Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 14

Ayumi practices falling in love.

Teito TV studios. Ayumi is shocked. She has never suspected that she could have a weakness as an actress! What can she do to understand Seiko's feelings?
There's a guy, Susumu Hazama, from Sujin Theatre. He's a low ranked actor, playing small roles on TV sometimes. He will just have to deliver sake to Seiko's house in the whole series. But he is so nervous that he keeps reading the script! Ayumi approaches him and talks to him: Susumi looks so clumsy and embarassed! Since that day, Ayumi makes him believe she is interested in him: she always talks to him, she asks him to walk together to the subway, she even watch him play his little role... Ayumi can see Susumi's loving eyes... She gets even more beautiful than ever! Ayumi's performance as Seiko in love gets better and better: even her partner, the actor performing Yoji, wonders if she is acting or not!

Maya's busy schedule.

Daito Art Production. Masumi Hayami is being reported about Maya Kitajima's promotion schedule for the following year. Two months before the broadcasting of the TV drama "The brightness of the sky", she will promoted by the mass media: photos and articles will be on magazines and newspapers. Then, Maya will be testimonial of a big advertising campaign for Nikko Electronics: posters of Satoko advertising Nikko products will be displayed in the most crowded places, and they will distributed in the stores and together with magazines. In the first 10 days of April, Matsukoshi department stores will hold a Meiji Era Party, and Maya will be a guide. In May, during the Golden Week, tourists and fans who visit the Meiji Village will have a photo with Maya and other actors taken. In the Summer, Maya will star in an action safari movie, "The White Jungle", which will be shot starting from March. Furthermore, Maya will perform as a support actress in several plays at Daito Theatre. Finally, she will appear also in other talk-shows and TV shows.

Masumi is also investigating about Maya's family. One of his informers tells him about Haru: they know where she is! Masumi wants to keep everything secret for the moment: the reporters will talk a lot about Maya's mother missing, and this will be a great publicity! In the meantime, Haru doesn't have to hear anything about Maya...
Masumi feels bad. Maya would hate him if she knew what he is doing... Even if he is ruthless president of Daito, he feels so sad...

Maya's crush.

Mizuki calls Masumi. She asks to be Maya's manager. She has to handle her: the girl is in love! Masumi is shocked. He pretends he is indifferent:
It happens when you grow up... Is it that Sakurakoji?
It's not Sakurakoji, but that teen idol... Shigeru Satomi...

At MBA studios, Maya keeps improving her performance. Anyway, there is still that scene which Maya couldn't play to shoot: it's the scene where Satoko and Takeshi Iwatomo get into a big argument... They try many times, but Maya cannot play Satoko in that scene. The movie director gets mad! Maya will perform alone in an other room...
Maya keeps crying alone in the room. Mizuki can't believe she is the same girl who overcame all those difficulties...
The scene must be shot, Maya has to put Satoko's mask on! Satomi keeps being kind to her, and he makes her understand that he is not angry at all... Maya doesn't want to disappoint him, and she doesn't want to look stupid in his eyes. Finally, she concentrates and she can play Satoko in the kidnapping scene!

Mizuki introduces to Maya the schedule for a year. It will be a very busy year! But then she will be a star. Moreover, Maya is forbidden to fall in love with Shigeru. She cannot make any scandals; she will not have a private life any longer!

Maya's enemies.

Maya is very busy: besides the MBA TV drama, she has many interviews, photoshoots, etc.
The more popular the girl becomes, the more enemies she has:
First off, Satomi's crazy fans always follow and observe her... Then, an actress hates her because many scenes where she would have acted were cut off, to give more room to Satoko... Moreover, the famous actress Ryuko Yamazaki has appeared in Nikko's advertisements for 8 years, and she has just been replaced with Maya. She got furious, and she cut off all connections with Nikko Electronics... Last but not least, the fan club of the singer Mari Tomoe got mad because the heroine of "The white jungle" should have been Mari's first role in a movie!
Maya and Mizuki find the Daito car damaged and a threatening letter from Mari's fans!
Mizuki advices Maya: she will have to keep her eyes wide open! Maya is upset: she didn't realize that behind the light on her, there is a dark shadow...
A bad trick is played to Maya during the film recording: some glass shards are hidden in the cake she has to eat, so that her tongue and gums are wounded. Nobody knows who's the responsible for this, but many people look happy... Masumi asks Mizuki to watch over Maya carefully...

