Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Niji no Ikusa (The Battle of the Rainbow)

Nobunaga The beautiful Nohime, a 15-year old princess of Mino, is sent by her father, Saito Dosan, to the province of Owari, to marry the good-for-nothing prince Oda Nobunaga (16). People from Owari tried to attack Mino several times, and this marriage is supposed to be the beginning of a strong alliance between the two. However, Dosan knows perfectly well that he will surely betray Owari. Anyway, Nohime wants to be a good wife. Easy tell! Nobunaga spends the whole day fishing, hunting and playing sports in the woods with boys and young men. He doesn't dress himself properly. He even arrives late at the wedding ceremony! Nohime He seems to be a rebel, someone different from the rest of the family. The first night the couple spend together is rather weird. Nobunaga says that she is going to kill him if he falls asleep, Nohime says he will do the same, so they just stay awake till dawn. Hirate Masaide, who took care of Nobunaga's education, asks the young woman to be patient with him and to be his friend. He is surrounded by many enemies which include not only Nohime's father, but also his closest relatives, who hope to see Nobunaga's brother in power. Nohime is a smart girl, and she figures out what Nobunaga is truly doing: he is secretly training a strong army which will be loyal to him! Nohime and Nobunaga In facts, they play sports and practice fighting every day, and Nobunaga always rewards the strongest ones. Nobunaga is surprised by his wife's cleverness, but he still pretends he is an inept, as everyone else believes. Anyway, he is slowly becoming sweeter to his wife... Nohime is sad because Nobunaga doesn't sleep with her. One night, while looking for him, she finds him all alone in a cold and empty room. She then understands that he is constantly forced to hide from his enemies even when he sleeps! Nohime is moved, and she decides to look after him! Nobunaga wakes up...And he blushes! He becomes closer and closer to his wife who follows him and loves him. She is not afraid of him, and on the other hand, she is the only person Nobunaga feels comfortable with. Nobunaga meeting Dosan When Nobunaga's father dies, Nobunaga acts bad, so everyone thinks he didn't even respect his father. Even Nohime is shocked, and Masahide commits suicide, feeling responsible of his bad education. Nonetheless, it is thanks to this behavior that many of his enemies underestimate him and think that he will never be allowed to take his father's place so they stop considering him an enemy. Nohime's father himself wants to take advantage of the situation by visiting Nobunaga and killing him. Nohime suspects this and she is very worried. But Nobunaga promises he will live for her. In fact, when he finally does meet Nohime's father he is dressed properly and he acts in a very good manner. Nohime's father is so impressed that he decides to accept him as his daughter's husband. Since then, Nohime always follows Nobunaga in his military conquests, which eventually lead him to conquering most of Japan. She follows him even in his death.


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