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Tankoubon 34

Masumi Hayami's biography.

Hayami house.
Eisuke Hayami talks to his son about "Kurenai Tennyo". Chigusa Tsukikage has been hiding for 27 year, and finally the time has come! Finally his biggest dream is going to come true! Eisuke suspects that his cunning son suggested the National Drama Association to protect the production of "Kurenai Tennyo", even though Masumi doesn't confirm that... Eisuke is rather proud of his son, he can't wait to see what he is able to do...
Masumi can't help thinking that "Kurenai Tennyo" changed drastically his father's and his own lives.

Masumi's family name was Fujimura. His natural father died on his working place, a building site, when he was only 2. His mother Aya Fujimura moved to Eisuke Hayami's home to work as a servant when Masumi was 6. They used to live in a detached house.
Her mother used to tell him that Eisuke Hayami left his home in Okayama when he was 14, he did many jobs and he made a lot of money with Stock Exchange. He turned a small shipping agency into an important national agency: Daito Shipping. He founded several companies, but his main business became Daito Art Production, which produces movies and plays and owns cinemas and theatres.
In Eisuke Hayami's house, there was a forbidden room: nobody but Eisuke was allowed to enter it. One day the young Masumi entered and he saw a kimono, some instruments and tools, several posters and photos of a play. His father entered and hit him. He was not allowed to enter and touch anything! He explained him how "Kurenai Tennyo" bewitched him and how he had been obsessed about staging that play again, since Chigusa Tsukikage disappeared after having a terrible accident. That was the first time Masumi had heard of "Kurenai Tennyo".
Eisuke Hayami was still unmarried at the age of 40. His half-brothers (he was the son of his father's lover) wanted him to adopt one of their children to let him/her be his heir.
Eisuke Hayami tried them out: he asked them to clean the bottom of the artificial lake of his garden from the mud. The children gave up after a short time.
Eisuke saw Masumi in the garden: the child used to spend a lot of time with the farmers and gardeners, helping them and learning from them. He was taught that the lake mud is a very good manure. Eisuke tried him out: he requested him to do what the other children were not able to do. Masumi asked the gardeners to help him and they happily accepted: they would use the mud as manure. Eisuke Hayami became very interested in the child: he obtained his goal without working himself, and he made both the parts happy.
He asked one of his employes to investigate about Masumi: he turned out to be one of the best students at school, loved by his school mates, popular head boy, leader of a baseball team... A perfect son! Eisuke was sterile, so he decided to train him to become his heir. He married his mother and adopted him. Masumi had to abandon his school and friends, and he was moved to a very prestigious school. After school, he had to go to his father's company to do the cleaning: he didn't have to show anyone that he knew his father, so all the employes thought he was just the son of a cleaning woman.
One day, Eisuke's relatives visited him at home. They didn't accept Aya Fujimura as Eisuke's wife and they treated her like a servant. On that day, for the first time Eisuke brought a present to Masumi: a model toy train! Masumi was overjoyed but his envious cousins broke his toy... The poor child got mad at them! Later his father told him that he has to learn what envy can do... He gave him that present only to teach him that!
At Daito Headquarters, after one year of cleaning, Masumi Hayami was officially introduced as the son of the chairman Eisuke Hayami at the foundation anniversary ceremony. All the employes were disappointed: Masumi in one year could observe them and listen to what they said... This was an other teaching of Eisuke's: people have 2 faces, and they show only the best one to their superiors... In fact, all the employes changed their behaviour... Since that day, Masumi attended special private lessons of history, ecomonics, law, administration, etc... He was allowed to stay at business meetings so that he could observe everything and learn. Eisuke was not a father, but a general!
He never loved Masumi's unhappy mother: he used to spend his spare time daydreaming of "Kurenai Tennyo" and he was never there even when she was ill. There were many rumours about the servant who married Eisuke Hayami, so the poor woman was very lonely and sad.
One day one of Masumi's cousins said bad things about Aya Fujimura... Masumi punched the little boy who fell down the stairs. Masumi ran away in tears, until he arrived at a planetarium. That was the first time he had entered it: he felt so relieved during the show that since that day he often went there when he was sad.
When Masumi was 10 some men kidnapped him. He overheard that his father paid a lot of money to finance the election of a certain minister, that promised him to help him with his business to return the favour. They called Eisuke asking for money. They even made Masumi ask him for help at the telephone, but Eisuke said he had no sons and replaced the receiver... He abandoned him! Masumi told the men that his father promised he would give them the money. The boy managed to escape and Eisuke had the two man killed: they knew too much about his bribery... The young boy will never forget that his father abandoned him!
Then one day, when he was about 12, Hayami's house burnt. Eisuke got mad! His "Kurenai Tennyo"! The kimono, the poster, the accessories!!!
Masumi's mother entered the house to save Eisuke's treasure... Masumi followed her... The woman was hit at her head and shoulder by some burnt wooden beams which fell down, but she could save the kimono... Masumi was shocked. While his mother was being taken to the hospital, in very bad conditions, his father was looking at the kimono! He was more interested in that kimono than in his wife!
The woman's health conditions were serious. Moreover, she caught a pneumonia and she died. Eisuke's relatives wanted that Masumi abandoned the Hayami family, but unexpectedly the boy decided to stay by his father's side. He became the cold unsensitive businessman everybody knows. He sacrificed his life to become even more ruthless and cunning than his father, but his real goal was to take "Kurenai Tennyo" away from him...
Then, I met Maya Kitajima, a girl who is 11 years younger than me, and I started thinking about my own life... That girl looked so happy to act! Why was her so involved that he performed even with a high temperature? Why did she want to play even when all the other actors was prevented from reaching the theatre? Her passion for life made her shine on stage... If you watched her, you couldn't help being enchanted. Her shining eyes, her smile, her moves and expressions stole my heart...
After the curtain fall, a warm feeling remained in me... I used to consider actresses as merchandise, and even if I didn't know why, I felt the need of expressing my feelings by sending her purple roses... That feeling had just been born... I couldn't believe I became a fan of someone... Since when my father abandoned me, when I was a child, I had never loved anyone. I had never been enchanted by anyone. And still... Why did it happen to me? The president of a Production house can't admire someone... He is not allowed to have feelings for an actress, who is just a product... Especially for an actress who is 11 years younger than me... The only thing I could do was observing her improvements remaining in the shadow... So that nobody could notice that... Maya! Those feelings had to remain secret!

