Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 49

The venue for the trial show is revealed

Both Onodera's and Kuronuma's groups are taken to the place where the trial show will take place. It used to be a train station, now there are only ruins. There is no stage or set. Moreover, they can rehearse there only for one day. It was Chigusa Tsukikage who chose that place, claiming that the reason will be understood after the show.
Ayumi says that she could perform her Crimson Goddess everywhere. For Maya, this is like a game she used to play when she was a child, and she imagined that a slide was a castle. The journalists don't know what to think about Maya's comment, but Ayumi looks thoughtful. In spite of the unconfortable situation, Kuronuma keeps talking about the games he used to play when he was a child.
After the interview Ayumi is asked to shake hands with Maya, but Ayumi knows that she can't do this: if she fails to find Maya's hand, everybody will understand that she cannot see. So she refuses to do it, pretending that her intention is to provoke Maya. Maya replies that she will not be defeated.
Ayumi feels the breeze and thinks it's similar to the one in the valley of the red plum trees.
Maya and Kuronuma are imagining the play among the ruins. While looking at them, Sarurakoji understands that Maya's strong point is her imagination.

Masumi accepts to marry Shiori!

Masumi is researching in the internet about Shiori's mental illness. He can't help remembering seeing her destroy the purple roses and say how much she hates them.
The following day he goes visit her, and she doesn't even seem to recognise him! Masumi feels responsible and guilty for the state Shiori is in. He calls Mizuki asking her to change the date for some meetings. As soon as he's finished he hears a scream coming from Shiori's room. He rushes to see what happened and he finds that Shiori injured a nurse with some scissors and now she is using the scissors to destroy all the purple roses, screaming that they have to disappear. Masumi tries to stop her and he gets injured as well.
Masumi realises that those roses represent Maya in Shiori's eyes, and by destroying them, Shiori would like to kill Maya.
Shiori's grandfather asks Masumi why Shiori behaves like that, but Masumi denies knowing what the roses mean to her. Once again, the old man begs Masumi to marry his granddaughter.

The following day, two housemaids are reading an article with photos of Maya and Ayumi. Shiori appears all of sudden and scares them so much that they drop down the magazine they were reading and run away. Shiori tears away the page where Maya's photos appear and heads back to her room. She gathers all the roses on her bed and puts Maya's photos on the top, then sets fire to everything. The doctor arrives and finds Shiori laughing, surrounded by fire.
Masumi is notified about this while he is at work. When he gets to the Takamiya's he finds Shiori still in what remains of the room. He notices bits of photos of Maya but doesn't understand what happened until one of the housemaids tells him about the magazine.
At midnight everybody goes to sleep at Takamiya place. Masumi spends the night in a room next to Shiori's. He is devastated. He remembers embracing Maya, he is convinced that everything that happened is his fault, that the situation is getting dangerous for Maya, and wonders how to help Shiori recover from insanity.
Shiori wakes up, picks up some roses and walks out. Masumi hears some noise, opens the door of his room and sees some roses scattered on the floor. He follows the trail of roses and sees Shiori drowning in a lake. He immediately dives in and saves her. She had only fainted.
Once more, the old Takamiya begs Masumi to marry his granddaughter, and Masumi finally accepts.
Forgive me, Maya

Ayumi's feelings for Hamil are slowly changing

It's late night and Ayumi had her driver take her to the dismissed railway station so she can practise on her own.
Soon someone appears from the darknes... It's Hamil, following her as usual! He asks her to let him protect her.
Ayumi is too proud and cold to accept his help. Even later when during rehearsing she fells down some stairs, she refuses his help and stands up by her effort:
On stage, nobody is able to help me!

However, Ayumi's heart is slowly melting because of Hamil's sincerity and devotion. Ayumi is suddenly the Crimson Goddess, witnessed by Hamil's warm eyes.
Hamil is now more convinced than ever than Ayumi is the woman of his life.

Maya hears the news about Masumi's wedding

Kids Studio, rehearsals. Maya is in the bathroom washing her face, when she hears other actors commenting on the fact that Masumi Hayami is marrying Shiori. Maya doesn't want to believe this and dashes off to Daito HQ. Masumi is getting out of the building when she arrives. He greets her but keeps walking. Maya stops him and asks him if it's true that he is going to marry Shiori.
Of course, you were there at my engagement party, you should know it already
So, what about what happened on the cruise ship?
Ah, that. Thanks to you I didn't get bored! Thanks, chibi-chan!

Maya cannot believe this is Masumi Hayami: as cold as ice, with lifeless eyes. Masumi leaves, stating that he has no time to listen to her.

