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Maya and Masumi are having dinner together on the cruise ship.
They are at the center of attention and Maya feels embarrassed.
Masumi doesn't mind and asks her if it annoys her that people notice them. Maya says that it's not a problem for her, but he is engaged...
Masumi starts teasing her: nobody would think they are a couple, maybe uncle and niece or a man escorting a friend's daughter... Maya gets angry.
People sitting at the tables start talking about them.
Masumi ends the conversation by saying that he is simply the president of an Art Production Company and Maya a young actress.

During the dinner a message by Shiori is delivered to Masumi. The message explains that the woman wasn't able to arrive in time because stuck in traffic. When Maya understand that Masumi was on the cruise ship for a date with Shiori she gets sad. Masumi sees her change of mood and asks her why she wanted to see Shiori. Finally Maya tells him about the cheque.

Masumi is surprised. Maya tells him that she is not going to accept it. She also claims her innocence about the wedding dress and engagement ring.
Masumi smiles.
He tells Maya that it would be a problem for him not to be able to see her any longer, since he never gets bored when he's with her.
He tears the cheque apart:
"This is how I feel about it"
He will think about giving it back to Shiori.
"Sorry for doubting you, chibichan"

Maya has grown up!

There is a show scheduled for the evening.
Masumi gets Maya an elegant dress and accessories for the evening and waits while she is getting ready in a beauty salon.
When Maya shows up with the dress and make up he blushes!
The beauty salon assistant mocks him saying that Maya is so beautiful that it's impossible to look at her without being enchanted.
Masumi is surprised to see Maya as an "adult" and thinks that it's the first time he has thought she is beautiful.
Maya thanks Masumi but soon he starts teasing her again.
He suggests that now she can play the role of a lady, and she could do that for him. She gets angry and claims that she could do that, but not for him.
Masumi bursts into laughters and remarks that she is still a child inside.

"Don't call me chibi-chan! I am a grown up! I can drink alcohol and one day I will be able to get married!"

"Maya, you've become a woman without me noticing it. When I met you for the first time you were 13... And one day you will get married too..."

"Yes... One day... Like you are going to marry Shiori..."

Masumi's expression changed, he looks unhappy and upset. Maya is surprised at this change, but she believes that Masumi is sad because Shiori couldn't make it for the date.

Spending the evening together

Maya and Masumi go to the theatre to enjoy the show. Masumi is quiet, still upset by Maya's words about marriage. After the show, Masumi invites Maya to dance. She hesitates, since she is clumsy, but thanks to Masumi's help they dance so well that when they're finished people around applaud.

When the music is over, Maya and Masumi go outside on the deck.
Maya observes that this is the second time she has seen such a starry sky, and in both occasions Masumi was by her side...

The key

Maya and Masumi are walking towards the room booked by Shiori. Masumi leads the way. He is expressionless and quiet. He is holding the key tight in his hand.

They arrive in front of the room. Maya can't believe they have the same room to share!
Masumi opens the door and invites her in. Maya is embarrassed. Finally Masumi smiles. She doesn't have to worry; in fact, he tried to ask for another room for her, but the cruise ship was fully booked. So, Maya will sleep in the room and Masumi will spend the night on a sofa... Masumi leaves the room.

Maya is puzzled. She notices her old shoes and clothes in a bag. She turns to get them and she sees the double bed. Then she remembers that the room was supposed to be for Shiori and Masumi to spend the night together...
She starts crying. She doesn't want to sleep in that room!

Masumi is on the deck, sipping on whisky and thinking, when Maya appears.
She is wearing her own clothes again. She is wiping off her tears. Masumi askes her why, so Maya gives him back his presents. She thanks him for the marvellous evening: it was like a dream, but her Cinderella's time is over and she is the same old Maya again.
Together with the clothes, she gives him the key: she will be the one to sleep on a sofa - after all she is quite used to that. Also, she cannot sleep in a room that was supposed to be for Masumi and Shiori!
While saying this, she starts crying again, and turns away. Masumi asks her not to leave: he doesn't understand what the problem is. In fact, he didn't prepare any room for Shiori. It was a surprise by Shiori, probably because he is always busy at work.
While explaining all these things to Maya, Masumi wonders why he is doing this.
Anyway he goes on: he wanted to get off the cruise ship as soon as he found out about Shiori's plan, but then he saw Maya... He doesn't want to sleep in that room either...
Masumi throws the key away into the sea...

