Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 20

Meeting Hijiri Karato.

The play "My invention n.707, my darling Olampia" has been a success. Not only the audience, but also the members of the Hitotsuboshi Drama Club have no doubt: Maya made the play a big success. That girl is better than all of them! The president of the Drama Club congratulates with Maya: with this performance, the girl has cleared her bad name! Nobody cares about her past now... The president of the club apologizes with Maya for envying her; now all the members of the club believe she deserved the Prize of the Japanese Academy of Art Festival. The other actors clap their hands. Maya is happy and moved!
Some purple roses are delivered to Maya... Her purple rose fan saw her! He's sending her purple roses again! She missed him so much! But... Did anyone see who brought them? This time, Maya is lucky: a girl saw who gave the roses to the hall porter. The two girls follow that man... He's a tall man, wearing a long coat... Maya shouts:
Purple rose fan! Please wait! Is it you? Is it you who keep sendind me purple roses?
The man turns, and we can see he's an handsome man [but he is not Masumi Hayami :)]. Maya express her gratitude to him; she thought he was older! The man interrupts her:
It's not me. I brought the roses here, but the one who sent them is an other person...
Maya is upset... She thought she had finally met her admirer! The poor girl starts crying. Then she realizes that that man has to know her purple rose fan, so she asks him questions about the mysterious admirer. Who is he? Why is he so kind? The young man cannot say much:
He's a very special person. He has never admired anyone so far. He's a passionate fan of yours. His biggest dream is that you become a succesful actress soon, and he will encourage you in every possible way. I can't tell you more, neither his age, nor occupation, nor his name.
But Maya would really like to know how to contact him: her purple rose fan is the first person she would like to inform about her shows, and her biggest dream is to invite him to her performance, when she is a famous actress playing in a big theatre!
In the meantime, the other girl understands it's better to leave them alone. The man gives Maya a notebook page with his name and telephone number. His name is Hijiri Karato. He makes Maya promise that she will never investigate about him or about the purole rose fan, and that if she sees him in public she will pretend she doesn't know him...

Later, at Elshid Theatre, Hijiri meets Masumi. He gives him a detailed report about Maya's last performance. Maya had a big success. But Masumi isn't happy. At the moment, Ayumi with her "Juliet" is much better than Maya... Ayumi is even candidate to the Arts Grand Award! Hijiri tells Masumi that he revealed Maya his name. Masumi is shocked...
Don't worry, your secret is safe. Let me be the connection between you and that girl. This will not bother you. The girl is looking for contact with you, and I can be of help not to have her investigating on you. Mr. Masumi, Maya Kitajima's biggest dream is to invite her purple rose fan to a show of hers in a big theatre one day
Masumi is upset...
I'm... Honoured...

But... Who is Hijiri Karato? He is Daito's 'shadow' man. Nobody knows him but Eisuke and Masumi Hayami. 20 years before, Hijiri's father went bankrupt and tried suicide with gas. His wife and daughter died, while he and Hijiri survived, but lost their social status. Since that day, Eisuke Hayami let them work for Daito; he paid them for medical expenses and for Hijiri's studies. Hijiri is very grateful to the Hayamis for giving his father and him a chance. He is a very loyal and trustworthy employe.

Ayumi's Juliet.

Underground Theatre. Maya is helping the guys of Tsukikage and Unicorn company to prepare things for the new show they are going to perform. A limousine stops by. It's Masumi Hayami! As usual, Maya's welcome is not too kind... He came to give Maya back her cute strawberry-patterned umbrella. And to thank her, he invites her to the theatre: there's "Juliet" by Ayumi on stage in a few minutes! It's almost impossible to find the tickets, but he managed to get 2 tickets (even though they will have to watch the performance standing up)! Maya refuses.
Masumi: If the problem is me, I can just take you to the theatre...
Maya: No, I don't want to see Ayumi's performance!
Masumi: Are you afraid of Ayumi? Face it! Don't you want to see with your eyes what the other candidate to "Kurenai Tennyo" is able to do?... Or, do you think you are so talented that neither Ayumi nor anyone else could make you worry?
Sayaka would like to defend Maya, but Rei stops her. Maya is angry, but she accepts to go. Masumi will take Maya back home, and Rei thanks him. Sayaka can't believe Rei let Maya go with him... But Rei understood Masumi's intention. She explains Sayaka and the other actors that it's for Maya's sake only that he invited her to Ayumi's play... Even if he has an unpleasant and thankless role... He acts like that for Maya... Behind his apparent coldness, hides his kindness... The other guys hardly believe it...