Maya is shocked. She falls on her knees, sobbing. Mizuki is trying to cheer her up.
He said that I have to trust him... He promised he would wait for me... Why, Hayami-san?
Mizuki is speechless. When did this all happen? Since when Maya is in love with Masumi?
Maya is taken back to the rehearsals, but she doesn't look like herself anymore. Sakurakoji understands. He then goes to go talk to Masumi, informing him that he saw what happened after the cruise night, and asking him to leave Maya alone now. Masumi is engaged, and he is also aware of Sakurakoji's feelings for Maya.
Masumi coldly reassures him that Maya is his now, so he doesn't have to worry.

Ayumi understands Kurenai Tennyo more and more

The day is over. Ayumi is at Studio X with Hamil again. She cannot understand the meaning of the lines she is reciting. God is in in the wind, in the stones, everywhere... God is human too...
Ayumi feels humidity in the wind... It's going to rain soon, so she asks Hamil to go back home.
Hamil is surprised; he accidentally drops the car key. He cannot find it, but Ayumi helps him. Thanks to the sounds she heard, she is able to localise it perfectly. Hamil is amazed!
Suddenly it starts raining, as Ayumi predicted. It's time to go home! While walking past Hamil who is holding his lighter, Ayumi perceives the moving flame. She remembers when she was practicing surrounded by candles... When she moves, the fire also moves... God is in the fire... Akoya's lines are clear to Ayumi now!

The more Ayumi understands the spirit of Kurenai Tennyo, perceiving the movement of fire when she moves, while she can hear the sound of rain and the scent of air, the more she realises that she has to live like Kurenai Tennyo, not just act like her.

Masumi injures Hijiri... And Maya will meet her Purple Rose Fan!

Maya talks to Hijiri. She is desperate and begs him to organise a meeting with the Purple Rose Fan. She cannot understand Akoya's and Isshin's feelings anymore and she doesn't care who her fan is is, she just wants to meet them! Hijiri gives her a hug.

Masumi is in his office with Mizuki, after another visit to Shiori. They are discussing the fact that after the wedding Masumi will live at the Takamiya's place. Mizuki starts questioning him.
What is he going to do with Maya? Maybe you both of them understood each others' feelings on the cruise ship? Did he realise that Maya is in love with him? Did Shiori understand everything? Is this why she attempted suicide and is now in that state? Is it Maya whom Shiori sees in the purple roses? Is it to avoid anything dangerous to happen to Maya that he accepted to marry Shiori?
Mizuki is Masumi's personal secretary for a reason! But he has decided. He will be what he used to be, and think only of business. And Maya? Well, the Purple Rose Fan no longer exists.

Maya is now at Tsukikage's place to ask her for help and support. She cannot understand Akoya and Isshin anymore. The person she thought was her soul mate became cold and distant. Tsukikage notices that she grew up!
Does she love this person? Maya confirms she does.
Chigusa Tsukikage reassures her, if that person is really her soul mate, he suffers when she suffers and he is happy when she is happy. There must be a reason behind what he did.
This opens Maya's eyes. Later she goes back to the rehearsals with new strength.

Izu, Masumi's villa. Hijiri is instructed by Masumi never to send any more purple roses to Maya: she'd better never find out who the Purple Rose Fan is. Masumi confirms to Hijiri that he is going to marry Shiori.
Hijiri asks him if he is serious, and once more Masumi confirms. Hijiri smiles and explains to Masumi that since he was young he has been trying to imitate him: everything Masumi liked, he liked it automatically.. From books to... People!
Hijiry thanks Masumi for letting him be the person who dealt with Maya. If Masumi seriously doesn't care, Hijiri will tell Maya that he himself is the Purple Rose Fan... If Masumi really doesn't want her, he will take her... If Maya believed that Hijiri is the Purple Rose fan, surely she will love him!
While saying these words, Hijiri makes for the door... Masumi shocked throws a paper cutter at him, slightly injuring him on the neck and hitting the door. Then he adds:
Hijiri, please forgive me. But please, don't do it. If you did, I could even kill you!
Hijiri removes the cutter from the door and brings it back to Masumi.
Finally you've opened your heart. Think about how you are feeling now. You would be able to kill me if you thought that I want to take Maya away from you. You cannot marry someone only because you feel responsible for them, nobody is going to be happy this way. You've always been attracted by Maya... Confess your feelings to her, tell her who you are and conquer your happiness in spite of any storm that might occur later. Now if you don't mind I am leaving. I will arrange things so that Maya can meet her Purple Rose Fan.
While in the car, Hijiri thinks of Masumi and wishes him happiness... This is Hijiri's only wish!

Masumi tells his father that he is no longer going to live in his house, so that he can be closer to Shiori. He says goodbye to all the housemaids. He will sleep in a hotel. While in the car, he thinks that he stopped playing the part of Eisuke's son. He will live his own life from now on.

Hijiri informs Maya that finally she will be able to meet her Purple Rose Fab in Izu. Maya thinks of Masumi's villa in Izu... Finally she will meet Masumi Hayami, her Purple Rose fan!


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