Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 21

A midsummer night's dream.

At the Underground Theatre, the Tsukikage Company and the Unicorn Company perform the comedy "Frankenstein's first love". Maya helps them and watches the play, but she can't act with them yet. While celebrating the success of the last show, the leader of Unicorn Company tells the other actors that if they keep playing in the Underground Theatre, they will have always the same audience and they will not improve much. It's time to perform in a big theatre! A good point to start from is Atene Theatre, which is located in a crowded resort, 20 minutes by train, next to Kichijo Temple. The two companies go to this place, but the director of Atene Theatre tells them that only popular high-rated companies are accepted. Maya and friends go to the near park (I Park, next to the Kichijo Temple) to relax. They have to find an other place where they can put on stage their next play.

This time they are going to perform "A midsummer night's dream", the famous play by Shakespeare.
It's a complex story set in Athens. It involves 2 couples: Hermia and Lysander, and Helena and Demetrius. Both the men are in love with Hermia, who loves Lysander. Hermia's father doesn't allow her to marry Lysander. Helena loves Demetrius. These relationships get even more complicated since the 4 enter the fairyland's woods, where the King and Queen of the Fairies (Oberon and Titania) argue. Oberon instructs his impish servant Puck to bring him magic love drops, which Oberon will sprinkle in the Queen's eyes as she sleeps: Titania will fall in love with the first creature she sees when she wakes up. Later, Oberon tells Puck to place the magic drops on the eyes of Demetrius as well, so that Demetrius may fall in love with Helena. But Puck makes a mistake and Lysander falls in love with Helena. A lot of characters appear, a lot of spells are cast, but in the end Oberon gives the antidote to Titania, and they reconcile, and he adjusts everything: Lysander loves Hermia and Demetrius loves Helena. The last scene is Puck's famous soliloquy, where he apologizes with the public in case they didn't enjoy the show, and asks them to pretend it was just a dream.

Maya can't resist any longer. She asks Rei if she can take part in the play. Rei expected it... She will ask Tsukikage! All the friends are happy to have her with them and the leader of Unicorn Company assigns the roles. Rei will perform Lysander (she's always very popular among girls!), the leader of Unicorn company will perform Oberon and Mina Titania (their last performance as two in love was quite likely...), Sayaka will be Hermia, Keiko Inomiya, the only girl of unicorn Company, will be Helena. Puck, the most famous character and the most difficult to play, will be interpreted by Maya! The girl is very happy!
But, they need a theatre. In the park Maya notices an open-air theatre: a open-air stage and some parkbenches for the audience. A theatre in the park, among the trees... What a perfect setting for "A midsummer night's dream"! Moreover, it's near the railway station, it's easy to reach, there are a lot of people around... Those people are different from the audience of the Underground Theatre! Everybody agrees with her. The leader of Unicorn Company asks the park keepers for permission, and he obtains it!
Rei calls Tsukikage who allows Maya to play with them! The sensei will also visit them during the rehearsals to help them. Tsukikage wants Maya to learn to move like Puck. She must be light and agile, she has to train hard to have quick reflexes. To obtain this, Maya must have a special training for an hour a day: all her friends will stand up in circle throwing tennis balls to each others. Maya will stand at the centre of the circle, trying to avoid the balls. Rock music must be played during the training: Maya will learn to move her body following the rhythm. As Rei and the others can see, Maya keeps improving.

Sakurakoji vs Shigeru.

Onodera praises Ayumi during a gala night. He is 99% sure that she will perform "Kurenai Tennyo". Ayumi is not that sure:
Did you forget Mr. Onodera? Maya bets everything on that 1%!

At the same party, arrive Sakurakoji and later Shigeru! Everybody finds that Shigeru is not as friendly as he used to be before breaking up with Maya. Shigeru is on the balcony, with melancholy eyes. Sakurakoji follows him and introduces himself. Then, he asks him why he left Maya. Shigeru is upset: how does he dare to ask such a question? Sakurakoji insists: he wants to know if his feelings were so superficial, since he left her so quickly. Shigeru is offended; he loved Maya more than anyone else, but after that accident he was forbidden to have any relationship with her any longer. He tried to contact her, but he never managed to do that. It seemed that Maya accepted to break up without any objection. Only thanks to his six-month shooting in the USA he could recover from his sorrow, and when he got back to Japan it was him who didn't want to see her any longer. Sakurakoji reprimands him: if Maya had chosen him, he would have protected and supported her, no matter what happened; if he had been Shigeru, he wouldn't have accepted to break up that way... Shigeru understands his feelings:
Have you been in love with her?
Sakurakoji: I've been a good friend of hers... Satomi, one day I will become a better actor than you! Much better! You bet!
Sakurakoji goes in and talks to a girl we have already seen before... She always follows Sakurakoji...

Masumi's kindness.

