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Lady Oscar PHOTO Maya
Oscar François de Jarjayes FULL NAME Maya Kitajima
December 25th, 1755 BIRTH DATE February 20th, 1963
France LOCATION Japan
Commander, patriot. OCCUPATION Actress.
  • Charming and beautiful.
  • Tall and slender.
  • Blond hair and blue eyes.
  • Neither plain nor beautiful.
  • Rather short and slight.
  • Dark hair and eyes.
Fighting for freedom and for her country. GOALS IN LIFE Becoming a great actress; playing 'The Crimson Goddess'.
Andre Grandier. SOUL MATE Masumi Hayami.
Alain, Girodel. LESS LUCKY LOVER Yuu Sakurakoji (I hope so!)
  • From a rich, aristocratic family.
  • High level education. She likes reading and she can play violin. She's very good at duel.
  • Very good mannered, maybe cold at first sight but burning with passion inside.
  • Leaves home to follow her ideals.
  • From a poor family.
  • She's not good at school and at anything but acting.
  • Not very good-mannered, clear as crystal, passionate.
  • Leaves home to follow her dream.


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