Maya and Masumi get to the theatre. Ayumi's "Juliet" has just started. They will have to watch it standing up. Ayumi's pantomime is something sublime. She first mimes a skylark and then Juliet. She dances with such a grace! She has much improved since the last time Maya saw her! Maya starts trembling: she hardly stand up! Suddendly, she gets hold of Masumi's arm... Masumi startle, but then he doesn't move.
Ayumi's solo performance is amazing. Without scenography, and thanks only to her pantomime, Ayumi shows the soul of a teenager in love who becomes a mature woman. Every detail of her interpretation is perfect.
At the end of the show, Maya is still grabbing Masumi's arm. She is still staring at the stage, and tears well up...
The theatre is empty. Maya hasn't moved yet.
Masumi talks to her:
If you still need my arm, we can start walking arm-in-arm!
Maya realizes what she is doing... She gets away from him...
I'm honoured that during the show you relied on me...
Maya can't believe it... During the whole show? She has grabbed his arm for so long? Anyway, the girl hardly stand up. She is really upset! She asks Masumi not to bring her home but to Actor's Studio. She needs to talk to Tsukikage!

Actor's Studio. Masumi and Maya visit Tsukikage sensei. Maya needs her help. She saw Ayumi, and she wonders how she could ever reach her up to "Kurenai Tennyo"... Maya is not self-confident. She needs Tsukikage to supervise her rehearsals, even for a little while... Tsukikage sensei accepts: Maya have to rehearse in that moment, in that room. She will perform the Ayumi's Juliet she has just watched at the theatre.
In the meantime, Ayumi arrives at Actor's Studio. She has to talk to Tsukikage sensei! She is informed that Tsukikage has received a visit, but she goes find Tsukikage... Ayumi doesn't enter the room, but she watches what's happening inside. Maya accepted to perform Ayumi's Juliet, but her technique is definitely inferior. Her movements lack grace, she can't control her body as Ayumi does. She even falls down after jumping. Tsukikage criticizes her and laugh at her, and extols Ayumi. But Maya goes on with her Juliet. Suddendly she arises; she plays Juliet who's watching the skylark fly away. The expression on her face is different from Ayumi's expression in that scene. Ayumi is surprised. Moreover, Maya talks to the skylark with her hands joined behind her back. Tsukikage stops her and ask her why she did that. Maya is embarassed... She just felt that Juliet doesn't feel free, and she envies the skylark who has wings and who can fly away. While thinking that she cannot fly, Juliet joined her hands behind her back... Ayumi is upset: to envy the skylark... Tsukikage smiles. She says that compared to Ayumi's refined interpretation, Maya's Juliet seems an amateur performance.
In that moment, Ayumi enters the room clapping her hands. Maya is shocked. She realizes that Tsukikage was waiting for Ayumi, then she asked Maya to perform Juliet! Ayumi tells her that she it's an honour that she interpreted her Juliet, but Maya is so embarassed that she runs away. Masumi follows her. The girl is in front of Actor's studio; she can't stop crying. She is so ashamed of herself! Ayumi saw her clumsy performance!
On the other hand, Ayumi thinks that maybe Maya is inferior to her only as far as technique... Ayumi is afraid of Maya's talent...
Masumi asks the chauffeurs to drive Maya home. Now he is alone with Tsukikage and they talk about what happened. As Masumi expected, Tsukikage asked Maya to perform Juliet so that the girl could realize what her limits are. What does the sensei think about the 2 candidates? Ayumi has more chances than Maya: unlike Maya, she's got fighting spirit and self-confidence. And she is beautiful, and she shows grace at every movement... She will be a perfect "Kurenai Tennyo"! Masumi is shocked! Tsukikage adds that Maya needs drastic measures... What does she mean? Masumi is worried. He asks Tsukikage what she thinks of Maya's talent. The sensei burst into laughters:
Maya Kitajima... Is a genius...

