Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 42

Masumi's engagement party.

Maya is shocked. Masumi looks so happy and Shiori is so beautiful... Then...What happened in the valley of Kurenai tennyo was just a dream? Masumi and Shiori will get married after the demonstrative show of Kurenai Tennyo. Masumi's behaviour towards Maya doesn't seem very kind, and Maya runs away crying: I'm not a kid any longer! Please don't call me like that! May you be happy! Masumi is slightly confused, but he pretends nothing happened. Eisuke Hayami noticed that there's something strange...

Maya is sad and depressed. She can't help thinking about Masumi even though she wants to resign herself. Her friend Rei doesn't know exactly what happened, but she is worried for her.

Press conference for the "Kurenai Tennyo" play

Two complete casts are nominated, for two versions of Kureani Tennyo. One will be directed by Onodera and one by Kuronuma. Kuronuma's play will be on stage before Onodera's one. The demonstrative show will be held on October 10th at the theatre Shuttle X, which has still to be built in the Kyoshoto Mieki Atoshi area. A candidate for each role will be chosen from one of the two groups. The first show will be held on January 2nd and the play will run for 1 month. In what theatre? The jury will decide that.

The rehearsals have started!

At Kids Studio the rehearsals of Kuronuma's group have started. Maya already knows the whole play script by heart... But... She can't live Akoya's part, because of her depression. She can't stop thinking of all the sweet moments she spent with Masumi. She even starts crying while playing Akoya! Sakurakoji and the other actors are worried, Kuronuma is mad and he scolds her. After a break, Maya seems to overcome her problems, but when Isshin (Sakurakoji) embraces her, she badly rejects him! Kuronuma can't stand it any longer: Maya will stay at home the following day as a punishment. The director understood that the girl is in love, and that her love is not returned. He tells what he thinks to Sakurakoji, who hasn't realized it himself (!).
In the meantime Ayumi is furnishing her apartment so that it reminds the land of Kurenai Tennyo. She is full of energies and ideas, and she has no intention of losing! Her dream is coming true, and she's happiest than ever! She will create her own Kurenai Tennyo!

A date with Sakurakoji!

Even though his girlfriend Mai keeps sending him messages, Sakurakoji decides not to go to the rehearsals and to date Maya. She accepts, and they spend a day in an amusement park. Maya is moved by his kindness... She apologizes for not being a good partner, and she cries... Sakurakoji cheers her up: whatever hurts it, she just has to forget about it... Later they have a trip to Kawaguchi Lake. He buys a couple of dolphin-shaped pendants, one for him and one for Maya. Then they meet Yoko, Sakurakoji's cousin, who invites them at her house for supper. The 2 seem a real couple of sweethearts: they have fun cooking, they take many photos with Sakurakoji's mobile phone (!) and so on... Maya drinks too much for dinner, so they spend the night at Yoko's. During the night, Maya wakes up and talks with Sakurakoji. She gives him back the dolphin-shaped pendant, as a sign of respect for Mai, but Sakurakoji doesn't accept it. He promises that he will keep his pendant only for that day and then he will not keep it any longer. Then the boy asks Maya to consider him as his soul mate... Maya accepts, on the stage she will be his Akoya.

Back to the rehearsals.

Kuronuma scolded the two actors for having fun while Maya was supposed to stay at home as a punishment... But actually he is pleased because he understands they are going to work together better and better. And indeed Maya and Sakurakoji have become very good partners. Anyway... Many rumours arise among the other actors: they spent the night out! Everybody thinks they stay together... On the other hand, Maya can't help thinking that it's a long time she hasn't received any purple roses... The rumours get to Hijiri's ears and then to Masumi's! The young president of Daito Art Productions pretends he is not interested at all in those rumours and he goes on with the preparation for his marriage.

Masumi meets Sakurakoji.

Sakurakoji has just had a photoshoot. He is walking down the stairs while watching on his mobile the photos of him and Maya. At the same time, Masumi is entering the building. Sakurakoji is so busy watching the photos that he accidentally collides with someone. The young actor's mobile phone falls down the stairs: Masumi picks it up and he can't help seeing a beautiful photo of the two smiling ones, with their dolphin pendants... Masumi and Sakurakoji have a drink together. Masumi's words are not too clear. He wants to know if Maya and Sakurakoji stay together, and he wants to know Sakurakoji's feelings. There is no doubt the boy is interested in Maya, but Maya wants to be partners only on the stage.
M: And can you accept this?
S: I have no choice...She gave me back the pendant! We'll be soul mates only on the stage! [...]
M: I envy you...Maybe soul mates can meet only on stage...
Sakurakoji wonders how someone who meets his soul mate would feel... Before leaving, Masumi says:
The soul mate? I think that if someone is so lucky to meet her, he will understand how lonely he has been till that moment... And...If they will not be allowed to be together, I think that...

At the restaurant.

Sakurakoji and Maya get on better and better every day. They have a day off, and they go out to watch a musical and then to a luxury restaurant next to the sea for dinner. Guess what? Shiori and Masumi get to the same restaurant! As soon as Masumi sees them, he starts getting mad. In the meantime, Sakurakoji gets a phone call from Mai. While Maya is alone at the table, waiting for Sakurakoj to come back, she gets a purple rose!!! She starts looking around for Masumi Hayami, and then a accident occurs: her feet gets entagled in a rope which is being trained by a leaving motor-boat; she falls into the sea and she runs the risk of drawning. As soon as Masumi realizes what's happening, he tries to dive and save her... But Sakurakoji is faster than him! Masumi can't move: he can only see Sakurakoji holding fainted Maya in his hands. What?... Sakurakoji is wearing a necklace with the dolphin pendant!! Does that pendant represent his feelings? ...Maya lets the rose fall down... Masumi is really shocked...

The broken cup.

Sakurakoji in the cloack room kisses his mobile phone, where there are many photos of Maya and him. Hijiri has just managed to download all the photos and send them to Masumi. At Daito offices, Miss Mizuki hears a loud noise. She enters Masumi's office, and she can see Maya's and Sakurakoji's photos scattered around. A broken cup on the floor. Masumi looking out of the window...


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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