Masumi Hayami tells his father that he will not ask Shiori to marry him until he stages "Kurenai Tennyo". His father understands: that play is very important for him as well.
Eisuke has always tried to find Chigusa Tsukikage who disappeared after that accident on stage. One day he saw her an he asked a taxi driver to follow her car. It was raining and the car had a bad accident. Eisuke's legs were badly injured and he still hardly walks.
"Kurenai Tennyo" is the only connection between Masumi Hayami and Eisuke Hayami. If it hadn't been for it, their lives would have been very different...

Leaving for "Kurenai Tennyo"'s birthplace.

Maya and Ayumi will compete for "Kurenai Tennyo".
After all the actors and directors are selected, the two girls will go to the birthplace of "Kurenai Tennyo", in Nara district.

Ayumi is training hard at the Juvenile Section of Ondine Company, while waiting for the day she will leave for "Kurenai Tennyo"'s birthplace.
The famous American photographer Peter Hamil is a big fan of her. He would love to have her as a model for his photos. But Ayumi is disappointed and she refuses his offer: she doesn't want to be appreciated for her beauty but for her talent! She is not a doll! The only thing she knows is that Maya Kitajima is a genius, and that she wants to defeat her and interpret "Kurenai Tennyo" at any cost!

Maya spends her days daydreaming. The girl is very confused. She thinks of her life, she thinks of all the things Masumi did for her, and all the occasions when she could have understood that he was her purple rose fan... There were too many coincidences... And then, the last time they went out together... Was it a date? Maya blushes. She often cries, and she can't believe the man she hates the most is the man she has always wanted to meet... How cruel... Why did he act like that?

Maya goes to the cemetery with her friends, to visit her mother's grave. She sees someone leaving when she arrives... Maya sees him entering the car from a distance... It seems... Masumi Hayami! Is it him? Rei calls her: on her mother's grave there are... Purple roses!
Maya is upset. There is a luxury pen next to the flower... Maybe the person who brought the flowers accidentally dropped it... Maya picks it up.
Then she describes Masumi Hayami to the cemetery gatekeeper, who lets her know that a person looking like that often visits the cemetery...

Azabu Daito Studio. Maya was told that she could find Masumi Hayami there. She enters the building and when she sees him, she hides. A man passes by her: she stops him and she asks him to give the pen back to the man who dropped it (pointing to Masumi Hayami). Maya observes Masumi: the pen is his! There is no doubt then... Masumi Hayami is the purple rose fan! Then Shiori embraces him. Maya runs away.
Rei is very worried for Maya. Is she is love? She spends the days daydreaming and crying. Maya is worried too. She will have to leave soon, and she will not come back to Tokyo for a long time... Will she be able to perform "Kurenai Tennyo" with such an upset heart?

The National Drama Association organizes a special committee for the staging of "Kurenai Tennyo". All the actors will be chosen by auditions. Kuronuma and Onodera will collaborate with the committee. There will be two casts and two directors, since there are two actresses for the leading role. The last selection will be a performance of "Kurenai Tennyo", which will be put on stage when Maya and Ayumi are back from the birthplace of "Kurenai Tennyo".
Kuronuma and Onodera will direct two different groups. Maya and Sakurakoji will be directed by Kuronuma, while Ayumi and the talented Kei Akame will be in Onodera's group.

Tokyo railway station. Maya and Ayumi are going to leave... Masumi Hayami shows up, saying he's just there by chance... He wishes Maya and Ayumi good luck. Maya is so embarassed... She knows who he is now! She keeps staring at him:
Hayami san... I'll do my best for my purple rose fan! I want him to see me perform "Kurenai Tennyo"!
Masumi smiles:
Do your best! I guess your fan can't wait to see you in "Kurenai Tennyo"! He is a lucky fan. I wish he could hear what you've just said. I am sure he would be moved!
Maya blushes and trembles:
Are you sure? Do you think he would feel like that? Do you think he would use your words?
Masumi confirms that. He has to go. He congratulates again with Ayumi and Maya, calling her chibi-chan... Maya shouts at him:
Hayami san... I am not a girl! Please don't call me like that any longer! I am a woman now! Hayami san!
Masumi is going away. He laughs. Sakurakoji is upset.
The train is about to leave. Maya starts running after Masumi Hayami, and Sakurakoji follows her...


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