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Majo Media (Media the Witch)

Lily Lily Muller is a sweet and sincere girl aged 17. Her mother died when she was young, and since that day she has been having the same nightmare: she is alone in the darkness, then she sees and follows a misterious person wrapped in a cloak, who leads her in a tower, climbing up the stairs until they reach an iron door with a black cross. That person talks to her: "I was waiting for you!"... The girl is so scared! But her legs move even if she doesn't want to! Anyway, she always wakes up before the door is opened. Some years after her mother's death, her father died too. Then she had to go live with her father's brother and his family. Her aunt, uncle and even her cousin Caroline never treat her as a member of the family, but rather as as servant. The family has to move to Rosenheitz, since Mr. Muller's boss asked him to supervise the redecoration of a old castle, which will become a big luxury hotel, and than to be the manager of the hotel. During the trip to Rosenheitz, Lily meets a nice 20-year old man, Ryan Crawley, a University student who loves to travel. Caroline persuades his father to employ him for a while, so that he can spend some time with them. Ryan When they arrive at the castle, Lily is very upset. That place looks familiar to her! And that tower is exactly the one she has been dreaming of for such a long time! While visiting the rooms, they find some portraits of a beautiful woman, named Media Lenoa Batry... Batry... Like Lily's mother's family name! What a coincidence... All the paintings have a color stain covering the forehead of the woman... What are they hiding? The redecoration works start, even if the inhabitants of Rosenheitz are not happy about that. They might be supersitious, but there are many legends about the witch who used to live in that castle, and about the people who tried to enter it... But the mayor is happy that a luxury hotel is going to be built, so that many tourists will come! In the meantime, Lily happens to help a little child named Gibaud, who was always bullied by other little boys. Gibaud is very grateful to her... The works go on, and soon Lily, Ryan, Caroline and the others find that there is a secret nether room with a lot of old torture stocks, and many rests of dead bodies are found in the garden and behind some walls... In spite of this, Caroline insists that she wants to see what's in the tower, and even if Lily is so scared to open that iron door, she can't help following her. In the meantime, Ryan asks around about the last owner of the castle, and finally a priest tells him many details. Some centuries ago, Media Batry was a member of a very rich noble family. She started studying black magic and she became a witch. She became a devil worshipper and she killed little by little every member of her family, so that she could inherit the biggest of treasures. She killed many people as a sacrifice to the devil, and she became even richer than the king himself. Finally she was processed and charged with witchcraft, but since she was a far relative of the royal family, she was not killed. They closed her in the tower, the windows were walled up and the big iron door was locked. There was a small window in the door through which food was delivered to Media. When they found the food untouched, they believed that the witch was dead. But everytime someone approached the tower, there was evidence that there was some life in... Ryan runs to the castle, but it's too late! The iron door has already been opened, but there is nothing special in the room... How is it possible? Where is the witch's body? Lily is worried... She saw a white shadow in the room as soon as she entered it... Media Lenoa Batry Ryan is back to the priest, who is shocked that nothing remains of Media's dead body. Media was a very powerful witch, who received a 5 point star, the symbol of the highest evil power, which appeared on her forehad every time she was practicing black magic. Her treasure was never found, and it is said that a young nephew of her survived, and that the name of the last member of the family at present times is... Maria Batry! In the meantime, Caroline unfairly blames Lily for causing some damages, and the poor girl is locked in Media's room as a punishment! At the beginning, Lily is scared to death, but then, she starts thinking about how Media used to live and she feels very calm... After all, it was her destiny to get to that place... The day after, Caroline and his father let her out, and the nasty cousin is shocked at seeing her so calm and relaxed. Since that moment, strange things happens. Lily changes a lot. She becomes brave and she predicts the future, and when Caroline provokes her asking to evoke the devil using the black magic book she found in Media's room, the girl almost accomplishes it. Some people accidentally see them but suddendly it starts raining. Anyway Caroline saw a 5 point star during the spell! And the little Gibaud who reached them during the spell, falls down and a little horn springs on his head... Pierre Gibaud becomes Lily's assistant in her spells. Lily gets more and more powerful as a witch. Little by little, she makes the handsome, rich and desired Pierre Plummer (the son of Mr. Muller's boss) fall in love with her, and she wants to send away everyone from the castle, which after all belongs to her, the last member of the Batry family. Caroline and Ryan find more and more evidences that Lily is a witch, and also there are many witnesses in the village... So finally Lily is processed, though she is almost discharged... But Ryan manages to show Lily is possessed by the witch's soul, by showing her the contract with the devil which Media signed to have eternal life. By destroying that contract, Media will die! Lily tries to stop him, but thanks to a cross Ryan manages to kill Media and to burn the contract! The Lily Ryan used to like is safe, and Pierre is back to his girlfriend... Needless to say, the castle will not become an hotel.


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