Suzue Miuchi - Other Works

Nihon Retto Ichimannen ( 10000 Years of the Japanese Arcipelago )

Chiaki and Tatsuya Chiaki Shirakawa is very worried: she has just met Kaoru Sengoku, the deputy chairwoman of Ogawara travel. That woman, well known for turning unknown beautiful Japanese places into turistic resorts, is going to build a highway in her beautiful Naraisawa prefecture!
Chiaki is told about her grandmother about their ancestors. 10000 years ago the first men reached the lands where they live: a tribe called Magen. They worshipped the elements of nature, they respected the world and lived in harmony with it. They grew the Magen flowers, which don't exist in any other part of Japan. Both men and women used to fight when they had to defend their lands from enemy attacks. As a descendant of Magen tribe, Chiaki has to do her best to save her land! Anyway, things are not that easy! Tatsuya, Kaoru Sengoku's son, joins the same school Chiaki attends, and seems to be interested in her! Chiaki informs her class and the teacher Namabiko about Ogawara Travel's project, which will damage nature and archaeological findings. The magen flowers are so delicate that they will die because of air pollution! Everyone in the village is worried, but Kaoru Sengoku is a cunning woman and a hard worker. She wants to buy the lands from the inhabitants of the village (so that she can build the highway) but the descendants of Mugen tribe are determined to defend their lands. Chiaki's grandmother dies after sending away some men of Ogawara Travels and Chiaki promises she will fight to save the Mugen's lands! Kaoru Sengoku
Anyway, the works has already started. And the city councilman has been corrupted by Mrs. Sengoku... Chiaki, the teacher and other people obtain that if they discover some archaeological finds the works will be stopped. Some little groups of volunteers explore the mountains. Unexpectedly Tatsuya follows Chiaki. Some Ogawara Travel men are doing their best to disturb, frighten and discourage Chiaki and the other volunteers. They make them believe there is a bear around, they put some poisonous herbs in their food, they even hit teacher Namabiko! Chiaki and Tetsuya run to protect the man, but because of a snowslide the three get to a secret cave. Someone must live in the cave, since they find a lighted torch and a canoe. Anyway, there are some primitive paintings and tools... That is the archaelogical finds which will stop the works! Unluckily someone makes them fall asleep with a gas and trays them away. When the three wake up they are not able to find the entrance to that cave!
A week has already passed, so the explorers come back home. While Chiaki is thinking about a second expedition to the mountains, Tatsuya tells his mother she has lost. But Kaoru Sengoku is not worried: even if some primitive paintings have been found, nobody knows where they are! The woman realizes she has to play harder to win her battle. Tatsuya doesn't know who is right... Her mother, who believes that money moves the world or Chiaki who spends all her energies to protect her homeland?
Nobody wants to take part in the second expedition: they are all afraid of Ogawara Travel! Some had accidents, some were sent away by the company they work for, some were threatened. Anyway, a small group including Chiaki, professor Yamabito, a mysterious photographer and Tatsuya leaves for the mountain. Chiaki's Grandmother A mysterious old man, who is eventually identified as Yukichi Norita, a famous archaelogist, hides in the mountains and tries to kill the explorers. It was him who made Chiaki, Tatsuya and the professor fall asleep! He manages to kill only one of Ogawara Travel men, and he tries to make Chiaki fall down a ravine, but the girl is evetually saved. When he realizes that he has been caught, and that the explorers wants to know from him where the cave is, he prefers committing suicide rather than giving them the precious info. He was very jealous of his finding... The explorers gets home discouraged. They think they have lost... But... The photographer turns out to be a reporter from Tokyo, and thanks to his articles a lot of people supports Chiaki and her group now: petitions, demonstrations, letters... Even the city councilman turns his back to Ogawara Travel!
Mrs. Sengoku has to admit losing... But together with the chairman Ogawara, she leaves for an other beautiful (and not known yet) village of Japan!
Chiaki's teachers want to go on looking for archaeological findings.
Tatsuya writes to Chiaki that he wants to visit her village on Summer holidays...


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