The sun rise

Maya wonders if by any chance Masumi feels the same as she feels... But this is not possible, he is 11 years older, and engaged...

Masumi puts his jacket on Maya's shoulder: the night is getting chilly. Maya asks him if she can stay there by his side for the night. Of course she can. Masumi points out that now none of them has a room to spend the night in. They both burst into laughters.

Maya thinks how incredible the situation is. She used to hate him so much, and now she is happy just staying by his side!
Masumi asks her to keep the clothes he bought for the evening, they look good on her. Maya is glad to accept.

Maya and Masumi spent the night sleeping on two sofas. Maya is woken up by the sunlight. She opens the door and is dazzled. She goes back to Masumi, grabs him by the arm, and takes him out to see the sun rise. She tells him that she is so happy that he managed to see it!
Masumi wonders why she is saying these things. After all, she hates him... Or maybe...

The handkerchief

Then he remembers the handkerchief Maya left in his office on the day he was attacked.
He takes it out of his pocket and gives it to Maya, saying that she forgot it in his office; he apologises for it got stained with blood when she was cleaning his face.

Maya blushes. Is it possible? Did he realise that it was Maya who stood by his side when he wasn't conscious?

Masumi is shocked. Why isn't Maya looking at him in his eyes?

Maya takes the handkerchief and thanks him.
Masumi is puzzled. Then it was really Maya.
Maya... Was it you? Maybe then that dream... Those tears... Akoya's words... Is it possible that...?

Akoya's words for Isshin, Maya's words for Masumi

Masumi turns to Maya and asks her to recite Akoya's love words to Isshin. Just for him.
Maya can't help thinking that those are the same words she said to him on the night he was attacked... So maybe he heard them...

Show me your Akoya.

My Akoya, my love for Isshin... My feelings for Hayami-san... Here...

Maya accepts.
On a early morning, on a cruise ship deck, with Masumi Hayami as only spectator, Maya takes off her shoes and plays Akoya's words.
She looks very self confident.
Please, watch my Akoya. I am Akoya... Isshin... My love...

Maya is concentrating on acting. While reciting the words she thinks
I am Aloya, Isshin, my love...
There is a lot of space on the empty deck, but Maya gets closer to Masumi even though she is turned towards the sea.
Masumi is surprised. Does she want to act that way?

Maya turns to him; she smiles at him as if he were Isshin. Then she starts reciting Akoya's words.
Masumi starts remembering something... He thinks he's heard those words already...
At some point he shouts at her to stop. Maya is shocked.
Masumi apologizes and asks her to repeat the latest part.
While listening again, he is more and more convinced that those words are the ones he heard that night after he was attacked... So... It wasn't a dream... So, those tears.. This lips... Maya... Why would she have done something like that... Could it be...?

In the meanting, while acting, Maya in her heart talks to Masumi...
Hayami-san, I love you, Akoya's feelings are mine and her love for Isshin is like mine...
Then she reaches out for Hayami's coat on the railing and while still playing Akoya she draws it close to herself. Then she looks at Masumi, brushes his cheeck and says:
You are the other part of me, I am the the other part of you
Masumi blushes and can't keep her eyes off her.
I can't resist anylonger, I give up! I can no longer deceive my heart like this!
Masumi embraces Maya. Maya is shocked and puzzled.
Masumi: It's fine, you don't need to continue... I understood, I understood...

Some people arrive to the deck to watch the sun rise and they see from a distance Masumi with his hands around Maya. They start thinking that the two are actually a couple.
Maya tries to move away but Masumi holds her tight.
Maya: Hayami-san, people will talk about us...
Masumi: It doesn't matter even if the rumour gets bigger than yesterday at the restaurant... Does this bother you, the fact that they could talk about us?
Maya: No, Hayami-san...
Masumi: Then please, let's stay like this some more time... Please...
Finally Maya returns the embrace. She holds him tight and says yes.
The other people, embarrassed, leave.

