Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 4

Tokyo Selections for the National Drama Competition.
The Two Midoris.

The Selections are going to last 5 days. 29 companies will participate, the jury is composed of 20 members. The winner of the selections will take part in the National Competition. On the last of the 5 days, Ondine Company and Tsukikage company will perform one after another. Ondine Company has an edge: they perform first, Ayumi is already very popular and so is the Ondine Company. Moreover, Tsukikage Company couldn't even have the rehearsals in the theatre.
Ayumi meets Maya and provokes her, laughing:
I bet your Midori will be rather different from mine!
Maya smiles and simply says: Thanks!
Ayumi is shocked.
Sakurakoji passes by and even if the two companies are rivals, he whispers to Maya:
Do your best!
Masumi Hayami talks to Onodera. Was it necessary to resort to such a trick to show that Ondine Company is better than Tsukikage Company? Wouldn't a fair competition have been better? Onodera is surprised: does Masumi support Tsukikage now?
No... It's just that the stage is something sacred...

Maya finds a purple rose in the fitting room.
I will watch your show. Your fan
She's overjoyed! She will not watch Ayumi's performance. She has her own Midori.

Ayumi's performance is perfect. Her Midori IS the original one: beautiful, kind, delicate. The audience can't stop applauding at the end of the play.
It's Tsukikage Company's turn. The two rival companies met in the hall. Tsukikage insinuates that Onodera must be very scared of her company... Masumi encourages Maya, but the girl is mad at him:
You talk like that and you are the one who plotted it all! Ayumi and I are different. I can count only on myself! I will not let your despicable means demoralize me! I will do my best, even if only for my fan... I will play only for him!
Masumi smiles: He would be happy to hear you say that...

Ayumi is not interested in Maya's performance at the beginning, but when she enters the stage room she is upset. Maya's Midori is so different from any Midoris ever performed: she's exuberant, full of energies, she is a real tomboy! And still, the audience can't take their eyes off her!
Ayumi's Midori was a elegant e womanly, while Maya's Midori is a teenager in love. The applauses for the Tsukikage company are not less than the ones for Ondine! Surprise! The two rival companies which played Take Kurabe both get to the first place. So they will both take part in the National Competition!
Masumi Hayami congratulates with Maya...
Your performance was really remarkable...
...I've never seen such a tomboy!

Maya shouts at him that she doesn't care about his appreciation...
Go on like that, chibi-chan! - He goes away laughing.

Maya gets a bouquet of purple roses and some chocolate:
Congratulations! Do your best at the National Competition! You fan.

Gina and the 5 Blue Pots.

"Gina and the 5 Blue Pots" is the play Tsukikage sensei chose for the National Competition. It's a suspense drama; the heroine, Gina, lives alone in a isolated house in the wood, at the end of a village. One day a passer-by asks her if she can keep his blue pot for a while: they are running after him! Gina accepts, and promises she will not open it to see what it contains. Later, many different people knock at her door looking for a blue pot, everytime with a different content. First there are three knights who are looking for a blue pot containing a golden royal coat of arms, a symbol of peace for the next country. Then a police officer is chasing a man who killed some people and stole them jewels, which are contained in a blue pot. And then, there are a snake enchanter who lost his blue pot with a viper inside, and a princess who needs to find a love potion a wizard prepared for her. Gina is determined to protect her blue pot until the passer-by comes back, without opening it. Funny and full-of-suspence scenes come one after an other, and at the end all the people find somewhere else what they were looking for, while the owner of the blue pot comes back. Actually, that pot contained only some sugared apples: a present for his mother! He left the pot to Gina because some dogs where running after him and it took him some time to find the way back to Gina's house!

The roles are assigned. Maya will be the main character. The most students are happy, but a few think that it's not fair: they will never stand out in such a company!

Unicorn Company's and Ondine Company's performances.

The date of the National Drama competition is near.
The companies which are most likely to win are Ondine Company (Tokyo) and Unicorn Company (Hokkaido), but also Tsukikage Company has got many chances.
The companies get to Nagoya. Maya and friends meet the Unicorn Company. They are a little weird, but very nice and friendly! They practice in the wood in the night and early morning, jumping and screaming like wild animals... They don't have the money for costumes or scenography... But the show they are going to put on stage must be something really unique and original!
Ayumi lost weight to better perform her new role. Even if her face is emaciated and pale, she looks even more beautiful than ever! She almost faints, and Sakurakoji embraces her. Maya feels sad...
Later, Maya meets Sakurakoji and shily asks him about him and Ayumi... Sakurakoji laughs a lot! It's the first time Maya has asked such a question!
I'm happy. I have never changed. It's a long time I've liked you. Whatever happens between our companies, never forget that!
Maya is overjoyed!
The Unicorn Company performs Destiny. An original show, very funny. In the first scene, the scenography elements (trees, animals...) are played by actors.
It is a big success. The audience in standing ovation want an encore! The other companies performing after Unicorn are really unlucky!
While Maya and friends watch all the shows, Onodera talks to the two actors of Tsukikage Company who complain they are not considered enough. The mean director offers the two boys some roles if they enter the Ondine Company. In exchange, they will have to betray Tsukikage Company. The two accept: they will do what Onodera wants!
On the fourth day, it's Ondine Company's turn. They perform The castle of ash. It's the story of the Takanami family, once owner of a fief; after several vicissitudes, they fall into decay and they have to live in poverty. Only princess Miya (Ayumi) conserves her pride and haughtiness in spite of her family's state. The story is set in the end of Meiji Era.
The audience falls in love with Ayumi's Miya.
It will be difficult to choose between Unicorn and Ondine!
Finally it's Tsukikage Company's turn. All the costumes and scenographies and accessories have just been delivered. The following day, everything will be put on stage... But... No way! Everything has been broken into pieces! Who can be responsible for that?


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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