Garasu no Kamen Synopses

18-page preview of volume 50 published on Hana to Yume, 26th May 2016

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Masumi on his own

Masumi is in a room at Tokyo Prince Hotel where he is spending the night.
He is on the telephone with Shiori's doctor, asking for advice. Shiori's recovery is not going to be easy.

It's late night. Masumi remembers the conversation he had with Hijiri, when he could have killed him if he had taken Maya away from him...
Hijiri's words about being true to himself and about living without hiding his feelings resonate in Masumi's head.
Masumi is determined to break the engagement with Shiori and call off the wedding.

Next morning at Hayami's. Eisuke is sitting for breakfast but he isn't hungry. The house seems so empty and quiet without Masumi there.
Eisuke initially refuses to take his medicines but when the servant reminds him that it's Masumi's wish that he does so, he accepts.

Masumi visits the Takamiyas

Masumi visits the Takamiyas; he tells old Takamiya that he wants to break the engagement with Shiori.
Old Takamiya is very angry and refuses to do so; Masumi explains his true feelings: he was going to marry Shiori only for business purpose, but he realised that he cannot do it as he is not going to make Shiori happy. He apologises for all the sorrow he had caused her already.
Old Takamiya understands. He realises that his offer is no longer attractive for Masumi.
However, now Masumi has a big responsibility towards Shiori. He will let Masumi break off the engagement only if he is able to get Shiori back on her senses.

Old Takamiya:
What!? You want to break off the engagement!?
Are there any other demands? I am willing to listen.

No, there are no demands.

Old Takamiya:
How stupid!
You will be at the helm of Takamiya group!
And you and Shiori will inherit all of my assets.
Are you saying that you will throw all of them away!?

Yes. I do not have a desire to marry your assets or social status.

[Old Takamiya is at a loss for words.]

Once again, please accept my apologies.


Old Takamiya:
Please tell me what happened.
I want to know what changed your mind.

I have realized my true feelings.
I have also realized that no matter how hard I try, there are certain things that I cannot change.
I will not be able to make Shiori happy.
Even if I married her, our marriage would come to an end.
And disaster would ensue, involving the people around us.

Old Takamiya:
OK, I understand.
I guess it was stupid of me to try to make you marry her using my social status and assets as a bait.
But what are you going to do about her?
How are you going to take responsibility?
Get her back to normal!
[slamming the table]
I will never let you break off the engagement unless you get her back to normal!
Takamiya group is powerful enough to destroy your company.
I assume you understand that.

Masumi intends to have Shiori recovered in a mental health hospital in the mountains.
Old Takamiya gets upset.
Masumi, ignoring the maids who try to stop him, enters Shiori's room.
Here we can see Shiori sitting on her futon, surrounded by purple roses, holding a rose in her hands and tearing off all the petals...

... To be continued.

Attention! This is the summary of the pages published in Bessatsu Hana to Yume, the monthly manga magazine, published by Hakusensha on May 26th 2016, years after volume 49 was published in Japan.
Some of the scenes might not be the same in volume 50. The author may decide to change them again for the tankoubon, partly or completely, as she did when previous volumes were published. Please enjoy this story and don't be mad at me if it is modified in the future :)


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