Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 13

Best Supporting Actress.

Japanese Art Festival, Awards Ceremony. The Best Actress Award goes to Utako Himekawa and the Best Support Actress Award to... Maya Kitajima! Maya wins for her really original and touching Helen. Ayumi understands why she didn't win: Maya's Helen was different from hers, not better than hers! Ayumi congratulates with Maya sincerely: she doesn't feel she has lost.
Tsukikage sensei enters the room; Masumi Hayami asks her if she came to see her favourite student win.
I'm here for my favourite students!
At the end of the ceremony, Tsukikage announces that Maya and Ayumi are both candidates to "Kurenai Tennyo" and that she will keep an eye on them: one day she will decide. It's a scoop! Masumi and Onodera are shocked and disappointed. Chigusa Tsukikage has been faster than them! Now all the reporters know Tsukikage's plan. It will be impossible for Daito to get the royalties! They cannot use their tricks, there are too many witnesses!

Dancing with Masumi.

After the awards ceremony, there's a party. Maya is standing alone, nobody notices her. Masumi Hayami invites her to dance. Maya tries to refuse, she cannot dance! But Masumi insists: she just has to follow his lead. Everybody looks at them! Who's the girl dancing with Masumi? Maya is embarassed! Masumi Hayami explains her that she has to make people notice her. In the stardom, talent is not enough: everything is a business! But why does Masumi teach this to Maya?
I can't let Daito's golden egg be broken before it opens!
Maya gets angry. She doesn't want to become Daito's golden egg. She tries to wiggle out of him, but she stumbles and she goes against Masumi, embracing him. It's a shock! Maya's feeling is exactly the same as the last Summer, while she was training for the role of Helen Keller and she embraced her purple rose fan! Is it possible that...?
Masumi is worried: did Maya recognize him? He reacts; he rejects the girl:
It's too early to perform a love scene! What's happened to you? Was it the ballroom atmosphere? Our dance is over, I have something to do.
He turns his back to Maya. Miss Mizuki observed the scene; she warns him:
Mr. Masumi, your strategy succeeded: the girl is the center of attention now! But... Be more careful! A lot of enemies observe you, trying to find your soft spot!
Masumi doesn't understand...
Your tenderness deep within is surfacing...
Masumi seems not to understand... Mizuki wonders if he's hiding his feelings or he hasn't realized anything yet...

Maya's new life.

The Tsukikage company is toasting to Maya's award and to Tsukikage sensei's discharge from the hospital. The guys of Unicorn Company are with them. They comment about Maya:
She's something special. Nobody envies her, her friends are happy she won and they even worry for her! And she seems just an ordinary girl! What is her charm?

Maya calls Sakurakoji. Suddendly Sakurakoji's mother and sister are happy to hear from her: now she is a star! Sakurakoji is happy for Maya, but the girl feels he's sad. Maya will take part in that MBA TV drama, then they will have less and less chances to meet...

Fukui Hospital, Nagano. Finally we know what happened to Haru Kitajima. It's one year she has been recovered in that hospital, thanks to the financial aid by the government. She was brought there after she collapsed. She's recovering, but her eyes cannot see yet, because of severe malnutrition. The woman always keeps with her the magazine page with the article about Maya. There's a picture of her daughter on it! The doctor doesn't have the courage to tell the poor woman that it's impossible to see or read anything on that worn out piece of paper...

MBA TV Headquarters: Maya's new experience is going to start!

Tsukikage sensei is very worried. Maya doesn't know the difference between theatre and TV. Will this experience damage her? And still, Tsukikage let her go. She's gambling on her... She will observe Maya and Ayumi until the new "Kurenai Tennyo" is born!

The TV drama Maya will take part in is titled "The brightness of the sky". It will broadcasted starting from the next Spring.

The story takes place in the Meiji Era, and talks about the adventures of a man during the cultural revolution. It is set in Tokyo, in Hokkaido, in Yokohama, in America, in Russia, in England...
A village samurai has 4 children; one of them, Heishiro Mori (performed by Tetsu Kawamura), is a rascal. He doesn't get on well with his father and stepmother, so he runs away from home to Tokyo. He meets a rich land lord Hachiro Uemon Mitsuhashi, who puts him in Toyo Osagawara's school, specializing in wang yang-ming philosphy. Even if he's not a good student, his teacher understands there is something special in him: the energy of a new era. After 3 years Heishiro, who changed his name into Shin, leaves together with a doctor specialized in Western medicine, Tobee Ono. In Yokohama, a turning point in Shin's life. The man sees for the first time Westerners and steam boats; he meets the woman of his life, Orin (whose real name is Kaede Muramatsu, daughter of a daimyo, and who will performed by Utako Himekawa), and Orin's enemies: count Tanuma and his sons: Mitsuru and Satoko. Maya will perform Satoko Tanuma, an independent, brave, emancipated and open-minded noble girl, interested in the cultural revolution: she will move to a foreign country.

The TV world is completely new to Maya. Everything is so fast! She hasn't understood her character yet. But there are also many other new things! For example, there is a sponsor behind the TV drama: it's Nikko Electronics. Maya has to be careful even in her private life not to ruin the sponsor's image, and she has to represent Nikko Electronics at every interview! Her friends treat her differently now... Everything is different! Moreover, she has to learn many things, even traditional dance basics...

