Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

13gatsu No Higeki (The Tragedy of the 13th Month)

Mary Mary Southernland is not a very lucky girl. Her father is the famous actor Larry Benson, who is very popular especially among female fans. For this reason, the girl and her mother have to live alone keeping the secret: Larry is more popular if known as a handsome single star; he visits them more and more seldom. Mary's unhappy mother dies and Mary is sent to a English College for girls. The school is very strict and there are severe rules to follow. This make it similar to a prison: no jewels, no hair ribbons, no letters to anyone outside the schools, no radio, no TV, no magazines, no contact with the rest of the world! Obviously, going out of the school even for a short time is forbidden...Also, there are lessons on Sundays and the mass is held on Wednesdays. Who doesn't respect the rules is sent to the Room of Reflections, a mysterious place from where punished girls seldom got back. One of them, Sophia, got back alive but completely insane, always singing meaningless songs! The teachers and the students seem like ghosts: they have no enthusiasm, no life, no emotions... What's wrong with them? Some of the girls have always lived in that college since they were born. All of them, Mary included, have a sad family story but also come from rich families. Only one of them seems to be nice and friendly: it's Deborah, who will be Mary's room mate. Soon, things start getting clearer for Mary: the strange school is actually a school of withches, who celebrate black masses, worship the devil and kill human beings as a sacrifice. Mary and Deborah don't like that, and while Mary pretends she accepted all the rules and she worship the devil, Deborah finally breaks down and therefore is sent to the terrible room of reflections. She will get out of that room in a coffin. It is said that she committed suicide, but Mary manages to look into the coffin and she sees her friend's body is lying without her head! They killed her! Mary and Carlos In the same days, Mary accidentally meets a nice young boy, Carlos, while she was having a walk next to the gate. Luckily nobody saw them. Even if there is the gate between them, they can talk and communicate. The boy is a student, and his dream is to become a movie director. He is trying to create a report about student's life at college. So he decides to give Mary a little videocamera to shoot what happens at the college. This is a good chance for Mary to show the world the terrible human sacrifices and Satanist ceremonies; she can also see a beautiful woman, Rachel Hull, who is determined to marry a popular actor and to become a popular actress, in order to rule the world of cinema. Rachel Hull Unluckily the hidden girl makes a noise and they notice her. Since Mary doesn't agree with what she heard, they lock her in the room of reflections. She meet a little demon who wants to kill her, but the school headmaster comes immediately to save her. In fact her father is at the school to visit her! He wants to announce his marriage...with Rachel Hull!!! Mary tries to show him evidences that she is a witch, but Larry doesn't believe her daugther. Thanks to Sophia (the girl who became insane) who stole the videotape when Mary was sent to the terrible room, and thanks to Carlos, the movie is delivered to the Police and the headmaster with the demon (who turns out to be her son) die in a fire set to the school. The students are free! Larry is so sorry for what he did to Mary. He asks her to follow him in Hollywood, and Carlos is welcome: he will have a great chance to become a movie director, and to live near to the girl he had a crush on...


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