Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 32

Jane's bite.

Daito Theatre, party after the first show of "Isadora" by Osawa Production. Masumi Hayami is arousing the curiosity of reporters and memebers of National Drama Association by inciting Maya to perform a very likely wolf-girl. Kuronuma understands Masumi's intentiosn, but Maya hates him from the bottom of her heart: she thinks Hayami wants to make fun of her in public. Masumi is trying to impede the wolf to eat the meat. Their scuffle becomes more and more interesting. Masumi instigates her so much that she even bites his hand. Finally the girl manages to snap at the chicken leg. Everyone is surprised at her great performance: she really looks like a wild wolf!
Masumi reached for his goal: he announces that the play is over.
Maya throws the chicken leg at his face and she shouts at him that she hates him to deat! Sakurakoji tells him that he used to think he was a respectable person, but he was wrong. Maya and Sakurakoji go out. While everyone in the theatre talks about Kuronuma's interesting play and they wonder why it will not participate in the Arts Festival, Masumi suffers a lot: Sakurakoji is embracing Maya and cheering her up.
Ayumi is proud of Maya: she can't wait to compete with her.
Madoka Enjoji is disappointed because nobody talks about her show.
The chairman of National Drama Association asks Kuronuma to be invited to the first show of his play.
Masumi Hayami goes to the garage to spend some time alone. He should be used to Maya's words, but actually he's very hurt. He realizes that there is some blood on his hand, where Maya bit him. He kisses his wound while thinking of Maya...
Shiori finds him: she shows up with a perfect timing! She is a little upset by what she saw; she immediately bandages his hand...

The truth about Masumi...

Kuronuma invites Masumi to drink sake at a kiosk. The talented director wants to talk to him directly: he knows perfectly that it's thanks to Masumi that the president and the jury of the National Drama Association asked to be invited to the first show of "The forgotten wilderness", it's thanks to him that he receives tons of phone calls asking for info about the play, and it's thanks to him that all the tickets have already been presold. He knows that Masumi already planned it all when he attacked Maya. What is he plotting? Masumi explains that it's Maya's talent which caputered attention: if she had performed bad, nobody would have been interested in the show. He assures Kuronuma that he is interested in talented people, that is, Maya, Sakurakoji and Kuronuma himself. Kuronuma can't believe Masumi Hayami takes him into such a high consideration... Before going away, Masumi Hayami hints him that he is a candidate director for "Kurenai Tennyo"! Kuronuma is very encouraged. He will show everyone what he can do!

Maya gives Mizuki the tickets for "A forgotten wilderness". Mizuki asks her why she didn't give them directly to Masumi Hayami. Is she still mad at him for what happened at the party celebrating "Isadora" first show? What about the outcome it got? Masumi Hayami does everything thinking of the result. Maya doesn't understand what Mizuki means: does she mean that Masumi Hayami knew what will happen? And then, why would he have done that? Mizuki smiles:
Try to get it... Maybe you'll see the truth...

Shiori visits Masumi's villa on the seaside. Masumi is busy with a visit: Hijiri is there! Shiori waits and looks at Masumi's books in his bookcase. She finds Maya's photo album! She is very upset! Soon, Masumi enters the room and he is extremely kind to her as usual. Shiori is not tranquil, but she doesn't dare to ask him the terrible question:
Hayami san, I would really love to know what that girl means for you...

The only spectator at the first show of "The forgotten wilderness".

Ugetsu Theatre. It's the day before the first show of "The forgotten wilderness". Relatives and friends visit the actors: Mai brings packed lunch to Sakurakoji. Hijiri delivers some purple roses to Maya, and he tells her that her fan will be at the first show.
He always keeps his promises.
Maya is happier than ever!

Unluckily, a typhoon is forecasted for the day of the first show of "The forgotten wilderness"! And indeed, in the afternoon the typhoon arrives...
Kuronuma and the actors are in Ugetsu Theatre... The members of the National Drama Association will not come see the show... Probably nobody will come... Kuronuma tells his actors that if a single person comes to the theatre, the play will be performed. Maya is very sad... She thinks of her purple rose fan...
Ayumi and Mai wanted to go to the theatre at any cost, but they had to give up. Masumi Hayami is determined to watch the show. The road is closed to traffic, but he tells his chauffeur to drive the car back to home: he goes on foot to Ugetsu Theatre!

