Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 17

Ayumi's revenge.

Plaza Theatre. Premiere of "Carmilla's portrait".
Ayumi does her best: she wants to avenge Maya at any cost!
As expected, her performance is much better than at the rehearsals: she captures the audience's attention; she becomes the leading character of the story! Norie Otobe is more and more nervous and confused. She tries to compete with Ayumi, but she loses. Ayumi creates a unique and original vampire, one more proof she is a genius! At the curtain call, Ayumi is the center of attention. And the critics realize that it was Ayumi who made the play a success. Norie will not have other leading roles for the moment: she failed! Norie realizes that Maya is the only rival Ayumi accepts in the competition for "Kurenai Tennyo".
Even the director of "The brightness of the sky" regrets firing Maya...

At KK Studios, the movie director Himekawa congratulates with his daughter: poor Norie, she couldn't win! But... Was it all to take revenge of Maya Kitajima? Ayumi blushes, but his father insists: maybe that Norie was someway responsible for all the bad things which happened to Maya? Ayumi's father is very smart. He understands that Maya for Ayumi is much more important than the men she dated to practice falling in love! It's the first time Ayumi has used his father's influence for someone else! At last, Ayumi has to admit it: she wants to compete with Maya, her only rival! She couldn't accept that she was eliminated by those dirty tricks! She will await her return!
The man looks at her daughter and thinks:
Behind this rivalry, there's a strong friendship... I wonder if you realized it! Maya Kitajima is something completely new for you! There's a strong bond between you, a bond called "Kurenai Tennyo"...

But... Ayumi promised to take part in one of his father movies! What is the role he chose for her? It's very simple! The role is... his daughter! The setting, Himekawa house! And the other actors: mum, daddy, and the servants... Sometimes she will have to go out with her daddy... He misses her so much! The shootings will last 3 months. Ayumi will do her best! Her father is so sweet :)

Maya at Masumi's home. The medicine :)

Masumi Hayami doesn't want to give up. Until the contract exists, Maya must work for him! He orders her to play a little role in the play "The village of gaillardia" with the Nanohana company at Maruwa department stores. But the actors don't want her, and she cannot play. Needless to say, she is sent away from the rehearsals.

The girl calls Mizuki and tells her that she wants to quit. She doesn't know where to go: she just walks in the rain and sits on a swing in the park. Masumi knows where to find her: she often went to that park to calm down. He tells her to come home. Maya shouts at him, but she fells off the swing. She is ill! Masumi lifts her with his arms and takes her to his home. He asks the servant to call a doctor and to give her some clothes... His pyjamas are OK! Eisuke Hayami is informed that Masumi brought a girl at home... But there is no need to misunderstand: it's just a high school student, one of the candidates for "Kurenai Tennyo"... The doctors visits Maya: she's got the fever, but she will recover in about 3 days. Masumi feels a pain in his chest. He is the one who killed her mother and ruined her... He would like to help her... Masumi tells the servant that she can go to bed: he will take care of Maya and give her the medicine. Finally he is alone with Maya. He takes her hands and admits it...
Yes, finally I am aware of this: I love you, Maya! ... I have never loved anyone! Actresses and singer have always been a product! Masumi Hayami of Daito would never become someone's admirer... And now, this girls who is 11 years younger involves me so much... Who could ever imagine that? Maya, how long will I have to wait until you get the right age? It's my fault is this all happened to you. I'll do anything to make you fall in love with acting again, to make you want to compete for "Kurenai Tennyo"! Even if you end up with hating me!... Maya, I'll give you back your love for life and everything else! I'll do it, even if you hate me more and more! There's nothing else I can do now...
While thinking those things, Masumi gives Maya her medicine: he pours it in his mouth first, and then he pours it from his mouth to Maya's mouth...

The day after, Maya wakes up in Masumi's house. Is it a nightmare? She has even his pyjamas on! The servant tells her some things about Masumi's past. He is not the biological son of Eisuke, but he is the son of one of Eisuke's servants who lost her husband very early. Eisuke was a bachelor, but for some reason he married the maid and taught everything he knew to Masumi, as if he was his son. Masumi's mother died when the guy was just at junior high school, and since then Eisuke and Masumi have been linked only by work...

Maya escapes...

Masumi wants Maya to do an audition. He wants her to act at any cost. Maya refuses. She is ready to work to pay for violating the contract. But Masumi reminds her she is underage, it will not be easy for her to find a job! And, he doesn't want her money, he wants her to get a role! Masumi tries to encourage the girl, but since she doesn't want to listen to him, he locks her in her room!
During the night, Maya escapes from the window. She takes several trains and she stops somewhere. She wants to find a job, but they look only for people of age! She decides to go to a theme park, where she meets a child who came from the next Sakura kindergarten. Maya takes him there, and when she founds out that the kindergarten is understaffed, she offers to help! The principal is a kind old woman; she recognizes Maya and she doesn't ask her why she disappeared from the stardom. After all, the woman would like to have some company!
Maya is overjoyed! It's like a dream! She works very well with her colleagues, and children love her.
But one day, Masumi Hayami arrives. Maya is shocked! Masumi claims he is Maya's legal guardian and that she ran away: he will take her home.

