Garasu no Kamen Synopses

After volume 48 unofficial version
(Hana to Yume)

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The venue for the trial show is revealed

Both Onodera's and Kuronuma's groups are taken to the place where the trial show will take place. It used to be a train station, now there are only ruins. There is no stage or set. Moreover, they can rehearse there only for one day. It was Chigusa Tsukikage who chose that place, claiming that the reason will be understood after the show.

Ayumi says that she could perform her Crimson Goddess everywhere. For Maya, this is like a game she used to play when she was a child, and she imagined that a slide was a castle. The journalists don't know what to think about Maya's comment, but Ayumi looks thoughtful. In spite of the unconfortable situation, Kuronuma keeps talking about the games he used to play when he was a child.

After the interview Ayumi is asked to shake hands with Maya, but Ayumi knows that she can't do this: if she fails to find Maya's hand, everybody will understand that she cannot see. So she refuses to do it, pretending that her intention is to provoke Maya. Maya replies that she will not be defeated.

Ayumi feels the breeze and thinks it's similar to the one in the valley of the red plum trees.

Maya and Kuronuma are imagining the play among the ruins. While looking at them, Sarurakoji understands that Maya's strong point is her imagination.

Shiori's recovery

Masumi visits the Takamiyas every morning. Shiori is getting better and better, she is even eating. Masumi praises her, but Shiori thinks that if she recovers completely Masumi will not see her any longer, and she is very scared of this.

Shiori's grandfather asks Masumi again to become his heir/descendant, but Masumi firmly declines.

Eisuke, having been informed that Masumi refused Takamiya's offer again, suspects that he loves another woman. He then ask Mizuki to investigate. Mizuki enquires what he would do if his son loved another woman, and Eisuke answers that he would destroy their relationship.

Masumi has left the Takamiya's place and gets into the car. The driver advices that he should go back home sometimes, but Masumi instructs him to drive to the hotel. Masumi promises himself never to do what Eisuke wants any longer. For the first time in his life, he will act against his father.

Ayumi's feelings for Hamil are slowly changing

It's late night and Ayumi had her driver take her to the dismissed railway station so she can practise on her own.

Soon someone appears from the darknes... It's Hamil, following her as usual! He asks her to let him protect her.

Ayumi is too proud and cold to accept his help. Even later when during rehearsing she fells down some stairs, she refuses his help and stands up by her effort:
On stage, nobody is able to help me!

However, Ayumi's heart is slowly melting because of Hamil's sincerity and devotion. Ayumi is suddenly the Crimson Goddess, witnessed by Hamil's warm eyes.

Hamil is now more convinced than ever than Ayumi is the woman of his life.

Maya's soul is Akoya's soul

Maya is at her place, sitting silently at the window, staring at the moon.

Rei asks her if she is going to win. Maya doesn't give an answer. At first, she seems not to understand the question, as she almost forgot she is competing against Ayumi for the role of the Crimson Goddess. Then she realises that the trial show is so close, but she is not really worried about it. Rei doesn't understand: Maya looks so calm!

Maya tells Rei to look at the moon... It's so beautiful! Like the one she saw in the valley of the red plum trees! Then, in the moonlight, she prays to the Moon Goddes with an innocent, pure heart.

Rei realises that Maya really looks like Akoya. Maya and the Crimson Goddess are the same... Their souls are the same... Even outside the stage...

Understanding the characters more and more...

Ayumi is having breakfast at home. Her maid asks her what she was doing until late the night before. Ayumi explains to her that she was rehearsing at Studio X; but she wasn't alone, Hamil was with her... Like every day... He will be there with her tonight as well... And maybe... Forever...
While the maid is worried about what the media would say about Ayumi and Hamil, Ayumi is not. She informs the maid that her own mother Utako is already aware of everything, and asks her not to tell her father; he would be jealous.

