Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 24

Tsukikage's experiment.

Nittei Theatre. The assigned roles have been announced. It's hard to believe that Ayumi will perform Oligerd and Maya Ardis. Was it a mistake? No, it wasn't. They decided that in this way the play will be more original and interesting. Ayumi smiles and accepts the challenge. Maya is excited. Ayumi is very happy: Maya has changed! She's becoming more self-confident! That's why she has been waiting for her for such a long time!
Ayumi and Maya shake hands. Ayumi tells her that she's glad she finally came back. They will do their best! The other actors are surprised: weren't they rivals?

The crazy fan.

Hotel Cristal, Hakasaka. Gala night for the presentation of a new product of Daito. Maya called Daito to know where she could find Masumi Hayami.
She came just to let Masumi Hayami know that she will perform with Ayumi: even if he tried to destroy her, she passed the audition! Masumi smiles and congratulates with her. He orders some champagne and toasts with her.
Then, he asks her to invite him to the show! He wants her to send him a ticket for a good seat. If he doesn't like her performance, he will go away during the show. If he likes it, he will clap his hands. If he is involved, he will send her roses... It would be a great publicity to receive flowers from Masumi Hayami!
Maya accepts: he will have to send her tons of flowers!
Masumi Hayami is glad:
What colour... Purple is OK?
Mizuki sensei always observes her boss... He didn't really need to be invited by Maya, but he knows that this way Maya will do her best! As usual, he did everything to arouse Maya's fighting spirit!

In a bar, Masumi is drinking alone. The barman asks him what's wrong. He's thinking about a play...
I was thinking of an actress, and of a crazy fan of hers...
Barman: Fans are all crazy; they would do anything to be noticed by their idols, and even if they don't succeed, they would do anything for them!
Masumi smiles: Yes, it happened to me when I was younger. I was crazy... Absolutely crazy...

Sakurakoji's play.

Meiwa Theatre. Sakurakoji is going to perform Armand in "The Lady of the Camelias". Maya received a ticket by mail, and she is sure Sakurakoji sent it. He has not forgotten her...
Maya enjoys the play and notices that Sakurakoji has become even more good looking. She thinks of the time they spent together... Anyway, she has not the courage to talk to him. He leaves some flowers with an anonymous message. Sakurakoji is happy: he knows Maya was there!

Understanding Ardis and Oligerd.

It's difficult for Maya to understand Ardis and for Ayumi to understand Oligerd.
Maya lives an ordinary life, she goes to the supermarket, she does some housework... Even if she studies the life of medieval princesses, she can't understand them...
Ayumi is always revered by her servants in her wonderful house. Even if she closes all the windows in her room to simulate darkness, out of the room she is served as a princess...

After the rehearsals, Maya asks Ayumi to walk together. The two girls talk about their roles. Maya suggests that it's hard for her to be Ardis because she has never been treated as Ardis. Ayumi has got an idea: they will exchange their lives!
Maya will live at Himekawa's and she will be served as if she were Ayumi. Ayumi will live at the Underground Theatre, she will buy herself food and she will sleep on the floor.

At the rehearsals, Ayumi looks more and more tired, gloomy, unapproachable. She is understanding Oligerd little by little. Maya doesn't know how to perform a likely lovable princess. Tsukikage sensei observes them. One day, she tests the girl: they have to accept a cup of tea from their grandmother Hardra as Ardis and Oligerd would do. But they both fail.

Himekawa House. Maya is back. Someone is playing the piano... Maya climbs down the stairs and sees... Masumi Hayami! He is playing the Träumerei by Schumann... He said Utako asked him to visit Ayumi, and Maya informs him about Ayumi's idea. Masumi makes fun of her and tells her she is not good to play Ardis. He goes away slamming the door while Maya is throwing the script at him!
Maya shouts at him from the window that she will be a wonderful Ardis. Masumi laughs a lot:
I can't wait to see such a miracle!

At the rehearsals, Maya's performance looks rather plain. She is worried... Ayumi will surely turn into the main character!
Maya overhears Onodera and Tsukikage talking about the 2 candidates to "Kurenai Tennyo". She realizes that it was the sensei who wanted to exchange the roles for Maya and Ayumi! The girl is upset! She runs after Tsukikage to ask her why she did that. Ayumi joins them: she also wants to know why. Well, it's simple: the play will be much more interesting; moreover, Ayumi has the talent to be Oligerd, and Maya has the talent to be Ardis, it's just that she hasn't realized it yet...

Masumi's help.

Hijiri Karato heard what the sensei said. Maya is not aware of her talent yet! He informs Masumi...
The following day, at Himekawa's house are delivered purple roses for Maya, together with a lot of beautiful presents: shoes, dresses, etc.
Then, Hijiri calls her: her fan wants to encourage her, so he invites her for dinner on the same evening! Maya is shocked! She will meet her purple rose fan!!!

Burm Restaurant. Maya is excited but also anxious. She is going to meet her purple rose fan! The waiter takes her to a reserved room. She is waiting for her mysterious admirer... She put on one of the dresses he sent her...
Masumi Hayami is observing Maya at the room entrance...


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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