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Furimuita Kaze (The Wind who Used to Look Backwards)

Young Keisuke Momoko Sakurai is tidying up her room. She finds an old maths exercise notebook, which belonged to a certain K.K. when she was at her 3rd year of elementary school... Who is K.K.? Oh, probably that terrible boy... He used to live with his grandfather in a hut. He was poor, dirty, puckish, and rather unpopular. When Momoko had to sit next to him at school, she cried. But day by day, she realized that he was actually kind and shy. He was a strange boy. He already knew the alphabet! The thing Momoko loved the most was his ability in creating origami. He could make many, and all wonderful! She always asked him to teach her! The two children became closer and closer. K. used to tell her that she would become a good wife... One day, since the schoolmates insulted him because of his smell, she sprayed her mother's perfume on him, and the teacher reprimanded both. K. always protected her, like when his arm got burnt while he saved Momoko from a falling kettle. Momoko. One day, Momoko was at home with a cold, and K. brought her his maths exercise notebook... To her surprise, when Momoko got back to school, K. had left... That day she also found several origami on her desk... She never heard of him anymore... Kiss 8 years passed since that day. Now Momoko is a normal girl. She has been dating Ninomiya for 1 year and a half and she likes going out with him and her friends. One day, she meets Nanjo. He is a new school mate of Ninomiya, he has recently moved to town. One day at a party of the kendo club, Momoko accidentally pours a drink on Nanjo's jacket. While she washes it in the bathroom, he tells her that she will be a good wife. During a charity event, Momoko sells some of the origami she has made. She is said to be the best in the school at creating origami... When she goes to take other paper, Nanjo also makes some origami, some of which extremely difficult... Nanjo drops his bus subscription ticket, and Momoko decides to go to his home to return it to him. Origami When she is home with him, he feels sick. When the doctor visits him, she notices a burn-mark on his arm... Nanjo has serious health problems, but Momoko doesn't know it. He will not live long... Ninomiya undestands that Momoko is falling in love with him, and tells her that he is not the natural son of Nanjo, but that his real name is Keisuke Kataota... K.K.! Momoko runs to his house: she tells him everything... Keisuke kisses her, and she is so shocked that she runs away. Now Keisuke can go back home. He wanted to move to the little town where he lived when he was a child only to see Momoko again... Momoko leaves Ninomiya, though the boy tells her that Keisuke has left... Later, Momoko receives a phone call: Keisuke is about to die! The girl takes a train to reach the boy, but due to very bad weather conditions, she cannot get there in time. She decides to call him from a public telephone. The wind doesn't come back... Keisuke is happy to hear from her. They talk about their childhood and Momoko confesses her feelings to him... In that same moment, Keisuke dies, with a smile on his face... At Keisuke's funeral, Momoko is given his maths excercises notebook. Momoko remembers some words Keisuke said one of the times she visited him: Who knows where the wind goes... Who knows? It flips the pages, it caresses the flowers... And when it's gone, everything reverts... But... the wind doesn't come back... Even if it was so beautiful, even if we miss it so much... The wind never comes back. But... if the wind could turn... If he could turn back, even for a moment, how beautiful it would be!


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