Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 27

"The two queens" - Act II.

Ardis starts worrying seriously about Lastonia's people, and she asks her father to help them, by reducing taxes and so on. She is trying to take care of the less fortunate ones. Moreover, the war with Haland is not over. Ardis writes a peace letter to the king of Haland. The princess is invited to Haland for the anniversary of foundation. Even if nobody in Lastonia trusts them, Ardis decides to go. Thanks to her beauty and kindness, Haland accepts the truce with Lastonia. But Oligerd doesn't want them to make peace: she sends many troops from Erinward to Lastonia, so that Lastonia can definitely defeat Haland. The royal family which was so kind with Ardis is killed. Ardis is desperate.
Then, Ardis' brohter, the crown prince Johannes is killed during a hunt. It is said to be an accident, but the responsible was Dean, the leader of Red Lily.
The Godfried are worried. After Johannes, Oligerd is the crown princess. They have to eliminate her: then Ardis will succed Adolf I, whose health conditions are not good. They invite Oligerd to visit her father in Lastonia, while plotting to kill her.
Oligerd has his father poisoned, but she accuses the count Godfried, who is also accused of trying to kill her. Erinward troops support Oligerd, and so do many nobles. Ardis' father is dead. Ardis is sent to prison.
Oligerd visits her to let her now that her mother, her grandfather and her uncle will be executed. Ardis claims her innocence. Oligerd shows no mercy, but she knows that Ardis didn't know anything about her family's dirty plots. Anyway, she doesn't want to execute her: it would make her name bad. Ardis will spend her life in the prison!

Ardis is crowned the Queen of Lastonia. Now she doesn't believe in anyone. She kills her faithful minister Grier, who knows too much. While dying, Grier tells her that someday someone will do the same to her, maybe to let Ardis be the queen. Oligerd is more and more worried and suspicious. She has Dean killed.
Azio understands that he has been used by her wife. He lets her know that he understood all her plans. Oligerd can't kill him, otherwise Erinward will be against her. She cannot kill Ardis, because in case Azio killed her he would be the king of Lastonia. Oligerd has more and more enemies, who would like to have Ardis as a queen. She cannot trust anyone... She feels purchased by the ghosts of all her enemies... Her grandmother Hedra advices her: she is going to live in hell; being the queen is not better than living in prison: nobody loves her and she loves nobody, nobody trusts her and she trusts nobody...

Azio suggests Oligerd that he could kill her and marry the beautiful Ardis: after 3 years, Oligerd decides to visit Ardis in prison.
Unexpectedly, her little sister Ardis has not changed at all. She is always pure, innocent and lovely. She doesn't hate her sister, but she feels sorry for her. She has lived like Oligerd had to live for many years, but she reacted differently. She is always smiling, she likes to talk even to the guards... She understands how lucky she was at the court, and that she didn't have to take it all for granted... Also she realizes that Oligerd suffered much more than her... She understands that Oligerd hates her family for what they did...
Oligerd has a dagger to kill Ardis. Ardis' servant, Vienna, tries to protect the girl, but she is hit and she faints. The dagger falls down and Ardis picks it up. Oligerd provokes her by telling her that she killed her brother and her father, and that she hates her. For a moment, Ardis almost thinks of killing her. But then, she gives Oligerd the dagger: she asks Oligerd to kill her, if this will make her happy. Oligerd hesitates, and she starts crying. Ardis smiles candidly.
In that moment, Yurijes enters to save Ardis...
Oligerd lets Ardis and Yurijes escape to a warmer country, where they will get married and start a new life, while she will remain the unloved and suspicious queen of cold Lastonia.

Curtain call.

Even if Ardis enchanted the audience, the evil Oligerd made a stronger impression. Anyway, while playing Ayumi noticed how natural and spontaneous Maya's performance was. That girl was really Ardis!
At the curtain call, the actors get a lot of applauses. Maya is very popular. When it's Ayumi turn, the girl realizes that she is not interested in knowing who has conquered the audience's heart, because she is already happy: she felt something new! For the first time, she has really had her character's feelings! She has really lived Oligerd's life!
Anyway, the most applauses are for Oligerd. Rei and her friends notice that Maya is clapping her hands to Ayumi, and her sweet smile is sincere: she is still Ardis!!!

The foyer of Nittei Theatre is overcrowded with fans and reporters.
Masumi walks to Maya and as usual he makes fun of her. But then, he makes a true compliment:
Your Ardis has been excellent. Much better than what I could expect!
Maya blushes, but Masumi starts joking again:
... The beautiful Ardis was really enchanting! What a pity you can see it only on stage!
Maya overhears that getting flowers from Masumi is really hard: this will be a big promotion! The girl doesn't think Masumi did that on purpose...
Anyway, she can ask Mizuki all the flowers she wants. Maya says that any flowers are OK, but purple roses!

An arranged marriage.

Hayami house. Masumi is at home. He's reporting his impressions about the play "The two queens" and about the 2 candidates for "Kurenai Tennyo".
Then Eisuke asks him if he is in love. Masumi says no. Then, he orders him to look to a photo on the table: he will have to meet that woman. He will be forced to a marriage of convenience!


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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