It's a glorious day. Ayumi can perceive it. She feels the warmth of the sun on her skin. She can feel there is no humidity in the air. Moreover, even if her sight is blurry, she can see the green terrace and the blue sky.
The driver is ready, it's time to go to the rehearsals. The maid wants to come along but Ayumi orders her not to: she still wants to pretend she can see. Before leaving, she hugs her maid and tells her she loves her. The maid is very moved and remember Ayumi as a child... Of course she loves her too... She just wishes for her happiness...

Maya is leaving her place in a rush to go to the rehearsals. Rei is giving her a toast for breakfast to eat on the way and she tells her off for being late! While Maya is running away, Rei and Sayaka comment on how she looks like just an ordinary girl... They are worried that she cannot perform Akoya!
But Maya knows that Akoya is inside her. She thinks like Akoya even when she is not rehearsing. She is on the train, listening to a couple talk, and thinking about what they say as Akoya would.

At Ondine Studio, Ayumi recites the same lines Maya was thinking of while on the train. But unlike Maya, Ayumi is not able to understand Akoya's words; after the rehearsals, she asks another actress if she could understand Akoya's words... And the truth is that her audience didn't understand those lines either. Ayumi realises that she is not able to become Akoya!

In the meantims, At Kids Studio, Maya and Sakurakoji are a very convincing couple while acting. But as soon as they are not performing, Sakurakoji avoids Maya. Kuronuma decides to go ask him directly what happened between Maya and him on the night of the accident. Sakurakoji denies everything; he claims that he realised that Maya is his rival on stage and he doesn't want to lose to her.
Kurouma is surprised, but seems to believe that. Still, Sakurakoji needs to enjoy the play more, or he won't be able to win. He needs to think about the origin of the play. Why does he think Tsukikage chose Studio X as a stage? His rival Maya has already understood that... Not with her head, but with her heart!
Sakurakoji is left alone, thinking of what he has just been told.

The day is over. Ayumi is at Studio X with Hamil again. She cannot understand the meaning of the lines she is reciting. God is in in the wind, in the stones, everywhere... God is human too...
Ayumi feels humidity in the wind... It's going to rain soon, so she asks Hamil to go back home.
Hamil is surprised; he accidentally drops the car key. He cannot find it, but Ayumi helps him. Thanks to the sounds she heard, she is able to localise it perfectly. Hamil is amazed!
Suddenly it starts raining, as Ayumi predicted. It's time to go home! While walking past Hamil who is holding his lighter, Ayumi perceives the moving flame. She remembers when she was practicing surrounded by candles... When she moves, the fire also moves... God is in the fire... Akoya's lines are clear to Ayumi now!

The more Ayumi understands the spirit of Kurenai Tennyo, perceiving the movement of fire when she moves, while she can hear the sound of rain and the scent of air, the more she realises that she has to live like Kurenai Tennyo, not just act like her.

On the other hand, Maya completely understood Kurenai Tennyo, but her body is stiff and she cannot express what she feels. Sayaka and Rei noticed that as well.
Maya remembers Chigusa Tsukikage's words: Maya knows how to "become" a character, but she has to learn how to "show" it to the audience.
Maya realises that se cannot compete with Ayumi on this. She keeps practising and practising to improve the speed and fluidity of her movements.

Ayumi is rehearsing at Ondine Studio. She looks exhausted but she managed to understand how to "become" Kurenai Tennyo.
She goes outside to the garden. She dips a foot in a pool and realises that the water moves... The fire moves, the water moves... The world moves!
After the rehearsals Hamil takes Ayumi to a hotel. While she is alone in her room, still rehearsing with the candles, one of the candles sets fire to a curtain and then to the rest of the room. Ayumi, surrounded by fire, understands the goddess. Hamil from outside, notices the fire and calls for help...

... To be continued.

Attention! This is the summary of the pages published in the items of Bessatsu Hana to Yume, the monthly manga magazine, published by Hakusensha from February 26th 2012, after volume 48 was published in Japan.
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