Masumi moves away. He apologizes to Maya for surprising her. He stares at the sea.
He tells Maya that since she doesn't want to be called chibi-chan, he is not going to call her like that any more. From now on, he will call her Maya.
Maya blushes.
Masumi once again remarks how comfortable, relaxed and honest he feels when he is with her, in spite of their difference in age, education, etc.

Then they spot an island.
Masumi explains to Maya that that is Izu. He's got a secret house on the beach where he can find peace when he needs to run away from everything. Only a long date friend knows about that place. And a few exceptions.
Maya thinks about Shiori and becomes sad, but doesn't want to talk about this to Masumi.
Masumi then goes on talking, he explains how staring at the ocean and the sky he can get free from everything. He talks about the crabs carried by the waves. She smiles at him.
Then he carries on telling her how in the night he can see the stars from the balcony and forget about everything by listening to the sea waves. He can really return himself when he's there.

Maya is surprised, she really didn't think he was a person like that.
Masumi: Next time... Would you like to come?
While saying this, Masumi blushes and covers his mouth with his hand... Then he adds:
If you don't want you can say no...
Maya: Can I really? In a place that is so important for you? Can I really come? I would really love to walk barefoot along the white beach and see the crabs... And from the balcony look at the stars.
Masumi: Are you sure? There's going to me in there...
Maya (smiling): Yes, I will also come alone, Hayami-san
Masumi (blushing and shocked): Really?
Maya: Yes, if I don't create any problems...

It's breakfast time, but Maya and Masumi are still on the deck, staring at the sea.
Ah, how I wish the time could stop now!

Sakurakoji was told about Kuronuma where Maya was is going to pick her up, thinking she will be surprised to see him.

At the port, Shiori is also waiting for Masumi.

Back to reality...?

The cruise ship is heading back to the port.
Everybody comments on how beautiful the journey has been.
Maya almost nostalgic, thinks to herself:
So, it's over. Once we're off this cruise ship, both Hayami-san and myself will be vack to the real world...
I'm scared, I'm afraid that all of this will remain a wonderful dream.

In the meantime Masumi is paying the bill to a lady who will have the dress he bought delivered to Maya's house.
Maya thinks that Hayami-san lives in such a harsh world that she cannot even imagine. She knows only theatre and rehearsals... Surely to his eyes she is just a child...
By then Masumi has come close to her and put his arm around her shoulders. Without looking at her, he asks her if from now on she will trust him, no matter what happens.
They might not be able to see each other for a while, but he will endeavour to meet her in Izu. Will she wait?
Maya confirms she will.

The cruise ship has arrived, people are getting off.
Shiori sees Masumi and immediately notices Maya... Maya? Why is she there?
Masumi explains to his fiancée that Maya came to the ship to find her, and she was aboard when the ship left; Maya wanted to give something back to her...
While saying this, Masumi shows Shiori the cheque, torn into pieces, and tells her that it was him who tore it apart.
Masumi and Maya walk past Shiori, he is determined to drive Maya home.
Shiori is shocked and (surprise, surprise) she faints.
Masumi then has to help her. He shouts to people to call a doctor.
Then he apologizes to Maya. He'll walk her to where she can get a Taxi... Is this OK with her?
Maya insists that she want to stay with him, but Masumi doesn't want her to be involved...

Sakurakoji is waiting for Maya. He sees Masumi walk and Maya follow. He cannot help wondering why they are together.
Maya sees him and his motorbike, and she too is surprised. So he explains that he heard from Kuronuma where she was; then he asks Masumi if he was on the ship as well.
Masumi against his own will approaches Sakurakoji and asks him to drive Maya safely home. They are both actors for Kurenai Tennyo, he'd better drive carefully.
After asking Sakurakoji once more to take care of Maya, Masumi goes away.
Maya is shocked.
Sakurakoji is suspicious...
The way Hayami-san was talking... What is it... There's something strange... They are both strange... I don't understand...
He tries to convince Maya to get on his motorbike, but Maya has still something imporant to say to Masumi... Something she hasn't told him... But she has to...
She apologizes to Sakurakoji, he'll have to drive home alone.