At Ugetsu theatre, all the actors despair of performing the first show on that day... Suddendly, someone enters the theatre: it's a dripping wet Masumi Hayami!
The actors are all excited: the play will be performed!
Maya is confused. She asks Masumi why he came.
You invited me for today, didn't you? And I promised I would be there...
Promised? Maya can't believe it... Even if there is a typhoon, he came to the theatre... Why?
Come on chibi-chan. I'm here to see you on stage.
Maya promises him that he will not regret coming to the show. She will do her best, and he will not go away during the show. The girl can't really understand him. They should hate each other, shouldn't they?
The play is going to start...
Please stay on your sit till the end of the show! Please watch my Jane! Why did you come here tonight, Hayami san?

Needless to say, Maya's performance bewitches Masumi.
During the play, some little accidents occur; a window is broken and they have to repair it. Then there is a black out and the play has to stop for a little while, until Kuronuma has the stage lighted up with electric torches... In that moment, everyone can see that Maya has never stopped being Jane! Sakurakoji is almost ashamed of himself: Maya is still a better actress than him... Maya and Sakurakoji work too well together... Masumi is very jealous! He suffers a lot when Stewart embraces Jane...
The show is getting to the end. In the last touching scene Stewart gives Jane a blue scarf as a goodbye present. Jane cries a lot, and she never separates from the blue scarf, which has Stewart's scent...
Masumi can't take his eyes off Maya:
I would have never imagined I would be a fan of someone... Until I met you, I used to consider actresses as merchandise... I didn't care about their feelings and emotions... I have never admired anyone of them... On stage, a smile of yours, an unexpected glance can immobilize me... You stole my heart, chibi-chan...

Some time passes after the end of the play... Finally Masumi starts clapping his hands loud! He really liked the show!
After the curtain call, Kuronuma asks him to join them to the party.
The actors are going to clean the make up off and to prepare the room for the party. Maya comes close to Masumi. She is very embarassed:
Hayami san, I would like to thank you for coming here in spite of the typhoon... And for staying until the end of the show... I... I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
And she takes a bow.
Masumi is surprised, then he smiles:
It's not usual of you to be kind with me... I prefer you when you bite me!
And after laughing, the young Hayami adds:
Your Jane was splendid! Perfect!
Maya blushes. She can't help thanking him again. Then, she realizes that Masumi's hair is dripping wet. She dries his hair with the blue scarf. Masumi is astonished. For a while, they stare at each other...
But Sakurakoji sees them and he immediately interrupts them saying Maya has got to change; he puts his hand on Maya's shoulder and he takes her away from Masumi. Masumi leaves the blue scarf in the theatre and goes away in the storm...
Goodbye chibi-chan. The storm... Even the storm in my heart is not going to calm down...
At the theatre, they realize that Masumi Hayami has gone away. Kuronuma accidentally burns the blue scarf with a cigarette. An actress offers her red scarf for the next show... After all, the colour is not important!
Maya is at the window, staring at the sky...
Mr. Hayami... What's wrong with me? I feel strange... I should hate him and still... Mr. Hayami! Why did you come tonight?
For Maya Kitajima and Masumi Hayami this play has been fatal, though they still don't know it...

"The forgotten wilderness", second show.

Kuronuma and the actors spent the night after the first show of "The forgotten wilderness" at the theatre. Maya wakes up and she is happy to see that it's a beautiful sunny day! People will come to the show this time!
The info that Masumi Hayami went to see the play in spite of the typhoon has spread.
At the second show, many important peole are in the audience: Ayumi Himekawa, who has been informed that there are even 3 candidates for "Kurenai Tennyo" in that play. Hajime Onodera, who wonders why Masumi is interested in Kuronuma: Masumi and his father know he would like to direct "Kurenai Tennyo". Then, many famous actors are there. And even the members of National Drama Association, the committee of the Arts Festival, and the chairman of Fujimi Food, the sponsor of the Arts Festival. Maya wonders if her purple rose fan is there... Shiori is watching the show too... She is very worried: is Masumi so interested in Maya only as an actress?...

The play has just started. Maya can see that even Chigusa Tsukikage is watching her! She is back in Tokyo!


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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