Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 28

The real winner.

The last show of the successful play "The two queens" is over. While the actors are celebrating, Maya spends some time alone in the theatre. She still has Ardis' feelings. It has been a wonderful experience, and even if she has been less impressing than Ayumi, she has received a lot of job offers in theatres, TV dramas and movies.
Maya is reciting Ardis' words, then Ayumi enters and she starts performing Oligerd. The girls congratulates with each other. Ayumi wishes Maya good luck: she has still one year to win the award which will allow her to compete for "Kurenai Tennyo"!
Ayumi feels melancholy for "The two queens" is over: for the first time, she has really empathized with someone who is completely different from her, she has walked on the stage as if she were really Oligerd... She didn't feel as if she were acting! Maya is surprised: this is the feeling she has always had at any play! Ayumi is deeply upset at Maya's words: once again she orders Maya to do her best because she wants to compete with her at any cost!
I underestimated her... Maya Kitajima! I am afraid of you! In front of you I always feel defeated... If I could enjoy my victory at least once!

A man in love.

Maya is at home: she is toasting with her friends of Tsukikage and Unicorn Company. She received many offers to act in many plays, TV dramas, movies... She hasn't decided yet. Masumi Hayami is standing in front of the White Lily mansion. He can see inside Maya and friends celebrating and having fun. He can't help thinking that his father arranged him a marriage of convenience. He will have to obey... And still he keeps looking through the window:
Look at yourself, Masumi... Is it really you! I don't recognize you! Is it you, who is called the unconscientious businessman of Daito, who is standing here without being able to move? For that girl, who is so much younger than you...

A date with Masumi!

Hijiri gives Masumi Hayami Maya's present for her purple rose fan: a plaid blanket to keep his legs warm! Maya thinks her fan is an old man... In her letter for her admirer, Maya lets him know that she hasn't decided which play she will perform, but when she decides, she will tell Hijiri! Masumi is touched...

The day after, Maya receives mail: a ticket for "Anna Karenina" the play, afternoon show. It's in an anonymous envelope, so it is not from her purple rose fan... Anyway, the girl is happy to go! The cast is high-ranked and the seat is in a very good place!
While in the theatre, Maya notices that the seat next to hers is empty... Only when the play is about to start, someone sits there... It's Masumi Hayami! Maya gets angry! What is he doing there? Then, it's him who sent her the ticket!
Masumi is serious:
If I hadn't done that, you would have never accepted to see me.
Maya stands up, she wants to go away. But Masumi holds her hand tight on the armrest. He orders her not to stand up: the play is going to start. Maya insists. What is he plotting now?
Plotting? Do you think I can't do anything else?
Maya is sure about that. But Masumi doesn't want to let her hand free.
Only if you promise you'll not run away.
Maya promises, but Masumi is still seizing her hand...
Only if you promise that after the show you'll spend some time with me... I have no mean intentions... Promise that... Please...
Masumi looks so serious... Maya hardly recognizes him... Anyway, she can't help accepting.