The Director of Atene Theatre is a little worried about the 2 companies he rejected. He has been informed about the awards Maya and Unicorn Company won, and about the succesful plays at the Undergroud Theatre. He goes to I Park to see the rehearsals. He makes fun of them saying that maybe people passing-by are interested in street theatre companies. The young actors and actresses reply that it will be harder to perform in a uncomfortable open-air theatre, since people who are bored immediately get away, but this will be a good test for their talent and skill. On the contrary, people going to Atene Theatre pay an expensive ticket and they remain till the end of the show even if it's not interesting. What? The director of Atene Theatre says that if they ever manage to have a bigger audience than the Atene Theatre in each of the 3 shows, he will recognize their talent. Maya asks him what he means: will he let them put a show on stage in Atene Theatre? The director accepts.
Someone says:
Let me be the witness to this promise!
It's Masumi Hayami! He has been previously informed by Hijiri about the play Maya will perform together with Tsukikage Company and Unicorn Company. Now he is at the park, in perfect time to help Maya and his friends. The director of Atene Theatre is afraid of Masumi Hayami: he knows well that it's better not to be an enemy of Daito! So, he has to keep his promise, in case he loses. The leader of Unicorn Company thanks Masumi, and also Maya is grateful to him. The girl wonders how it is possible that he always knows everything about her and her company...
The benches are for 350-400 persons, while in Atene Theatre 500 persons can be in. They have to do their best to promote their show with posters and fliers.
Masumi Hayami gives them more useful advices: they want to make people watch the show for free, but this way they would make people underestimate them. Moreover, if it's free entrance they cannot be sure that the audience appreciated the play... It would be better to ask for a free offer, which will be mostly given to charity for disabled people. This would be a good promotion also! And the more people likes the play, the more money they will donate!
The leader of Unicorn Company personally thanks him; they will do their best. Maya is confused: it's so kind of a man who is considered cold and unconscientious...
Masumi: I have no by-ends.
Maya: I know, that's why I am surprised.
Masumi laughs a lot. His employes can't believe it.
You're rather frank, chibi-chan. People like you are precious.
Maya: Did I offend you?
Masumi: No way! You tranquillize me. Around me there's only smiling sly foxes who hide their thoughts.
Masumi invites Maya for a boat trip on the park lake. Maya doesn't want to accept, but Masumi starts talking about Tsukikage's health conditions while walking towards the shore, where he can charter an oar-boat. Since the girl still doesn't want to go with him, he picks up her with his arms and puts her into the boat! Masumi's employes decide to pretend they haven't seen anything: nobody would believe them!
Masumi talks to Maya while rowing. He tells her that Tsukikage sensei needs to relax: her health conditions were just an excuse to make Maya follow him... Then he talks about Maya's career as an actress; it's 4 months since Tsukikage made that incredible announcement. She still cannot take part in plays, while Ayumi is a star. How does she feel? If she abandons the competition for "Kurenai Tennyo", Daito will put it on stage sooner, with Ayumi. And they can help Maya to get back to theatre, by giving her other roles in important plays. But Maya would never accept. Ayumi said she will wait for her; Ayumi believes in her: is she gives up, Ayumi will look down on her... Maya would rather die than being scorned by Ayumi! Even if there is only 1% chances to win, Maya will fight for "Kurenai Tennyo" till the last day!
Masumi bursts into laughters:
I knew you would say that!... Ok, we'll have to wait! Do your best! Ayumi would be happy to hear what you said!
Than he asks her about her studies, and so they end up with talking about the mysterious purple rose fan who never abandoned her... Even if he haven't revealed his identity yet, she would love to meet him one day! Masumi gets serious:
There must be a reason if he doesn't reveal his identity, don't you think? What if he was a hateful person?
Maya takes offence at what Masumi said:
It's impossible! Whoever he is, I am sure I would like him... Very much! Even if he were the boss of a gang or a yakuza oyabun, even if the whole world hated him, I would love him! He is a good person... I am sure... Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so nice to me!
Masumi is touched by these words:
So... Even if he were... If he were...
But, he has not the courage to go on. He starts talking about the shining sun... Maya is confused...
The boat trip is over. Masumi thanks Maya for spending some time with him.
Do your best at this show. If you have success, it might be a starting point for your return to the theatre world!
Masumi goes away with his employes. He asks one of them to send a journalist of "Maicho Shinbun" to interview the young actors...

It's time to advertise the performance! Maya and friends are distributing pamphlets by the streets. The director of Atene Theatre makes fun of them, street actors... Then, Maya starts performing Puck, and the other actors follow her perform their characters. Needless to say, they draw people's attention.
Later, they ask shops and restaurants to display their posters.
Moreover, for some reason they are even interviewed by a journalist of the high-rated "Maicho Shinbun"!

"A midsmmer night's dream" will be on stage at Kichijo Temple, I Park. July 10th, 12th, 13th.

"A midsmmer night's dream", Act I.

It's the day of the first show. The actors and actresses are rather anxious, but Maya looks rather relaxed thanks to the atmoshpere in the park: the wind, the trees, the open air... soon the others get calm. Hijiri brings Maya a bunch of purple roses: her fan will watch the show! Maya is happier than ever!
Even if the show will start in an hour, the park is already overcrowded! The audience consists in more than 1400 persons!
Masumi Hayami with the popular playwright Hideharu Hyuga come to watch the show. The reporters who see them are surprised they are there... There must be a reason why Masumi Hayami in interested in this play...
Before the show begins, Maya/Puck presents the shows and the actors, while other actors walk among the benches to collect donations from the audience. Maya throws a purple rose... A little present for her secret admirer...
The audience is involved from the beginning.

The first act has been a success and nobody has gone away. Even if they came mostly to kill time, they are enjoying the show much more than what they expected. The playwright Hideharu Hyuga appreciates the play very much. Mizuki wonders what Masumi Hayami's plans are...
Time to start with the second act!


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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