Ayumi is told that Maya quit acting. She is extremely disappointed! She missed her rival! She overstimated her!

The world of rainbow.

Back to Hayami's house. Maya doesn't quit shouting at him: she was so happy at the kindergarten! Everyone was so nice to her! Masumi doesn't lock her in her room, and apologizes for being rude to her. He look very pale; he is very confused. How come Maya was so happy? Her smile... She looked so happy... He thought only acting could make her that happy!

Some days passes. Maya is at Masumi's house. She is protesting: she doesn't eat, she doesn't say a word... What a stubborn! How can he awaken her love for acting? Masumi enters Maya's room.
I'll give up. Do you want to die in my house? Do you hate being with me that much? Do you hate working for Daito that much?
Maya just nods.
The audition which Masumi suggested Maya is over, and the girl doesn't want to audition any longer.
What a pity. I loved to see you on stage. I'm serious... Someone said that stage is like a rainbow... A wonderful world you can't catch with your hands... A world of illusions which lasts only a few moments... Only actors can live in that world... Don't you really want to live in that world Maya? You can do it...
Maya just stares at him and cries... Ok. Masumi gives up. He will fire her. But before that, she has to perform one more time. Only one. She has to replace an actress who was urgently operated in the next day show. It's just a very little role, but it's needed. Maya accepts: it's a deal.
The play is titled "The story of princess Yasha". Ayumi plays the leading character, the princess! In the 3rd scene, there are a beggar and his daughter who are thrown some stones by some village kids. The princess will save them. Maya will perform Toki, the beggar's daughter: she has just 4 lines to learn!

Daito Theatre. The play "The story of princess Yasha" is going to start soon. Maya is ready to perform her last part. Masumi is in the backstage, he will look over her from there. He touches her shoulder to encourage her, and Maya slips away saying:
Goodbye forever!

The other actors are not happy to have Maya there. So they play some tricks. First off, the stones which are thrown to her are real stones! Maya is wounded...
Then, a worse trick. In that scene, Toki is offered some manju (some steamed cakes filled with jam) by the princess who saved her and her father. Toki eats them and says that they are delicious. It's an important scene, because it shows that actually the evil princess is nice and kind.
Ayumi realizes that Maya is performing Toki. She's surprised to see her, and in such a role!
Someone replaced the cakes with some cakes made with mud! Maya is upset. What should she do? The play can't go on if she doesn't eat them! After a while, Maya does what Toki would do: she eats the cakes and says they are delicious! Everyone is amazed.

In the bathroom of Daito Theatre, Masumi Hayami is taking care of Maya: she has to vomit all the mud she ate... what a crazy girl!
The other actors observe her: they didn't imagine she would eat mud!
Ayumi listened to their words. She blames them for they almost ruined the play with their tricks. But indeed, she is very happy:
As Toki, she ate the cakes...
The other actors understand... What have they done? They've just helped Maya to get her actress instinct back!
Maya is looking at herself in the mirror. She did it! She forgot she was Maya! She was Toki! There's one thing she knows now: she wants to act again!
In the theatre entrance hall, Ayumi walks towards Maya and shakes hands with her:
I'll be waiting for you...
And she goes away. Maya is touched. Ayumi believes in her! She is the only one who understood her feelings! Maya follows Ayumi to her car:
Ayumi! Please, wait for me Ayumi! I'll reach you at any cost!
Ayumi smiles...
Masumi smiles too. How will the girl reach Ayumi? Is she sure she wants to tear the contract up? Yes, Maya made up her mind. She will find her way.

Masumi takes Maya to the White Lily mansion, where the Tsukikage company lives! Mizuki has already brought all her things there! Rei and the girls are waiting for Maya! Maya is very happy. But before entering the house, she thanks Masumi sincerely for taking her back but especially for giving her an other chance to act: she realized during the play that acting is the only thing she wants to do! She wants to rise again!
Masumi smiles at her so sincerely and kindly that Maya is upset!
It's the first time you've said 'thank you' to me! I'm glad! If your purple rose fan could hear you know, he would be glad too! See you again!
Maya: See you again? No way! Goodbye forever!
Masumi: See you again!
Maya is a little confused... Sometimes, Masumi looks so kind...

Maya's friends celebrate Maya's return. They all apologize for misunderstandings, and they toast and eat the cake. They talk about what happened to the Tsukikage's company recently: the sensei works for Daito now, but she visits them every Wednesday and every Sunday and everytime she has a chance; she feels a little guilty for abandoning them! Anyway, the company keeps putting on stage plays at the Underground Theatre, and 5 new actors joined them!

Tsukikage sensei doesn't want Maya to perform in Tsukikage's Company's plays: she would damage the other actors! She has to clear her bad name first! And... She has to find out how on her own! Then, she will be allowed to play with the Tsukikage's Company again!

Rei understands how much Tsukikage estimates Maya. Actually, the sensei doesn't want Maya to be influenced by Tsukikage's Company: if she played always with the same company, she would not improve that much! She's a little jealous...
Maya is full of energies. She knows she will find the way to clear her bad reputation and be on stage again!


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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