The play is over. It's almost 4 p.m. Masumi asks Maya where she wants to go. They have some tea and Maya orders a lot of sweets. Masumi laughs... But he is different from the Masumi Maya is used to... He notices that sweets are beautiful, and he asks Maya if women likes them: he has no other interests besides his job... Maya is confused...
After that, Masumi tells his chauffeur that he can get home. He will have a walk with Maya! The two talk as usual: Masumi provokes her, she answers him back, he laughs a lot... Then they arrive at a planetarium. Masumi invites Maya to watch the stars. While they are in, Maya is amazed by the stars and celestial bodies. She has a vertiginous sensation and she almost falls: Masumi who is behind her puts her hands on her shoulders.
When I was a little boy, I used to come here often. Heaven... The immensity of space... Here you realize how small you are... No matter how sad or distressed you are, you understand that you are incredibly small... Whatever your mood is, here your heart opens and becomes lighter, giving you the strenght to stand everything.
Maya feels exactly as Masumi says...
At the end of the show, Maya looks at Masumi: in that moment, his dreamy face is like a young boy's face! Masumi realizes that the show is over and he thanks Maya:
You made many things come to my mind... Thank you. I have never taken anyone else here.
The owner of the planetarium seems to know Masumi very well. He tells Maya that Masumi used to come to see the stars very often, always alone and silent. He was there even after his mother's death, looking at the sky and crying...
Maya hardly imagines such a sensitive young Hayami.
Maya and Masumi get out. Maya looks at the sky and she can't believe there are only a few stars... Masumi explains to her:
You can't see them because of smog and because of the street lights... But they are all shining even now.
Maya stares at him and blushes.
There is still time before supper, and Maya promised Masumi she would spend that time with him. They walk to Ginza, where there is the Temple fair. A lot of stands sell foods and cute gadgets. Masumi buys some things which Maya likes.
Masumi asks Maya why she looks at him with such a doubting face: he used to go often to that fair when he was a child.
Maya: I can't imagine you as a child
Masumi: You're not kind...
Maya: What kind of child were you?
Masumi: Guess it.
Maya: Unsociable, mean, insensitive, high and mighty, leading a gang of brats.
Masumi laughs: I was mild and sincere, way far from being a brat.
Maya provokes him: Really? Did you change growing up?
Masumi gets serious. He thinks of his father's extremely severe education.
He simply says: Yes.
Maya doesn't know what to think...
They meet a little crying child. He got lost in the crowd! Masumi picks him up and makes him seat on his shoulders: this way the kid can call his mother and his mother can easily see him. The woman thanks them.
Maya is more and more confused. She blows a party blower. Masumi takes the party blower from her hands, and he blows it too...
Maya blushes. She wonders why Masumi Hayami invited her...
Finally they are in a restaurant for dinner.
Masumi asks Maya if she is bored, but Maya sincerely answers no. Masumi is embarassed. He would like to say a lot of things, but he doesn't say a word:
What are you going to do, Masumi Hayami? This girl is 11 years younger than you. And you are the one she hates most. What's wrong with me? I'm said to be a cunning businessman, and now I am clumsy, like a child... No, I am even afraid... Afraid of this girl's reaction... Of her rejecton if I reveal her who I am... It would take just a few words and it would be done... Why am I suffering like that?
Maya is staring at Masumi. She is also very confused, and she is not much talkative either...
Mr. Hayami, please talk to me. What's that sweet light that illuminates your eyes? And that shadow of sorrow that darken them when you look at me? Open your eyes to me, please!
Finally Masumi breaks the silence:
The reason why I invited you tonight is...
Unluckily, there is an urgent phone call for Masumi Hayami: Chigusa Tsukikage escaped from the hospital! Masumi drives Maya to the hospital. They find the girls of Tsukikage company. The sensei left a message: she will go with Genzo to a place where she can rest for a while, since she can't teach now because of her health conditions. She doesn't reveal where she goes, but she promises she will keep an eye on Maya and Ayumi and she will come back.
Maya gets mad at Masumi: he promised he would keep her informed about the sensei's health conditions! Masumi replies that there was no need to worry: Tsukikage has worked hard at the play and she is very fatigued. She has to rest for 6 months without teaching, so she preferred to go away not to disturb Daito any longer.
Maya yells at Masumi that if something happens to Tsukikage as it happened to her mother, she will never forgive him! Masumi is very upset. He can't forget Maya's reaction at her mother's death.
Nothing will happen to her, I promise. Today, I've been fine with you, thanks. The reason why I have invited you today is only that...
But he enters his car without giving the sentence an ending.
Maya wonders what he wanted to say... She thinks of the stars which shine but cannot be seen because of smog...
The truth cannot be clearly seen, Hayami san...

Masumi's decision.

Masumi is back to his everyday busy life.
He is going to make a terrible decision...
I wanted to wait for her... I kept waiting until she became adult...
But, for what? She will never forgive me for what I have done... I am afraid nothing will put out the flame of her hatred... And now... What is going to happen? I have never met someone like her, loyal and natural, who can hide in her tiny body an incredible passion... I've been more and more attracted by her... Something unheard-of... What will be of you, Masumi? You'll be only a shadow for your whole life...