Ayumi wins the Arts Festival Grand Award!

Tsukikage sensei sent some men to pick Maya up and take her to Academy Arts Festival Award-giving. Ayumi won the Grand Award for her "Juliet"! She wants Maya at the ceremony, because she has something important to say about "Kurenai Tennyo"!
Maya and Rei arrive at the ceremony. The reporters are all for Ayumi, the youngest actress ever who won the Grand Award. When Maya enters the room, many people are surprised. Why is she there? Ayumi walks towards her. Maya's congratulations are the most appreciated ones for her.
Tsukikage sensei has something to announce: The actress who will perform "Kurenai Tennyo" is... Ayumi Himekawa!
What a scoop! Maya turns paler and paler.
But... There is one more chance for Maya. In 2 years, she has to win either the same Grand Award as Ayumi's or the National Drama Association First Prize. If she doesn't win, or if she gives up, or if something happens to the sensei, well, Ayumi Himekawa will perform "Kurenai Tennyo" and she will have the royalties!
Maya is shocked. She asks Masumi Hayami the requirements to win one of those awards: it sounds very hard... Nobody thinks Maya can do that...
Maya is going away with Rei. But Ayumi follows her. She seizes her hand:
I will wait for you for 2 years! In the meantime, if you lose heart, I will never forgive you! If you give up, I will scorn you!... Do you understand? I am sure you will compete with me for "Kurenai Tennyo"!
Some friends of Ayumi's ask her what she is saying. "Kurenai Tennyo" is hers!
No! It is not mine in those 2 years! I can't perform it that way! Until I compare myself with that girl to find out I am superior, I can't really perform it! The actress who can perform "Kurenai Tennyo" is only one in the whole Japan! Until I have a rival, I would be ashamed of myself!
Her friends object that that girl is not a rival...
Do you really think that? I have never thought I could beat her... And 3 times she made me feel beaten!

Goodbye School!

Diploma Ceremony at Hitotsuboshi High School.
Some time before, Hijiri met Maya in the headmaster's office; he offered her a chance to go the the University, but the girl prefers to stop studying. Anyway, she asked Hijiri to come to the Diploma Ceremony, because she would give him something for the purple rose fan...
At the Diploma Ceremony, Maya meets Hijiri and gives him her diploma and her class photo. It's her way to show gratitude to her fan!
The girl is a little melancholy. She will miss her friends and her plays in the old shed! While visiting the old shed for the last time, Hiroko Kusaki and Hiroshi Yoshizawa reach her. And then a lot of students gather and clap their hands to Maya. They will miss her plays! It's a touching moment. The young actress is so moved!

Ayumi could not be at Seika Institute for the Diploma Ceremony, she was busy with some shootings. Anyway a teacher kept it for her. Some days later, the girl has a day off. She has to go to the school to get her diploma and then to Ondine Company to move to the Juvenile Section in Harajuku. Her parents are very busy with their jobs, so the girl visits them at their studios.
After school, Ayumi will go to the University.
During this relaxing day, Ayumi thinks about her life. She has been always flattered and cuddled by everyone and she grew up very self-confident. But when she was 5, she was selected for a TV commercial while among the candidates there was an extremely beautiful little girl. There was no doubt Ayumi was selected only thanks to her family name. Since that moment, Ayumi has always made every effort to be number one in everything: school, sport, whatever. But she has always done her best to show that she deserves what she gets. One day, she heard her parents and Onodera talk about Kurenai Tennyo. Even if she was a child, she decided that she would become a talented actress, and that she would perform "Kurenai Tennyo": this would be the only way to show the world her real ability...
Ayumi knows that she has always tried hard to get excellent results. She has always been considered a genius, but the true genius is Maya Kitajima! Until she wins in a fair competition, "Kurenai Tennyo" doesn't mean anything for her... That's why she will wait for her for the following 2 years... Maya, her only rival...


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