Maya runs to Masumi, who enquires why she hasn't gone home with Sakurakoji.
She informs Masumi that she needs to tell him something.
She embraces him:
Hayami-san, I am a girl 11-year younger than you, I am unworthy, I know only the world of theatre and rehearsals, so... I am not able to understand you, now I would be only annoyance for you but... Please wait for me! I will become an adult, very soon I'll be a grown up, wait for me Hayami-san!
Masumi, puzzled until that moment, returns the embrace and reassures her:
Definitely! I will... You too, wait for me and trust me!

Sakurakoji sees the two and is utterly shocked. Is he dreaming? It's not possible... Maya and Masumi... It has to be a dream!

Masumi sends Maya away; he goes to talk to the nurse who is taking care of Shiori. When asked about the relationship he has with the patient, he claims that they are enganged, with a blank, expressionless face.
The doctor explains Shiori has nothing serious.
While sitting next to Shiori, Masumi wonders why she lied about the night when he was attacked. Why did she say that Maya went away? And why did she offer Maya money to take her away from Masumi?

Sakurakoji is driving home and cannot get Maya ans Masumi out of his mind. While trying to figure out what happened on that cruise ship, he doesn't see a truck and has an accident.


Maya is at home. She keeps looking at the dolphin-shaped pendant Sakurakoji gave her and decides that she must give it back to him.
When she arrives at the Kids' Studio for the rehearsals she is informed about the accident. He has a broken leg and for a couple of months he won't be able to rehearse.
Naturally, she starts feeling guilty about the whole accident. She sent him back alone... Maybe if they had been together this wouldn't have happened!

Masumi Hayami is in his office.
Mizuki informs him about Sakurakoji's conditions. They might need to replace him for the play. Masumi has no plan for this, he'll just wait and see what happens for the time being.
Then Mizuki asks him if Shiori hates purple roses, since she saw her tearing them apart and ordering not to get any more purple roses.
Masumi is puzzled.
Mizuki shows him a piece of photo of Maya that she found in Shiori's car. Masumi is even more puzzled.
Later Masumi learns from Hijiri that Maya a few days before received her own photo album torn into pieces, but in spite of that she told Hijiri that she still trusts her purple rose fan.
Finally Masumi goes to Izu to look for the photo album and cannot find it... Who had access to his house? It's not easy to understand that it was Shiori...
Masumi has an epiphany... Did Shiori understand the true identity of the Purple Rose Fan?

Maya at the rehearsals, with the dolphin-shaped pendant in her hand, thinks of Sakurakoji and cries.
Sakurakoji, my Isshin, is not at the rehearsals!

A new Isshin for Sakurakoji

Sakurakoji wakes up at the hospital. Memories of the accident, of Maya and Masumi embracing each other come to his mind, but then he focuses on the rehearsals. He tries to get up but he's got a broken, plastered leg.
A nurse sees him and reprimands him. He is not allowed to move. It will take his leg 2 months to recover and he'd better relax.

At Kid's Studio everybody is worried about Sakurakoji's conditions. Only one month left before the show! Maya keeps crying and feeling guilty. She understands how important Sakurakoji was for her on stage. She cannot even think of a replacement for him...
Kuronuma looks at Maya heedfully.

Sakurakoji, in his room at the hospital, realises how much he used to hope that his relationship with Maya would become the same as on stage... But now, most important than this, is playing the role of Isshin. Acting is the most important thing! Kuronuma is observing him, unseen from outside the door, while he tries to get up.

The following day, Sakurakoji arrives at Kid's Studio in crutches. He ignores Maya, doing nothing to hide the fact that he is angry at her. Kuronuma asks him to watch the rehearsals.
At the end of the rehearsals, Kuronuma makes Maya go away with the others and remains alone with Sakurakoji.
Kuronuma realises that Sakurakoji won't be completely ricovered on time for the first show. The only thing to do is creating a new Isshin. He might have been injured with a sword, so it will be acceptable that he cannot move smoothly.

