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Vikutoria no Isho (Victoria's Will)

Nana Countess Victoria de Plantagette was unfairly charged of trying to murder the king by pouring some poison in his wine, and she was burnt alive at the age of 27. She claimed her innocence until the last moment: she loved the king more than anyone else, how could have her killed him? In the last moments of her life, she shouted to her housekeepr Clorinda to keep her room forever as it was in that moment, not letting anyone in. In some centuries, she would be roborn again, and she would take revenge!
250 years passed. Debora de Plantagette is the new owner of the house. He moves in with her family: her husband Thomas, her daughter Barbara, her son Arthur and her niece Nana who lost both her parents in a air crash when she was a child. Daphne, Clorinda's great-granddaughter is the housekeeper: her family has been taking care of Victoria's house for 3 generations! De Plantagette Family Nana feels strangely at home when she enters Victoria's room... Anyway, Barbara takes that room, while Nana has to go to the dark and humid attic. The handsome Oscar visits the family in the new house... Nana likes him so much but she is too shy and clumsy, and the beaufiful Barbara seems to be more interesting to his eyes... Anyway, Oscar is kind to Nana as well. Nana's behaviour is a little strange... At lunch, she instinctively sits in the house owner's seat, and she remembers some details about Victoria's past... Clorinda is upset. One night, Nana dreams about Victoria's death and cannot sleep. She meets Arthur who asks her for som help with his scientific experiments... Nana and the King During the experiment, there is a little explosion and Nana faints at the sight of fire... When she recovers, she claims to be Victoria, and acts as Victoria. Her family is frightened at such a change, and lets her do. Oscar seems to enjoying escorting the eccentric girl everywhere. They visit the museum of the castle of king Windham. Nana cries when she sees the portrait of the king! The guide explains that that the king's lover Victoria tried to kill him, and the girl gets mad at him! She decides that she has to find the evidence that Victoria was innocent. Nana and Oscar Oscar is moved by Nana/Victoria's devotion for the king. Anyway, some kids are playing with a ball and accidentally hit Nana, who faints. When she opens her eyes, she is just Nana, and she doesn't remember being Victoria any longer. Oscar is a little disappointed... Anyway Nana is surprised that her family respects much more than before (actually they are even afraid of her, since Victoria liked to use her fists!) and when Oscar asks her to help him finding Victoria's testament to proof her innocence, she is happy to help him. Anyway the jealous Barbara tells Nana that Oscar is in love with Victoria, not with her, and Oscar can't deny it... Nana is sad about that, and runs to her room in tears. The good old Daphne persuades her to be Victoria again... The girl together with Oscar gets back to the Museum and manages to find a secret room, where the king kept a diary... He knew that Victoria was innocent: Therese, an other lover of the king, was so jealous of Victoria that she decided to die by drinking a glass of wine she had poisoned just to show that Victoria wanted to kill the king... In the diary, the king confessed that he will always love Victoria... Nana embraces the diary in tears. The man who wrote Victoria's biography is now persuaded that he was wrong, and he will have to rewrite it. Nana is overjoyed: Vicotria had her revenge, and she can be Nana from now on! Oscar asks her to move to his house: she doesn't have to remain in Victoria's house, she is only Nana from now on!


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