Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 36

Second subject to study and express: fire.

Ayumi to interprets fire: she dances moving some ribbons with her hands.
She wants to become fire, as Maya tried to become wind. Peter Hamil always follows and supports her. And indeed, Chigusa Tsukikage congratulates with her. She has been attending so many classic and modern dance classes that her techinque is perfect!
Maya is almost discouraged. What a perfect performance! She really was fire! Anyway, it's Maya's turn. She has her own fire. Oshichi's fire!
Chigusa Tsukikage is deeply upset: Maya chose the same subject she chose when Ichiren Ozaki asked her to interpret fire! How is it possible?
Maya's performance is very good, even though Chigusa Tsukikage points out that she is still immature as an actress. The sensei congratulates with both. Anyway, she tells Maya that in her eyes there is not the folly of love!
Maya, you have to understand true love. I would love to see your Oshichi when you get it!
Ayumi and Maya admire and envy each other.
Tsukikage asks Maya why she picked up "Yaoya Oshichi" to interpret fire. Maya tells her that she met by chance an old man whom she had already met before. He is having his reumatisms cured in a watering resort. Chigusa Tsukikage is upset... Only a very few people know about her interpretation of fire. Is it possible that that man... Eisuke Hayami...?

Peter Hamil asks Tsukikage the meaning of the exercises she assigns to the girls. Tsukikage explains that the important thing is not the result but the path to get to the result.

The next subject is: water. The girls will perform by a waterfall.


Yuu Sakurakoji managed to get info about the sculptor Kaikei: his real name is Seiji Yamamoto. He works as a office manager in the town hall, office of vital statistics. The young actor is a little surprised: he is different from the Isshin he imagined! Anyway, he asks Mr. Yamamoto to let him be his assistant for a few days so insistently that the man accepts, even if he thinks the actor will be disappointed. So, Sakurakoji spends some days at the sculptor's house.
Mr. Yamamoto has a common life: he wakes up early to do some gardening, he loves his job, he has supper with his family, he plays with his kids in the evening, and he dedicates some time to art before going to bed. His buyers try to pressure him, but he creates his statues only when he is inspired. He is not a full-time artist, because he loves to be in contact with people.
Anyway, he gives Sakurakoji a chisel and he makes him carve some decorations on a wooden board: the actor can use his workshop when he wants! In the evenings, the sculptor carves some decorations too. Sakurakoji asks him when he will work at the statue: from time to time, Kaikei looks at a wooden block. He has to see the shape of the statue in it before working on it. And even when he finally sees its shape, he waits until it shouts at him so loud that he cannot help freeing it from wood! And before he starts sculpting, he washes himself to purify.
After some days, finally Sakurakoji can see him at work! His face is different from the usual Seiji Yamamoto's face: it's Isshin's face! Sakurakoji found his Isshin!

Eisuke's accident.

Eisuke Hayami has had enough of hot springs: he tells his chauffeurs that it's time to go to the birthplace of "Kurenai Tennyo"!
Unluckily the car has an engine breakdown, and it stops on a tiny mountain street. The chauffeur leaves Eisuke in the car and he goes to look for help. It starts raining, and the car slips down the slope!

Tokyo. Masumi is immediately informed that his father is missing. His car was found at the foot of the mountain. Masumi immediately gets there. He looks very worried...
You can't disappear that way, father! Our war is not over yet! Don't disappear! In the birthplace of "Kurenai Tennyo"!

A starry night in "Kurenai Tennyo"'s birthplace.