Maya is observing them from a distance. When she meets Kuronuma's eyes, she thanks him by lowering her head.

Masumi's confession

Masumi received a telephone call from Hijiri while he was in his house by the seaside, in Izu.
Hijiri informed him about what he found about Shiori.

Shiori is waiting for Masumi in a place where they are going to plan their wedding. When she sees him, she gets up and smiles at him. She apologises for making him worry recently (about her health conditions).
Masumi kindly reassures her that there is no problem, and enquires if she is better now.
Of course she is. Also, she couldn't afford to rest now, there is a wedding to plan. The planner and other collaborators will be there soon...
Masumi informs her that this is not going to happen, since he cancelled everything.

Shiori is worried. Masumi doesn't explain any further but he asks her to show him her engagement ring. Then he tells her that his suspects were right, it's not easy to slip that ring off her finger. The designer had to make it smaller for her.
Finally, he bluntly accuses Shiori of putting the ring in Maya's handbag.

Shiori is shocked and speechless.
Masumi goes on. He lets Shiori know that the CCTV in the shop where she tried the wedding dress showed clearly that Maya didn't pour the fruit juice on her dress.
Shiori objects that she said it was an accident, but Masumi tells her that nobody believed her, included himself, because the whole situation seemed to show that Maya was responsible for what happened. Also, Shiori didn't insist too much in defending Maya.

Last but not least. Masumi shows Shiori some pieces of the photos she tore apart. He asks her if she remembers them. Shiori is petrified.
Masumi asks her why she did that. Why she sent them to Maya making her believe that it was from the purple rose fan. Shiori this time answers the question. It's because he is the purple rose fan. He has been supporting her for all these years... A girl so much younger than him...
Masumi doesn't deny:
Yes, I am the purple rose fan.
Shiori is more shocked than ever.

So, does he admit having feelings for a girl who is 11 year younger than him? Sending her purple roses after every show? Paying for her education?
Yes. Masumi clearly explains to Shiori how he got charmed by Maya's energy and vitality on stage since her first show. Maya's performances have always been special to him. But Shiori is clearly satisfied by Masumi's answer. Is he just a fan? Since she realised that behind Masumi's cold mask was hidden a strong passion, she has hated Maya and she has tried to separate her from Masumi... Because she loves him!
Masumi thanks Shiori for being so straightforward, but claims that he is not worth her love (!).
Then he adds that there was no videocamera in the atelier where she tried the wedding dress. Yes, he lied to her. Shiori herself was the one who confirmed the truth to him. As far as all the other details, he had some research done, but there was no proof about the dress. Masumi is like that as far as business, he would use any means...

Shall we reconsider our wedding, Shiori-san?

Shiori starts talking about business, the merge between Daito and Takamiya... Blah blah blah...

Masumi insists that they are different: in the same places, they see and look for different things. He looks for the stars above, she looks at the city below.
He realised that he couldn't marry her in the exact moment when he saw the room she booked for the night on the cruise ship; he wanted to run away but the ship had just left.
He apologises, but he will not be able to make her happy.

Shiori is confused and upset. She starts crying, but Masumi won't change his mind.
At some point Shiori understands that there is nothing she can do, and excuses herself. She must look horrible... She needs to go to the toilet...
But before doing that, she enquires if Masumi and Maya used the room on the cruise ship.
She is relieved to know that nothing happened in that room.

When in the toilet, she looks at herself in the pocket mirror. She finds herself horrible... No surprise Masumi despises her... Then she breaks the pocket mirror, grabs one shard of glass and in her mind asks her parents and grandparents for forgiveness... She can't stand the idea of losing Masumi...

After a while Masumi gets worried because Shiori doesn't come back. He asks a cleaning lady to check... When he hears the woman scream, he runs to see what happened: Shiori tried to cut her wrists (!).

The ambulance has been called.
Masumi is petrified.

In the meantime, Ayumi keeps rehearsing. Onodera and the other actors seem not to notice that she is blind.
Utako is watching and wonders how long Ayumi will resist.

... To be continued.

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