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Amour du Chocolat - S.Valentine 2016

Glass no Kamen - Amour du Chocolat

Tsukikage gives Ayumi and Maya a new task, that is to prepare some chocolates for Valentine's Day. The challenge, called "Love method" involves preparing chocolates while thinking of the loved one. Tsukikage gives the girls some basic ingredients and explain the rules to them.
The girls have one week. Ayumi's chocolates will be judged by Onodera and Akame, Maya's by Kuronuma and Sakurakoji. The executive committee and the press will also taste the chocolates and the winner will be officially announced.
Most people are convinced that Ayumi will win the competition since she's used to learn from professionals and chefs. Meanwhile, we can see someone in the dark carrying some bags like those the girls are given...

Maya does some research at home, then calls Sayaka and Rei and they decide to add butter and almonds to the ingredients.
Ayumi instead gets help from a famous chef. Later, when she talks to her nanny, she reveals that she decided to think of a gentleman to send very fine chocolates to.

In his office, Hayami asks Tsukikage why this challenge. Tsukikage tells him that he asks because he doesn't know what it means to be honest in love...
"Where are your Valentine's chocolates? Have you ever tasted chocolates made by someone who is in love?"
Masumi is speechless. He only had chocolates in social occasions.
That's also a reason why Tsukikage didn't give him the rights to Kurenai Tennyo.
Later, Masumi on his own thinks of Tsukikage's words.

Maya reads a message from the purple rose fan, and her strong feelings motivate her. She wants to make the chocolates for the man who always supported her... Remembering the planetarium, her heart beating fast, she makes up her mind...
"I'll make them thinking of you... So I can see you smile when you taste them".

Ayumi uses high quality brandy and champagne and experiments with hot and cold in order to reach the perfect consistency for her chocolates.

One week later, it's the big day!
The girls arrive with their chocolates.
Meanwhile, The cleaning staff find something suspicious in the cleaning cupboard.
The journalists comments on how Ayumi's chocolate looks very high quality, but Maya's can almost be tasted by just looking at them.
Sakurakoji understands that Maya's chocolates are for the purple rose fan, and feels a pain in the chest.
Tsukikage sensei askes the girls what inspired them when they made the chocolates.
Ayumi explains that she used the finest ingredients thinking of the fine taste of her loved one. Tsukikage asks her if she thought of her stage partner, and Ayumi is speechless, as she didn't.
Tsukikage turns to Maya but before the girl can start explaining, someone enters the room together with cleaning and security staff and interrupts the event.
Turns out that the National Drama Association received a threat letter ordering them to stop all the preparation for the "Crimson Goddess". Moreover, in a locker in the cleaning cupboard a suspicious jar has been found...
Someone from the jury notices that there is one bag of chocolates in excess on the table... So, maybe some chocolates are poisoned?

Tsukikage sensei is not concerned. Lots of people tried to get the rights for Kurenai Tennyo but she won't give in!
She insists that the competition continues.
The girls are now asked how they prepared the chocolates.
Ayumi explains that she worked on her own, but Maya admits that Rei and Sayaka helped her and ate the chocolates that didn't come out well. Satisfied Tsukikage declares that this confirms that the threat letter was just an act.

