Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Fuyu no Himawari (The Winter Sunflower)

Marion's Portrait Nicole saw a beautiful portrait of a boy called Marion when she was a kid. She was wating for her mother to finish talking to a friend and she noticed that in the background of the painting, there was a sunflower blooming among the snow. Was it possible? And who was that Marion? Since her childhood, Nicole has obsessed by sunflowers and she has been determined to find if these winter flowers really exist somewhere. Nowadays, she is a high school student. Her family went bankrupt, so she studied hard to get a scholarship to enter the Saint Grade School, she got engaged to a rich and noble guy and she hopefully have a comfortable life. One day she hears in the news that an explorer who got lost in the mountains after a snow storm, has been found after a few days. He claims he saw some strange things, like...Sunflowers in the snow!!! Nicole can't resist. She has to find out more. Runa She gets to know the owner of the picture, earl Halifax, and with his nice and handsome grandson Romily she looks for more info about the story. The picture originally was drawn by a ancestor of the Halifax family who met this Marion somewhere in the mountains where some special sunflowers grow... He tried to bring Marion to our world, but he...melted! Nicole joins the alpinism group, she is losing her friends and boyfriend but she has to find that place. Only Romily understands her! One day she happens to be in a snowstorm and she takes shelter in a small cave in the mountains. Here she finds a way to a village! Nicole and Romily Since she is injured, she hopes to find help. Soon she realizes that it is not a common village. Its prince, called Runa, is very similar to Marion, who turns out to be an anchestor of Runa's. People wear light clothes, eat cold food, have cold skin and even swim in the icy water! And you guessed it, this is the land of winter sunflowers! That's why Marion couldn't survive in our world, it is too warm! It takes 3 months to Nicole to recover. Prince Runa is very interested in her world, but at the end he lets her go. Nicole is back! Nobody believes that Nicole but Romily, who doesn't need evidences. A seed of winter sunflower, who was attached to Nicole's coat, gets into the ground. The following winter, Nicole and Romily get married. A sunflower is blooming, though they don't notice it...


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