You Know You've Read too Much Garasu No Kamen When...

  1. Every evening you pray that Suzue Miuchi will write a (happy) end soon.
  2. You want to be an actress, and you think that working at a Chinese restaurant would be a good way to start.
  3. You're happy if your mother tells you that you are not good at anything (Maya's mother used to say the same to Maya!).
  4. You want to become an actress and you are wandering around, looking for a weird woman with long hair covering half her face.
  5. You want to call your son Masumi and/or your daughter Maya.
  6. You want to marry someone called Masumi.
  7. You date only guys who send you purple roses.
  8. When you're watching a movie or when you are at the theater, even if Brad Pitt were next to you, you wouldn't care.
  9. You remind Suzue Miuchi what happened in volumes of the manga she wrote many years ago.
  10. You want to apply to Daito Art Production for an audition.
  11. You want to play 'The Crimson Goddess'.
  12. You ARE the Crimson Goddess.
  13. Your cell tune is the Garasu no Kamen theme.
  14. You have been seen climbing the stairs using only one leg (the other being tied up).
  15. You are training yourself to eat mud and cakes with pieces of glass inside (you never know...).
  16. You always bring a strawberry patterned umbrella with you... You never know who you might meet...
  17. You close yourself in a fridge-room just to understand how you would feel if you lived in a very cold country.
  18. You live like a beggar, not eating and not having a shower for weeks, because one day in an audition they could ask you to play a beggar.
  19. You want to kill someone called Shiori.
  20. You worship a blue scarf...
  21. You keep annoying your Japanese penpals or any Japanese person you meet with questions about Suzue Miuchi and Garasu no Kamen
  22. You waste your time writing useless YKYRTMGNKW lists.
  23. You would never put a dolphin-shaped pendant on.
  24. You used to have a dolphin-shaped pendant, but you threw it away after December 16th 2004.
Warning! I'm a Garasu no Kamen addict!


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