Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Manatsu no Yoru no Yume (A Midsummer Night Dream)

Lolita The 15 year-old Lolita is going to the countryside with a doctor and his daughter Louise. Lolita's parents asked the doctor to help her relax. In fact the girl feels pressured by her parents' intelligence and fame for they are both candidates to Nobel Prizes. Lolita never wanted to be inferior to them, so she has always studied hard, and she has never enjoyed life: she has no friends, no holidays and never relaxes... Louise is desperate. She cannot even invite her noisy friends (actors, artists, musicians) to her country house because Lolita needs silence to study. Louise, Lolita and the doctor One day Louise forces her to go for a walk in the park. The little girl is hopeless: she cannot even appreciate the beauty of a flower! But she is a little impressed by the old and ruined Schonbellnoun Castle. It is said that the last heir of the Schonbellnoun family was murdered, and since then although many people owned the castle, no one ever stayed there for long... Was the castle infested by ghosts? Impossible, Lolita is certain that ghosts don't exist! By this point Louise has had enough of the young girl's attitude and throws away Lolita's books. The girl runs away angrily, but she gets lost in the woods and finally arrives at the castle. Incredible! There are many people in the castle, dressed like 100 years ago! Did Lolita travel back in time? She meets Hans, the heir of the Schonbellnoun, who is son of the king and a court concubine. Wolf, Hans' uncle, wants to inherit the throne, and he decides to kill Hans. Isolda, Wolf's daughter, asks Hans to marry her, so that her father will not kill him. Lolita is a little relieved that Hans rejects the proposal, but she knows that he will be killed and she starts worrying. Lolita and Hans (Sergio) In the meantime, she falls in love with Hans, and she gives him her first kiss... But she doesn't manage to save Hans from death, and she is forced to run away. Back in the doctor's country house, Lolita tells Louise and her father the story. They all go back to the castle, but they find it in ruins... Was it just a dream? Actually, it was a performance played by Louise's friends! However, Lolita doesn't know and she is drastically changed by this experience... She has fallen in love! Louise thanks her friends for their play. They had lots of fun, but Sergio, the boy who performed Hans, is a little sad. The kiss was not part of the play, was real! He feels that they played too much with Lolita's feelings, who was truly in love. But there is no need to worry! Louise will have a party soon, and Lolita will meet a guy who looks just like Hans...


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