Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 15

Goodbye Susumu!

Ayumi has learnt how to express the feelings of a girl in love, and the newspapers talk too much about her and Susumu. The young actress doesn't need Susumu any longer, and she leaves him. Ayumi is ready for the new Summer play: "Vermilion Horizon", where she will interpret Anya, a rich 18-year old girl who is in love with her uncle. Ayumi gets to the Nittei Theatre for the meeting for the upcoming play. Ken Tagura, who already knows Ayumi and who has worked with Utako several times, will perform Anya's uncle. Ayumi will start dating him to better perform Anya...

Maya rejects Sakurakoji :)

Sakurakoji is informed by Shigeru's fans about Maya's schedule, so he can date Maya when she has a day off. The walk together in the park where Maya used to work on Sundays. Sakurakoji confesses his love to Maya, but the girl can't lie... He's just a good friend for her! And yes, there is someone else... Sakurakoji understands, but he can't be her friend: they have to say goodbye! The boy hugs her tight and runs away. Maya cries... She is sorry for him...
Sakurakoji doesn't want to date other girls, he wants to be a good actor so that the next time he meets Maya they will be rivals on stage. There's a girl who keeps observing him...

"The White Jungle".

Studio 28. The shooting for the Summer movie "The White Jungle" starts.

There's a legend about a fairy kingdom in the jungle, where everything is as white as pearls: flowers, plants, animals... An expedition leaves to find if this place really exists, but only one of the group members comes back, and he dies as soon as he arrives; anyway there's a white plant in his hand, which glows in the dark! So, that place exists! But once you enter it, you can't go back...
Mio Fujimura is a young girl, happy, cheerful, talkative, careless, but also brave and adventurous. She joins an other expedition to find her father, who was the leader of the previous group. She believes he's alive.

Maya loves this new character. She feels she can play Mio better than Satoko! The girl is shown the magnificent settings which have been prepared for the shootings. She can't believe what she is seeing! The movie studios are even more interesting than the TV studios!
Norie Otobe visits Maya at the studio. She wants to watch the shooting. Mizuki suspects there is something behind that weird girl's too nice behaviour...

Satomi's feelings for Maya. Masumi's jealousy.

"The White Jungle" screening.
Maya will perform the heroine, and she is very popular at the ceremony. Masumi Hayami talks to her, and she clumsily tries to answer him politely, making him laugh.
A bouquet of purple roses is delivered to Maya:
Congratulation for the completion of the movie. It's like a dream for me to see you on the big screen! Do your best performing Satoko as well. I'll always follow you. Your fan
Maya is very happy. Masumi smiles, picks a rose and puts it in Maya's collar: It suits you perfectly!

Hey! There's Ryuko Yamazaki at the party! Masumi is informed that she hired private investigators to find the sly things Daito did to give Maya the role in the movie. Moreover, the woman wants to tell the press and the critics bad things about Maya's acting. Masumi knows what to do: he turns his enemy into an alley. He offers her to be Japan's representative in Muze Cosmetics commercial, which will be shooted abroad. And also he promises the woman other roles in important movies. The woman is flattered, and she is not dangerous any longer: she makes many compliments to Maya for her performance!
Norie Otobe is at the ceremony too... Mizuki is more and more worried!
Suddendly Shigeru arrives. He came right after his movie shooting. He came for Maya. The reporter asks him if he is interested in Maya.
Satomi: Yes. I like her!
Reporters: As a sister?
Satomi: Not as a sister, not as a friend. I love her.
It's a scoop! Masumi is astonished. Maya can't speak. The 2 young actors stare at each other. The reporters ask Maya about her feelings. Mizuki would like to talk instead of Maya, but Masumi stops her. Maya remembers Mizuki's warnings but... She can't help admitting:
I like him
Satomi is very happy. Maya was avoiding him, and he guessed that Mizuki was the responsible for Maya's behaviour. So he asks Mizuki in public if he can date Maya and if they can spend the Summer vacations together: he has nothing to hide! Mizuki can't help giving him permission...
Masumi Hayami is holding a glass in his hand. At Maya's words, he starts holding the glass tighter and tighter: he crushes it!
Why? Am I jealous? Me? What a shame!
Mizuki observes him...

In the park a young actress and some men working for a production house talk about Maya. The actress has to ruin Maya as soon as possible, and if she succeed she will be promoted as a new star...

Maya and Satomi spend the Summer holidays together. Maya is very happy. It's the first time she's felt so good for something which is not theatre!

Back to work! Maya's and Shigeru's schedules are extremely busy, and the 2 try to meet each other at every break between a shooting and an other... Mizuki is thoughtful. Their relationship will bring troubles... Shigeru's fans are against Maya... They have to be separated!

Norie Otobe's identity.

Maya's popularity increases with the Meiji Era Party, the Meiji Village, but also with autograph sessions, and visits to the setting of "The white Jungle" built in a park...
An announcement from Daito: The next play, "Shangrila" will be on stage at Daito Theatre in September! Maya will perform the leading character, the immortal shaman Leera!

