Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 5

Maya performs "Gina and the 5 Blue Pots".

Maya doesn't lose heart. The company is in time to repair the scenography, and Unicorn Company offers to help them.
The two boys who has been corrupted by Onodera say that they found someone who can lend them some pieces of scenography and some costumes: they have to go to a high school which is 1 hour away from the theatre. In the magazine of the drama club, they can look for what they need. All the members of Tsukikage Company leave, except Tsukikage and Maya, whose costume has not been damaged. It's 9 o'clock. They have to be back at noon to arrange things; the play will start at 2 p.m.
Masumi Hayami sees Maya with a broken pot, and he is worried: he wonders what Onodera is plotting.
The Tsukikage company load the truck with what they need for the show. It's raining. While driving back, the two traitors stop on a isolate road and pretend there is a engine breakdown (actually they damaged the engine themselves).
Maya is waiting in the rain outside the theatre. Masumi Hayami approaches, and he puts his coat on her shoulders. The girl shouts at him:
Actually you are happy that we cannot play!
Masumi replies: Yes, you're right. The fewer candidates there are, the better is for Ondine. Especially it's better that there are not you...
Maya throws the coat towards Masumi and runs away crying:
I will never forgive him...
Masumi is thoughtful:
What a spectacle of myself! I'm dripping wet because of that little girl!
It's almost time to put the show on stage. It's clear that the Tsukikage Company will not arrive in time, and they'd better withdraw. But Maya cannot give up. She's got an idea. She asks Tsukikage to let her try. The curtain rises. Masumi Hayami and Onodera cannot believe it. The show obviously is not too close to the play script, since Maya has to act all alone, modifying the dialogues and the posings so that the plot may be understood without any other actor on the stage. The audience wonders what's happening, but at the same time they are more and more involved. Even if there is only one actor, the play is far from being boring! Maya knows how to make them pay attention: she makes them laugh and frighten. Unicorn Company helps her with the lights and the sounds.
After the curtain falls, there are some moments of silence: the audience is astonished. But soon, the loud noise of applauses make clear that the show has been a success. At the curtain call Maya is the same shy and clumsy girl of everyday and makes everyone burst into laughters! Masumi who admitted admiring her, cannot help smiling at Maya's success.

While waiting for the Jury's verdict, the votes of Popular Jury are given forth. Incredible! Ondine Company is at the 3rd place, Unicorn Company at the 2nd and Tsukikage Company at the 1st place! Everybody is shocked, included Tsukikage and Maya!
Ayumi is worried:
Last Spring she was watching our rehearsals at the window and now she has got the most votes by the Popular Jury!
Anyway, the Popular Jury is not the one who decides who the winner is. Onodera makes an objection to the Jury: Tsukikage's play must be suspended! They changed the play script and the other actors didn't appear! It was a monologue! The Jury meets again. After a long waiting, the results: Ondine Company Wins. Unicorn Company is second. Tsukikage Company is suspended. The audience is not happy and neither are Sakurakoji and Masumi. Ayumi should be overjoyed, but she feels as if she lost. She tells Maya:
I can't wait to compete with you again on stage. Next time you'll not win.
The most don't understand, but Ayumi is right. The people from the audience gather around Maya and encourage her. They loved her performance most.

A new Tsukikage Company.

The Tsukikage Company lost, so they will not be financed by Aoyagi any longer. Anyway Tsukikage is not sad. She has been very impressed by Maya's talent. That girl is much better than what she has ever imagined!
A new drama school is open, and the most students and teachers move to the new institute. Tsukikage has to leave. But Maya doesn't want to give up. She will follow Tsukikage. And so will Mina, Rei, Sayaka and Taiko. They will work part time and find a place to stay.
They find a old boarding house "White Lily". Maya is very excited and full of energies. Their room has been tidied up, the girls go to school, the most of them have found part time jobs and practice acting in the remaining time. Genzo, Tsukikage's assistant, always follows the sensei. Tsukikage is touched by the people who didn't abandon her.

Maya is walking down the street. She stops in front of a theatre, staring at the poster of "King Lear". The show is going to start in a few minutes, and many members of Ondine Company are going to see it. Even Masumi Hayami and his secretary miss Mizuki get there. Masumi notices Maya standing in front ot the door, and he secretly buys a ticket for her. He asks a child to give it to Maya, together with a purple rose. Thanks to her fan, Maya can watch the play! At the end of the show, she meets Masumi Hayami who offers to give her a lift. The girl makes a face and runs away! Masumi laughs.
Onodera asks him why he didn't ask her to join the Ondine Company. In fact there are rumours that the talent scout Mr. Toride is interested in Maya, while Masumi wants the girl at Daito Art Production. Masumi knows that Maya hates Ondine Company now, but he will use the boy she is dating, Sakurakoji...
Mizuki is a smart woman. She notices that Masumi is rather interested in Maya. She is not so sure it's just a business matter...
Sakurakoji will ask Maya to leave Tsukikage and join his company, but Maya cannot accept.

The new Tsukikage Company has just found a place for rehearsals! It's a old church, which can be used anytime except during the mass and ceremonies. The girls are very happy, they can practice again! So, the lessons go on...
One night, Maya wakes up and follows Tsukikage, who went out to the park. Maya asks Tsukikage about "Kurenai Tennyo". Tsukikage tells them to perform a tree. Maya tries, but when the sensei hits her with a stone, she moves.
The first thing to do is forgetting that you are a human being... A tree cannot move. It's a difficult role. You have to perform many roles before you can try this one. "Kurenai Tennyo" is not a person, it's a plum tree.
Maya is impressed.
One day I will perform "Kurenai Tennyo", the Crimson Goddess...

Maya is still looking for a job. She finds an interesting ad on the newspaper. They are looking for actors for the movie "Memory of a white youth" starring Emi Tabuchi. They need people who will play the heroine's school mates. Maya applies and has an audition. Maya is not chosen by the committee, but a member of the committee thinks she's got something special: the girl is asked if she would like to play a little role in the movie anyway...


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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