers French's hearts, and even if the enemies (who are not only English troops but also some members of a devils worshippers sect) are very strong and well organized, French are winning. When the young girl finds out that Renard is a spy, she is mad at him, since she had a crush on him! But, the English spy saves her life, giving her back the favour. Also, he confesses his love to her. She pretends she hates him, but the boy forces her to a kiss...The battle goes on, and Jeanne can just say to Renard (William) that she actually loves him, and then the French give fire to the English encampment. William disappears... Thanks to Jeanne France is free... Charles VII is the new king. And Pierre promises to Jeanne he will follow her everywhere, even if he will never be able to replace William...


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