Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 26

"The two queens" - Act I.

A big party is held at the court of Lastonia. It's princess Ardis' 13th birthday! Many noble people are invited even from the next kingdoms, and they bring a lot of wonderful presents. They all want to see Ardis: she is said to be one of the most beautiful, sweet and graceful girls ever. The 24-year old Yurijes Ransberui, far relative of the King, who left Lastonia many years before, has come back. He has been abroad and he could see his country's situation from different points of view. He knows that Erinward and Denmark, enemies of Lastonia, are going to become allies; the rebels once lead by count August gathered and created the Red Lily league; the people of Lastonia don't love the king and support the rebels. Yurijes doesn't like this Ardis: he thinks she is just a spoiled girl and it's like a beautiful stupid doll. His father worships her, and he forgets the politics. It's time to inform him about what's happening abroad.

Oligerd grew up in a cold and dark prison cell. She spends her time with her servant Sophie and her books. She has poor food and wears poor clothes. She's cold inside and full of hatred. She is a victim of a big ingustice. She can decide either to become a nun or to die in prison. But she has an other plan, and only time is her ally... She is allowed to receive visits only by her tutor, by a priest and by Baron Byornson, who informs her about what's happening in the kingdom. Byornson is trusted by the king, but actually he is leading a secret organization against him! Byornson wants Oligerd to collaborate with him. They decide to organize a fake kidnapping: Oligerd will pretend she accepted to join a convent, and during the trip the rebels will take her to count Horm's refuge. But Oligerd is using him: she doesn't want to lead the Red Lily! When Byornson and his men kidnap her, she betrays the rebels and kills Byornson. By telling the king about the secret organization lead by count Horm, she shows the king her loyalty. Oligerd is not allowed to enter the court yet, but she lives at general Kirge's. Ardis hasn't met Oligerd yet, but she secretly sends her a lot of wonderful and rich presents.

Later, it is decided that Ardis must be sent to the enemy kingdom Erinward to marry prince Azio. This way they will pretend to make peace, while preparing more troops. But Ardis doesn't want to go... Oligerd offers to become Azio's wife. She asks the king to recognize her as a daughter in public: the king gives her the sword and the dragon necklace, which belong to the royal family.

Empress Hardra, king Adolf I's mother, doesn't like the Godfried. Since she became blind, she shut herself up in her palace and she didn't take part in the court's life. The two sisters meet at their grandmother's. Ardis is very grateful to Oligerd, and she is ashamed of herself who didn't want to go to Erinward to marry prince Azio. The old woman suspects that Oligerd's intentions are different from what they seem, but Ardis defends her. Whatever happens, Ardis will believe in Oligerd...

Oligerd cleverly conquers king Uror of Erinward, by showing him loyalty. He welcomes her and he is happy to have her as a daughter-in-law.
Lastonia has not to worry about Erinward for the moment, and the troops invade a little kingdom, Haland. Ardis hopes that the war will end soon, but after a year it's not over yet.
Oligerd is informed by her only trusted men, minister Grier. She hopes the war will last long. In the meantime she is trying to have the leader of Red Lily captured. She lives in a world of plots and intrigues, and she doesn't trust anyone.

Ardis and Yurijes visit the town incognito. It's the first time in her life! Finally she realizes the people's conditions: poverty, hunger, illness, high taxes, unfair executions... The girl is shocked.

In Erinward, Dean, the leader of Red Lily has been captured. Count August visits him in prison and he sets him free, giving him some money: he has to eliminate the royal family of Lastonia. Oligerd and minister Grieg are behind this, but Dean doesn't know that...
Ardis asks her grandmother to use her palace as a hospital for the poors and the soldiers. Hedra accepts and moves to the court. Nobles pay their share not to cut a bad figure, and the royal family's popularity increases. Oligerd sends some doctors to help, in order to be loved and admired by Lastonia.

In the meantime, the rebel organization gets stronger. A group of demonstrators go to the royal palace, and Ardis decides to go out and talk to them. Thanks to her beauty and her nice words, she conquers them: they believe that Ardis will bring peace.

Break; first impressions.

The first act is over. There's a 20-minute break.

As expected, Ayumi's Oligers has been outstanding.
Onodera is very happy... Maya is doing great, but Ayumi is better...
Maya doesn't care: she is not worried about being equal to Ayumi any longer. She will just be Ardis!
And indeed both the actresses are doing their best. When Ardis is on stage, the audience feels the warmth of Spring; when Oligerd appears, they feel the cold of Winter.
Masumi sees Sakurakoji: he grew up! He's as tall as him now... Masumi asks him if he is going to the backstage, but the answer is no: he's just a memeber of the audience. Masumi notices than when she used to date Maya she was a boy, now he's a young man! He hasn't realized it... And Maya also has grown up...

The second act is going to start.


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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