A new character appears: it's Norie Otobe from Kumamoto. It's a weird girl, she is very noisy and she wears old-style clothes. She has a long fringe covering her eyes. She will play a little part in the MBA TV drama. She looks very happy to meet Maya!

Finally the first episode of the TV drama is broadcasted! Maya's friends from Tsukikage company watch every episode, and Sakurakoji and her family too.
Both the TV dramas, the one starring Ayumi Himekawa and the one starring Maya Kitajima are very popular. Tsukikage sensei watch them and observes the two candidates...

Other bad tricks are played to Maya during the TV drama recording. Someone put a razor blade in the collar of Satoko's costume, which Maya has to wear: luckily the girl is just slightly wounded. Someone tore her posters into pieces and stuck them on the bathroom wall. But Maya will not lose; they will not frighten her. She loves acting more than everything else! The girl is ready for a new scene shooting!
This time Satoko is on a ship. She has to climb the mast up to the top and sit on one of the horizontal masts. As soon as Maya gets to the horizontal mast and tries to sit on it, it tilts under Maya's weight: wasn't it properly fixed? Everyone is upset: the young actress is hanging on the mast, moreover there is a blackout and the exit door is locked! Someone has to help Maya! And Shigeru is the man!
In the meantime, Yuu Sakurakoji arrives at the theatre to watch the shooting (with Mr. Kawashima's permission) and Masumi Hayami comes see the shooting too. They are informed about what is happening inside the studio 105, and the door is locked!
When Masumi with Mizuki and Sakurakoji manage to enter (the door is no locked any longer), the light is back: Shigeru and Maya are embracing on the top of the mast! Both Masumi and Sakurakoji are upset! The climb down the mast; Shigeru holds Maya's hands tight, but when Sakurakoji approaches he leaves them alone. Sakurakoji wants to see her again when she is free... But Maya is very embarassed... She says she is busy and she runs away. She is sorry for Yuu, but... She loves Shigeru!
Shigeru's crazy fans saw everything; they tell the boy about Maya's feelings:
...But don't worry, we're on your site... And we will help you!

Masumi and Mizuki investigate on what happened. The screw holding the balance of the mast was for some reason loose, but it was checked before the shooting! Also someone must have turned off the lights from the control panel, it was not a blackout!
Norie Otobe is hidden, she is listening to the conversation. Masumi notices her, and she just steps out carrying a tray with some cups of tea. Later, she tells Maya and anyone in studio what she heard!

An other shooting day at MBA TV Studios. It's a special day, because there are many reporters taking photos and writing articles. Someone thinks this is the perfect day to destroy Maya... Many surprises are prepared for Maya... During the shooting, Maya finds some super-glue in the comb she has to use, some pepper in the towel she has to dry her face with, and then a bucket of water falls on her head while she enters the room-inside setting. Enough is enough. Even if everybody laughs at her and she is cutting a bad figure, she asks the movie director to go on. Even if she is dripping wet, she can perform the scene without changing the script. The director accepts... And Maya shows everyone her talent. Her enemies are disappointed: they understimated her! Norie Otobe tells them about Maya's previous experiences, she is very informed about Maya...
In her dressing room, Mari Tomoe talks to the president of her fan club...

Maya has to play a difficult scene. Satoko has just found out that the little 6-year old Ofuku, which is dead, was actually her half-sister: her father had her with a servant and she was always treated like a servant. Satoko takes the tedamas (cloth-balls) which her sister loved to play with, and starts juggling them singing a nursery rhyme. This is Satoko's goodbye to her little sister.
While practicing with the cloth-balls, Maya sees Mari, and she apologizes for taking Satoko's role.
Mari, I am sorry for the movie thing. I didn't know you were nominated for the part. Even if I am not as good as you, I will do my best! I love acting...
Mari doesn't say a word and goes away...
It's time to shoot the scene! Satoko starts juggling the cloth-balls... And they! Someone cut the thread of all the cloth-balls! An other trick? Maya is determined to go on with the scene. She will use some tangerines! Maya's performance is very touching: she even cries for real, without needing eye-drops! Nobody can doubt about Maya's talent!
Mari is watching the shooting; her fans asked her to come see the show. She understands that her fans sabotaged the cloth-balls! She gets mad at them!
Later, in her dressing room Maya gets a visit. It's Mari with her fan club. The fans apologize for writing the threatening letter and for sabotaging the cloth-balls, and Mari congratulates with her for her great performance; she even wishes Maya good luck for the next movie, "The white jungle"!
Maya is overjoyed! Mari is a good person! But... Who is responsible for the other bad tricks? Who else want to hurt her?


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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