Norie Otobe is always there, following Maya everywhere. She even asks Maya to be her assistant!
Masumi Hayami hires some investigators, and finally it is found out that Norie Otobe is actually Suzuko Tashiro, a talented actress from Kumamoto, who got awards and nominees, and who is actually very beautiful; she comes from a noble family and she is very good at school. It's 3 months she has left school. Why is she hiding her identity that way?
In the meantime, Norie/Suzuko is in the dressing room. Finally we can see her beautiful face! She puts on Satoko's costume and she looks at herself in the mirror...
When Mizuki sees Norie again, she tells her that she knows everything. The girl starts crying ans saying that she just ran away from home because she wants to act, while if she is sent back home she will be forbidden to go on acting. Maya believes her, and she accepts her by her side. Mizuki doesn't believe her, but she can't say anything...

Masumi protects Maya from Shigeru's fans.

MBA TV Studios. After the shootings Maya is informed that Shigeru is waiting for her in the parking garage. But when Maya gets to the garage, Shigeru isn't there: Shigeru's fans show up. They have cutters and razor blades: they want to injure Maya! Luckily Masumi arrives in time and saves Maya! He tells the crazy fans that he knows everything about them, and he can make them be expelled by their schools. He lets them go because they are girls, but if they try again...
Masumi uses his handkerchief to clean out the dirt from Maya's face. Luckily the girl is not badly injured... Satomi arrives, and Masumi pushes Maya away to him.
Take better care of your princess, knight! Your fans did that. I threatened them, so I don't think they will show up any longer. But if this girl is injured because of you, you'll have to deal with me!
Shigeru is upset. He notices the handkerchief on the ground, and even if Maya tells him that Masumi Hayami in only interested in protecting Daito's products, he can't believe that Hayami jr. in person acted that way without a reason...

"Kurenai Tennyo"s love.

Maho Koji Recital. Maya is going to the show with Satomi, and they meet Ayumi who is there with Ken Taguchi. Chigusa Tsukikage arrives together with Masumi Hayami and Onodera. She talks to the girls. She smiles at them, who are both with a boyfriend. She asks Ayumi if she is training for the part of a girl in love again... She understood what Ayumi is doing! Anyway, the sensei congratulates with both the girls. All their experiences will be treasured for "Kurenai Tennyo"! One day, they will have to perform the goddess' love!


At Skyheight Mansion, Mizuki is given an other letter for Maya. It's the tenth letter by Rei and friends. Mizuki asked the reception to hide those letters away from Maya: she doesn't want Maya to be in contact with her old friends! Mizuki tears the letter into pieces. Rei, Sayaka and the others wonder if Maya is so busy that she cannot even answer a short message once. They even invited her to their plays!
Rei has an idea: They will go to Skyheight Mansion in person and they will give Maya a ticket for their last show!
When they arrive, the concierge is embarassed. He phones to Mizuki who makes him say Maya doesn't know them; in the same moment Rei notices the last letter they sent, in pieces in the trash can. They go away. The Maya they used to know doesn't exist any longer...
Later Maya sees a paper plane a kid made with the poster of Tsukikage's Theatre Show! She finally finds out what Mizuki did to her! Maya goes to her old friend's first show, but she ruins it: in fact, all the people in the audience recognize her and they are more interested in her than in the play... Rei tells Maya to get away and not to show up any loger! Maya feels so sad! Did she do anything wrong?

Haru Kitajima's death.

Masumi is talking to his informer. Maya's mother will be kept hidden from the public until the premiere of "Shangrila", in Autumn. The meeting of Maya and Haru will be a great promotion! There's no pity in business... And still, Masumi Hayami feels something...

Fukui Hospital, Nagano. Haru understands there is something weird. She can't talk to anyone but doctors and nurses, she can't listen to the TV or the radio... During the night, while looking for a nurse to ask for some more medicines, Haru overhears Masumi's informer talking to the doctor: the woman now knows the truth!
Haru manages to go away from the hospital. After walking in the wood in the rain, she arrives to a road. She loses her wallet, but luckily a truck driver gives her a lift. He's very worried for the woman's health conditions. She is blind, she coughs and she has a high temperature! The man offers Haru some money, and some food. She asks him about Maya Kitajima: the truck driver is a fan of hers! Haru feels so happy!
Haru wants to go to Tokyo at any cost, though the truck driver stops in front of an hospital. While the kind man enters the hospital to ask for help, Haru escapes. She wanders in the rain by the streets, until she understand she is in front of a cinema by some people's comments: "The white Jungle" is shown! Haru enters the cinema. She can't see Maya but she can hear her voice. She feels so happy that she can't help crying! She thinks of her days with her little girl... Haru is really proud of Maya. She dies happy during the show.

Tokyo, MTV Studio. Maya is playing Satoko, she is doing great! Norie is thinking that a moment will come when she will take Maya's place. Mizuki is informed that Maya's mother has been found: she will have to tell the girl that her mother is dead...


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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