Masumi accepts to meet the woman whom his father chose for him.

Kuronuma's choice.

Osawa Theatre. The talented director Ryuzo Kuronuma is having a discussion with the production manager. He will direct the play "The forgotten wilderness" produced by Osawa, which will be on stage in Autumn.
The director is known as a perfectionist. He is a genius, but working with him is very hard. And if he thinks an actress doesn't suit a role in the play, he refuses to direct the play unless the actress is changed. He wants to find himself the actress who can star in his next play. After a long search, Kuronuma find the right actress while watching the videotape of "The two queens".
Some time later someone visits Maya at Atene Theatre, where she watched her friend's funny play. The director Kuronuma in person offers her the leading role in "The forgotten wilderness": a girl who grew up like a wolf. Kuronuma chose Maya because her eyes are an actress' eyes; she's got a common face, who elighten thanks to her talent. He is sure that she is the right one.
Maya reads the script and later she visits Kuronuma: she accepts! Maya will bet on this play to aim for the Arts Academy Festival Award which will let her compete for "Kurenai Tennyo".

The forgotten wilderness.

The plot is based on a true story. In the Carpathian Mountains two sisters who have been brought up by some wolves are found by some men from a mountain village. Their names are Eldonia (8) and Janina (6). Their natural parents are dead, and a strolling artist is entrusted with the task of taking care of the little girls... They are kept in a cage and exhibited as circus phenomenons. An Italian priest saves them and gives them hospitality in a hayloft. The young English anthropologist Stewart is very interested in the two sisters. He thinks that by treating them as human beings, they can become memebers of the civilized world. His friend, the zoologist baron Victor believes it's impossible: their wild instinct will never disappear. They make a bet. Stewart goes to Italy to see the 2 sisters. Eldonia is dead because she refused to eat. Stewart takes Janina to his home in England; he calls her Jane. Little by little he wants to transform her into a human being by teaching them how to eat, to talk, to dress up. Jane hates him at the beginning, but day by day she gets more and more attached to him. Anyway her heart is not human yet. When Stewart wants to show the other scientists the results of his experiment, Jane acts as a wild wolf: the experiment fails. Stewart gets drunk and spends the night wandering in the rain: he catches pneumonia and his health conditions are critical. When Jane understands she is going to lose him, she starts crying, turning into a human: she loves him! Stewart gives her his blue scarf as a goodbye present. Everytime she smells its scent, she thinks of Stewart...

Since from the first rehearsals, Maya does a rather good job. The other actors are surprised that she is not shocked by Kuronuma harsh direction, but the girl is used to Tsukikage's teachings... To better understand wolves, Maya watches some documentaries and at home she lives like a wolf, e.g. moving on hands and knees and eating without using hands. This way, she understands Jane's feelings little by little. Rei goes along with her, letting her play the wolf at home, and even the other actors and actresses help her by playing the wolves in the Underground theatre. While playing with them, Maya understands the relationship between weak and strong ones in a group.

Ayumi is informed that Maya will interpet a wolf-girl in the play directed by the genius Ryuzo Kuronuma. She is a little envious: she has never taken part in one of his plays... Anyway, she can't wait to see Maya's performance! The Autumn plays will take part in the Arts Academy Festival...

Masumi's fiancée?

Masumi Hayami has officially met the woman he has to marry. Since then, he has been dating her.
Maya sees the couple entering a building while walking down the street. She wonders who that beautiful woman is... How kindly he smiled at her...
Suddendly someone asks her:
Does it bother you, Maya?
It's Mizuki! She has to give some documents to Masumi; it's an urgent matter, then she has to disturb his private life... Maya can't help asking who that woman is. Mizuki informs her that Masumi accepted a marriage of convenience, and that woman is one of the candidates.
Maya is deeply shocked. She asks if they are engaged. Not yet, but they will be soon. This wedding will be very useful to Daito...
Maya feels something she cannot explain... As if her heart was suddendly... Empty... What's wrong with her?

Osawa Theatre. Presentation of the actors. Finally Maya finds out who will perform Stewart... Well, the actor is... Yu Sakurakoji!


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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