Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 12

The two Helens.

Ayumi's Helen at the first show of "The miracle worker" leaves a strong impression in the audience's hearts. Utako and Ayumi perform a perfect play, they work well together, and the scene of the miracle looks exactly like a electric shock. The two actresses receive a great applause. As expected, a big success. Even the judges of the Japanese Drama Festival are touched. Onodera is sure that Ondine will get the first prize!
Even Rei and Sayaka, who have seen Ayumi's performance, are worried for their friend. After such a perfect play, she has no chances...

The following day, second show of "The miracle worker". It's Maya's turn! The girl is nervous. She is afraid of the comparison with Ayumi. Differently from Ayumi, she gets only a few bunches of flowers from her friends... But.. Surprise! The biggest bunch of purple roses ever is delivered to her!
I will watch your play. You fan
Maya is ready to perform her own Helen!
Ayumi will not watch the show. She is nervous, and she eats taiyaki like Maya did the day before. Maya's appearance on stage impresses Utako Himekawa. The girl is different from what she used to be at the reharsals! Utako is confused. She doesn't know exactly what to do. She has to follow Maya's pace: that girl is dangerous!

The audience expected a worse performance by Maya than by Ayumi, but everyone is more and more involved, and nobody understands why.
Tsukikage sensei looks very interested. Maya can create suspence and inspire cuirosity, and she does that naturally: it's just instinct!

During the break between the first and the second act, Utako asks Onodera to leave the play to her: she cannot fight with Maya's Helen by acting as the normal miss Sullivan! Onodera has to accept: after all, the stage is actor's world. In the second act, Maya realizes that Utako is not following the play script; the girl does the only thing she can do, that is acting as Helen Keller! Utako notices that Maya is not discouraged at all: what an incredible girl! Maya and Utako go on acting without knowing what each other will do. Scene by scene, Utako turns into the real Miss Sullivan and Maya into the real Helen: their interpretation looks reality! They really feel what their characters feel!
The scene of the miracle is very touching. The audience can't stop clapping their hands. Maya and Utako stare at each other... Their fight is over... At the curtain call, Utako kisses Maya on her cheek! She didn't kiss Ayumi the day before!

Utako visits Maya in her dressing room: she congratulates with her, and thanks her:
I don't know how to say it. It was a long time I haven't felt such a feeling of accomplishment! The show is over, and this warmth is still running in my veins! At the beginning I thought it would be difficult to work with you. But I've turned into the real miss Sullivan... I was angry and pitied you at the same time... I wanted to help you and not to give up! Even if we play together only every other day, let's do our best!... I'm happy to be your partner!

Rei and the other friends congratulate with Maya: they have just heard what Utako said! Sakurakoji congratulates too. He brings Maya some flowers.
Ayumi is worried and thoughtful. She saw on the newspaper the photo of her mother kissing Maya.

The shows alternate. The number of persons watching Ayumi's show is always big, but it hardly changes. On the contrary, more and more people go see Maya's performance.
After one of Maya's shows, some reporters makes her questions for an interview. But Maya looks such a common girl... Masumi Hayami suggests them to write about Maya only as far as theatre is concerned!
Maya sees Masumi: she tries to greet him politely, but her loud and embarassed voice makes him laugh!
He congratulates with Maya for the bigger and bigger number of people in her audience. Before leaving, he says:
When are you going to erase that expression from your face? I am talking about the face you made when you saw me. It looked like you saw a worm, a millepede, or a cockroach!
After he leaves, Maya says:
A cockroach is better than you! Cold hearted, wicked being, monster! When I am a star I will not care about Daito!
While going back home, she explains to Rei and the other friends about Masumi's good manners lessons. Rei is thoughtful. Behind his cold words, Masumi was advising Maya! What he said was true, and he taught those things to Maya to help her! Masumi is someway kind to Maya! Maya can't believe that cold-hearted man who ruined the Tsukikage company could ever care about her...

Masumi protects Daito's merchandise...

After one of Maya's shows, a purple rose is thrown onto the stage. Maya runs out to the foyer. She asks around if anyone knows who threw the rose. Nobody knows, but fans and reporters ask her questions. She tries to escape from the crowd. Masumy Hayami is going to help her... Suddendly she collides with a heavy column supporting a vase of flowers. The column is going to fall on her: Masumi Hayami runs and manages to hold the column with his back. Maya is safe! Masumi is fine, his shoulder hurts a little. Maya looks at him, she cannot believe what he did! But when the girls say thanks, Masumi says:
I can't let our best merchandise to be damaged, not before the show ends! Maya shouts at him that she will do her best to take care of herself, and she runs away... She was not wrong, he is a heartless man, he thinks only to his business... She has been a stupid to think he could be a kind person!

Nomination for best actress in supporting role.

Finally the last show ends.
Two guys want to talk to Maya, they invite her to a Cafeteria.
Masumi Hayami invites the actors and the whole staff to celebrate at the pub around the corner, next to the theatre. Maya is not there, and Masumi is informed that she is with some guys from a production house. Masumi rushes to the Cafeteria. He's mad! He tells the two guys to go away, since Maya works for Daito. Maya expresses strong objection, but the men are worried that Masumi Hayami could ruin their production house and go away. Even if the girl strongly opposes, Masumi takes her home. He explains her that she doesn't have to trust anyone. The guys were from a third-rate production house and by working with them she would have become a third-rate actress. Maya tells him to mind his business.
I tell you this for your own sake! Act more carefully. Especially since you are a nominee for best actress in supporting role at Japanese Drama Festival.
The actress who wins that award will become a star immediately: she will have a role in the popular MBA TV's Autumn Drama. Ayumi is also a nominee. But Maya is the leading candidate!

Ayumi is at home. She is informed that she is a best actress nominee. She is very worried. She's not afraid of losing, she just wonders why Maya is the leading candidate. She did her best to perform a perfect Helen. But... Even her mother found something special in Maya: she even kissed that girl on stage! Utako on stage was not Ayumi's mother, but an actress; and she found in Maya something she didn't find in Ayumi... What?

Hotel New Nittei. Japanese Art Festival Awards Ceremony. There are several different categories: drama, music, Japanese traditional dance, cinema, radio, TV, even Kabuki and Noh... The winners of the 17th edition of the Festival will announced shortly!


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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