Tsukikage visits Masumi and she asks him for the most unexpected favour ever! She wants to hand Maya Kitajima over to Daito. Masumi bursts into laughters! He can't believe it! Maya's teacher herself is making such an offer! He never managed to recruit her himself! Of course he is more than happy. Tsukikage sensei has her own conditions though...

MBA building, rehearsals room. Miss Mizuki enters and shows Maya the contract Tsukikage sensei signed. The sensei will become a teacher of Daito Company! She's still weak, and Maya would be a burden for her... Maya starts crying... It can't be!!!

Skyheights Mansion. Miss Mizuki shows Maya the room where she will live. The girl will have to worry only about acting. She will have private teachers for everything, even to learn good manners, to answer questions at interviews, to create her own style... Mizuki locks her into her room, so that she cannot escape... Maya's schedule is really busy! Mizuki is always with Maya: she drives her and picks her up anytime.

Utako explains Maya that for theatre actors, the rehearsals for a TV drama might be confusing: actors don't follow the story timeline, but they perform single scenes; if there are scenes set in the same place, they are shot one after an other, even if they are distant in the timeline, so that the setting can be used for more than one scene. Maya understand the TV world little by little, though she hasn't understood completely how to perform Satoko. The other actors are very good at changing their moods quickly one after another! Will she manage to be like them?

Maya hasn't signed a contract with Daito yet. To persuade her, Masumi Hayami takes her to Actor's Studio, a school founded by Eisuke Hayami. Many famous artists come from this school! Tsukikage sensei works in this school now! Maya meets the sensei and asks her why she left her in Daito's hands. The woman shouts at her that she's too selfish: everyone is alone! And there's an other candidate for "Kurenai Tennyo"; until Maya works for the TV, she will not be allowed to get back to the sensei. Masumi takes Maya to a restaurant to make her sign the contract. The girl can't stop crying! Moreover, Masumi tells her that she will have to lose contact with her old friends: she is going to be a star! Maya is shocked. In that moment, the waiter brings her a purple rose. Masumi is upset: it wasn't him who sent it! Mizuki smiles, and Masumi understands... Maya is encouraged by the purple rose anyway, and she signs.

After driving Maya to say goodbye to her old friends, Mizuki is back at Masumi's office.
Masumi: So, what did you mean ... The purple rose... It was you, wasn't it?
Mizuki: Only the purple rose fan could know that! Finally you have admitted it... Funny, isn't it? The young director of Daito Art Production... Who thinks only of business, the heartless man who trusts nobody, who has never loved anyone... Is in love... With that little girl!
Masumi is shocked: it's ridiculous!
Mizuki: You are ridiculous! Don't tell me you're just a fan! You always worry for her! You are in love with her!
Masumi denies everything: Maya is 11 years younger than him! She's just a little girl!
Mizuki shouts at him: So what? You're always using this as an excuse! You love her!
Masumi yells to shut up. But Mizuki goes on:
What would happen if she finds out? And how about the other actresses and emplyoees?
Masumi slaps Mizuki on the face. He immediately apologizes.
Nevermind. That girl will grow up soon, reaching the right age to love...
Masumi is astonished.
Am I in love with that girl?

"The memory of rainbow".

Daito Art Production. Mizuki takes Maya to a press conference. She will have to wear Satoko's costume. And she will not be alone: Ayumi will hold the press conference together with Maya! Ayumi will act in a TV drama as well. It's the Teito TV Drama "The memory of rainbow" which will be broadcasted in Spring, like "The brightness of the sky".

It's a thriller. Ayumi will perform the leading role, a girl who has an amnesia after an accident. A family takes care of her, and wants to persuade her that she had a past which never existed. Yoji, the man who ran down her while she was walking in the fog, is trying to help her bringing her memories back. The girl falls in love with Yoji, but he is already engaged. The more things the girl remembers, the more unexpected facts happens...

The Teito TV Drama will be broadcasted at 9 p.m., while the other at 8 p.m. The competition between the two candidates for "Kurenai Tennyo" has just started!

First love.

Maya is learning how to perform Satoko little by little. During the rehearsals, she meets an other actor. It's Shigeru Satomi, the popular teenage star. He will debut in the 6th episode, playing Takeshi Iwamoto, a man who will kidnap Satoko because his father was killed by a foreigner who is protected by Satoko's father. This is Shigeru's first time in a period drama! The boy is very kind and cheerful, and his smile is enchanting...

Satomi is extremely kind to Maya. He encourages her, he is always so friendly! He even eats a piece of cream puff which Maya left! Maya feels weird everytime she sees him... During the shooting of the kidnapping scene, the girl can't move. She looks at Shigeru and blushes! Then she runs away crying and locks herself in the bathroom. Mizuki reprimands her: she took Satoko's mask off!
Maya apologizes with the other actors, but she can't act any longer. Maya can't concentrate on the scripts. She thinks of Satomi every time! Shigeru's crazy fans, who always follow him, are jealous. Shigeru even defended Maya and rejected them! One day they follow Maya in the bathroom. They threaten her to ruin her face with a razor blade: she has to leave Satomi to them; they all know she is in love with Satomi! Maya is upset:
Am I in love with Satomi?

At Teito TV Studios, Ayumi is doing her best performing Seiko, the heroine of the story. During a break, she overhears some actors talking about her. Ayumi should interpret a girl in love. But this is her weakness! Her eyes... Her eyes are not the eyes of a girl in love! She has never been in love!
Ayumi is shocked:
Never been in love?


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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