Tsukikage then asks Onodera and Akame to try Ayumi's chocolates but both refuse. Ayumi is irritated, but not hurt. Even if they worked together for a long time, Akame is not her real Isshin.
It's now Kuronuma's and Sakurakoji's turn. Kuronuma refuses to try the chocolates, but Sakurakoji is willing to do it.
However, Maya prevents him from doing it, screaming that he shouldn't take the risk. So Sakurakoji doesn't taste her chocolates, either.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Masumi Hayami enters the room.
He claims that that competition is very important for the preparation to "Kurenai Tennyo". Even if he is told about the threat and Maya tries to approach him, Masumi doesn't stop. Masumi notices the chocolates shaped like rose petals and stars and guesses that Maya made them. The chocolates' appearance is not great, and Masumi fondly makes fun of Maya.
Maya turns her back, annoyed, saying that he came all the way there to make fun of her, but anyway nobody will eat those chocolates.
Masumi asks Tsukikage for permission to take part in the selection process. And so he does.
He first tastes Ayumi's chocolates. They are absolutely perfect in color, shape and taste. But they seem to be created with a first class hotel in mind. There is a lot of pride in their taste.
Ayumi is shocked. Masumi hit the nail in its head!
Maya shyly confesses that she prepared the chocolates thinking of her purple rose fan. She describes her chocolates: the stars are like shooting stars and represent the Milky Way. She looks at Masumi in the eyes: "I love the sky full of stars. One day the Crimson Goddess will also shine in a starry sky".
Masumi tastes both the rose-petal-shaped and the star-shaped chocolates made by Maya.
Mays is shaking with fear.
Tsukikage sensei is impressed by Masumi's behaviour.
Masumi describes the taste of Maya's chocolates like they were made by someone who worked with a lot of passion... Surely the person receives those chocolates will be very happy.
He gives a little tap on Maya's head and congratulates with her: "Chibichan, you won". Then he leaves.
"Hayami san, wait!", Maya runs to him, grabbing his arm, worried about his health.
"I'm fine. You can't lose this challenge. If I go to the hospital, come visit me."
Then before he leaves:
"I had never tasted Valentine's chocolates made with love... This is my first time. Thanks, chibichan".
Everybody is shocked at Masumi's words, especially Maya.

Tsukikage claps her hands. The challenge is over. She also reveals that the thread (letter, extra chocolates, suspicious jar) was all an act, and she was behind it! Genzo helped her. The jar contained... Vanilla extract!

Finally Tsukikage explains that the real meaning of this challenge was evaluating the emotional and mental process of making the chocolates for a loved one, and also evaluating the reaction of those who received it (Onodera, Akame, Kuronuma, Sakurakoji).
Onodera and Akame are disappointed and shocked. Kuronuma is embarrassed.
Sakurakoji realises that he didn't eat the chocolates because Maya told him not to... But unlike Masumi, he actually didn't eat them.
He realises that he failed as Isshin, and that he lost to Masumi Hayami!

The press and all the other guests are offered chocolates and soon all the dramatic events are forgotten.
Ayumi still thinks about her failure.
Maya still holds the chocolates she made, thinking of Masumi who was the only one who ate them.
Everybody agrees that Maya's chocolates are not as beautiful as Ayumi's but equally delicious.
Maya: "I love you Hayami san! One day I will tell you. One day I want to make chocolates for you!"
And then, thinking of Kurenai Tennyo: "Even if I am not prepared enough, I want to express my feelings. Hayami san! Purple rose fan!"

At Daito Art Production, Mizuki fills Masumi with the latest updates and notices that he is smiling, for a change. Masumi asks her not to mind, but then he tells her about Maya's badly shaped chocolates... It's the first time he has received Valentine's chocolates! Mizuki bursts into laughters, surely those are not the first ones he's received! Masumi calmly replies, while eating a star-shaped chocolate, that it's better to receive just one chocolate made with love... One chocolate that fills the heart with happiness...
Mizuki is dumbfounded. Masumi asks her for black coffee, as usual.

At home, Genzo and Tsukikage discuss.
Tsukikage is very satisfied with the result. Ayumi's perfection and Maya's passion... The chocolates show the girls' personalities.
Ayumi is sad, she has been relentlessly rehearsing trying to grasp the essence of a performance full of love. She is determined not to lose to Maya.
Tsukikage thinks of Maya. And of Masumi who ate her chocolate.
"Love is an unpredictable miracle. Maybe it won't be long until we can see a big change in him."
Genzo asks for an explanation, but Tsukikage doesn't give any; instead, she thanks him for the chocolates he made for her. They are delicious, and make her feel loved and at peace.



Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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