It's evening. Masumi has spent the whole day looking for his father. His chauffeur is driving him to an hotel, but suddendly Masumi sees the starry sky and decides to stop there for a while. He will go to the hotel later.
In the same moment, in the same place, Maya is laying on the lawn, staring at the sky: it's much better than the planetarium... How she wishes Masumi were there to watch the sky! Oops! What is she thinking? Maya blushes...
Masumi gets off the car and he starts walking: suddendly he sees a girl staring at the stars... Maya sees a falling stars and exclaims:
Oh! A falling star! What a pity, I've heard that if you make a wish before it disappears, your wish will come true...
Someone says:
What wish did you want to make?
Maya can't believe it! She turns and...
Hayami san! What are you doing here?
Masumi: I'm sorry for disturbing your astronomical observations... May I sit on the special seat next to you? I didn't expect to meet you here... The stars of the sky... I didn't imagine that I would see them here with you... It's marvellous. This is the real sky! I almost forgot how it was... Do you remember when I told you that one day I would love to see the starry sky in the land of "Kurenai Tennyo"? My wish has come true...
Maya blushes. She can't help thinking that that man is her purple rose fan...
Hayami san... Why are you here?
Masumi tells her that he is looking for his father. Maya sneezes and Masumi gives her his coat. Then he tells her the name of some constellations: he learnt a lot in the planetarium! Maya realizes that they are having such a friendly conversation... She blushes again.
I would have never imagined that I would talk about stars in a place like this with the wily president of Daito Art Production...
Masumi admits:
Neither have I. It's the first time I've talked like that with someone. I didn't believe that I would see again stars like these... It's funny... Here with you I feel so calm... Who knows why... All the problems about my job and my father don't bother me now...
Maya looks at him... He stands up:
Come on, it's time to go. It's late night, I'll take you home.
Maya asks him what he will do after she is at home. He will get back and watch the sky for some more time... Maya doesn't want to go:
Then, I'll remain here too. I was here before you... You can't send me away.
Masumi: Do as you wish, stubborn girl!
Maya: Of course, obtrusive man!
They are both laying on the ground, looking at the stars...
Masumi asks Maya if she is afraid of him. Maya says yes. And then, why she remains next to him? Well, because she is used to him! Masumi smiles... Maya asks him what he finds so funny...
Well, it's just that you always get the better of me! I think that nobody could imagine me, in such a place, watching the sky with a girl...
Masumi asks Maya about the rehearsals for "Kurenai Tennyo". Maya answers his questions, and then talks about her purple rose fan... She will do her best for him! He's so important to her...
Hayami san! I am waiting for my purple rose fan to introduce himself to me!!!
Masumi Hayami is upset:
What a lucky fan... If you consider him so important!
An other falling stars appears in the sky.
Maya is disappointed... The falling star disappeared before she made a wish... Masumi laughs...
And what about you, Hayami san?
Masumi gets serious:
I'm afraid my wish will never come true in my whole life...
Masumi stands up: it's late and he will take her home.
Maya stumbles and almost falls down. Masumi offers his help and Maya accepts: they walk hand in hand in the night... Maya is very thoughtful... Her purple rose fan... Why he hides that way?
I never noticed how warm his hand is... Ah... How I wish this starry night never came to an end!

A rainy night in a old temple...

Maya and Ayumi are working at their interpretation of: water.
Ayumi thinks of fishes which cannot live without water, and human beings who cannot live without love... Her interpretation of water will be... A mermaid, who abandoned the sea for love!
Maya overhears about Ryujin from some inhabitants of the village. She asks for more info: Ryujin is the god of water. People pray him to have rain or to stop floods... He rules the power of water, and people have to pray him to keep it quiet... Maya is very impressed... Her water will be: Ryujin!

Masumi pays a visit to Tsukikage sensei. He informs her that his father is missing, and that he was going to visit her when he had the accident. Tsukikage didn't know that.
It's raining heavily. Genzo is worried for Maya: he saw her walking to the Valley of Red Plum Trees... And they all know how absent minded she is when she is involved in her performances... Masumi is upset. He has to go away. Tsukikage asks him if he is attached to his father. He says no.

Masumi is driving his car. He decides to go to the valley of "Kurenai Tennyo" to see if Maya is OK. Masumi can't believe what he can see: the magnificent valley is all covered with blooming red plum trees: even the rain is painted red! After a while, he sees Maya sitting on a plum tree branch. She is staring at the rain, in trance. He calls her name... The girl falls down the branch but Masumi caches her with his arms.
Hayami san... Why are you here?
Masumi is embracing her, they are staring at each other...
I was told you were here and I thought... I was right to come here... If you keep staying here, you'll fall sick! You are really a thoughtless girl! Your face, your body are so cold... How cold your hand is! You hand...
Masumi stops. He takes off his coat and he puts it on Maya's shoulders. They walk, looking for a shelter: Masumi is sweetly protecting her from rain and cold... Maya likes being embraced by him... His body is so warm! They enter a old ruined temple. Masumi lights up a fire and he goes out of the room for a while, so that Maya can take off her dripping wet clothes. Maya is sitting in silence, with Masumi's coat on. Masumi is putting wood in the fire. Maya thinks of all the things Masumi has done for her... And she used to hate him so much! How come she didn't realize that everything he did, he did it for her?
Finally I realize it! I love you, Mr. Hayami! I love you!
Masumi is looking out of the window; he breaks the silence:
It's pouring... It seems it is not going to stop soon...


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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