Garasu no Kamen Synopses

Tankoubon 22

A midsummer night's dream, Act II.

The second act is not inferior to the first one. The audience is amused and nobody has gone away during the show. Maya keeps jumping everywhere, and still she never looks fatigued. Puck is very popular but the other characters are loved as well. Maya on stage is incredible, even the other actors are surprised by her actress instinct. She knows how to catch the audience's attention better than anyone else!
Masumi Hayami can't take her eyes off Maya...
Maya, you're an extraordinary girl! On stage, you look like a different person. Who, among those who see you on stage, can say they know you? The real Maya is shy, bashful, ans still incredibly stubborn. Sometimes she's very brave, sometimes she stands still, trembling... Always modest, with an indelible inferiority complex... She is the only one who turns against me with no fear...
While thinking those things, Masumi notices Sakurakoji... The boy is watching Maya...
The first show has come to the end. The playwright Hideharu Hyuga is really impressed by the talent of the actors, especially by Maya's talent! Masumi agrees with him, and in the bottom of his heart, he congratulates with Maya for her great interpretation.

At the end of the show, all the actors go down the stage to ask for donations. Everybody pays a share. Maya looks around: she wonders who her purple rose fan is, among all those persons...
The girl feels excited thinking that he is somewhere in the crowd:
It doesn't matter if you don't introduce yourself! Just tell me a word: 'bravo!'... At least one word! If you do that, I'll understand it's you! Please, purple rose fan...
This is Maya's wish, but nothing seems to happen... Some tears well up on her face...
Suddendly, someone exclaims:
Maya's heart beats fast...
But... It's Masumi Hayami! Maya blushes. Masumi congratulates with her and donates a big sum of money. Maya objects that it's too much, but the young president remarks that it's for charity. Before going away, he congratulates again:
You've improved much, chibi-chan.
Maya keeps wondering what Masumi Hayami is plotting... Mizuki keeps observing her boss...
Sakurakoji watched the whole play, but Maya doesn't know that.

The second and the third shows are even more successful than the first one: an audience of more than 2000 and 2500 persons respectively. The sum collected in 3 days is more than 5 millions ¥! Newspapers and magazines talk about the success of the open-air play and the playwright Hideharu Hyuga writes a positive review!

Daito's project for Unicorn and Tsukikage Company.

Hirose, the director of Atene Theatre, has to give Unicorn and Tsukikage Companies the permission to perform in his theatre. The actors feel grateful to Masumi Hayami for everything. Maya is still suspicious... Anyway, a lot of money are required from the companies to perform in that theatre, and they can't afford it...
Later, some employes of Daito Art Production visit the young actors: the talented and famous playwright Hideharu Hyuga would like to have them for his next play. Daito Art Production is interested in new talented actors who can make theatre something younger, more original and full of energy. If Daito produces the next Hideharu Hyuga's play at Atene Theatre, the actors will not have to worry about paying anything! Moreover, thanks to Daito's advertising campaign, they will become very popular. The young actors ask for some time to think about it, but there is no need to say that they will accept: this is the chance they were looking for! They will work with a high-rated staff!
Only Maya is not happy. This is what Masumi Hayami was planning! She didn't want to work for Daito any longer!

Daito Art Production. Maya is waiting for Masumi at the entrance.
Masumi Hayami is a little surprised to see her, but he knew she would have something to tell him... Maya shouts at him. She wants to know what he is plotting. She will not let him ruin Tsukikage and Unicorn Companies! Masumi is shocked, then he bursts into laughters: that girl is pretty outspoken! Masumi is pleased by her candidness. He assures that he has not by-ends: he is really interested in the 2 companies.
Maya is disappointed anyway: she didn't want to work for Daito.
Masumi Hayami stops her: who said she will take part in the project? They are going to promote the two companies, not her. For her friends' sake, she'd better not make any objections.
In that moment, Onodera shows up. Masumi cleverly makes him talk about the next play Ayumi will perform. This way, Maya is informed that in Spring, at Nittei Theatre, Ayumi will be on stage with Chigusa Tsukikage! Maya is shocked. It can't be!!!
Masumi hints her to go personally to Nittei Theatre to see it with her own eyes. Then Onodera makes fun of her and suggests her to give up the "Kurenai Tennyo" competition! Maya gets very angry.
I got it. I am an obstacle for you two. You want to eliminate me. For this you want to separate me from my friends... Yes, for you it's better that Ayumi interprets "Kurenai Tennyo"... I have been a stupid to think that you, Mr. Hayami, could be a good person! I... I... I really thought you could be a good person! What a stupid!
Masumi is very upset.
Maya runs away in tears. Masumi grabs her by her hand:
Maya slaps him in his beautiful face!
You'll see. I will not do what you want! If you think I'll give up, you're wrong, even if you separate me from my friends! Whatever happens, I'll keep aiming for "Kurenai Tennyo"!
Masumi sadly smiles:
Very good. This is the right feeling!
Maya runs away. Onodera goes away, he can't believe Maya can be so unpolite.
Mizuki has observed everything. Now she is alone with Masumi, and she can talk to him. She claps her hands: she knows that Masumi acted that way to make Maya react, and he succeeded indeed! And it's not a coincidence that he sent her to Nittei Theatre...
Masumi doesn't say a word; he's still astonished for what Maya said... A good person...

Maya's friends can't believe that Maya will not work with them at the Daito's play. But Maya assures them that it's her who gave up: she doesn't want to work for Daito any longer...

An actress who will co-star with Ayumi is needed...

As Masumi expected, Maya goes to Nittei Theatre. She wants to see with her own eyes if it's true that Ayumi and Tsukikage will act in the same play, and what play it is.
As soon as she enters, she finds out that the play will be "The two queens".
It's the story of two half-sisters, Oligerd and Ardis. Both are daughters of King of Lastonia, but Oligerd's mother, the queen, was unfairly accused of high treason and executed. The little Oligerd was sent to prison. Ardis is daughter of the King and his lover, who became Queen of Lastonia. She is happy, loved, friendly, always smiling, innocent. Her sister Oligerd, who is 3 years older than her, is lonely, wicked, full of hatred. Oligerd thinks only of revenge. She is just waiting for the right moment...
The show will be on stage in the next Spring at Nittei Theatre, and it will be presented to the public in Autumn.
Ayumi Himekawa and Yukari Kitazono were selected to interpret the 2 queens, but Yukari gave up, probably she knew she is not equal to Ayumi. Now a substitute is needed! Maya can't believe this news! She wants to audition at any cost! She asks an office worker how to do, but the woman tells her that only popular actresses from important companies are accepted. Does she think she can compete on stage with Ayumi Himekawa?
I will not know this until I try!
The woman is impressed by Maya's answer; anyway the girl will have to talk to the production manager, Mr. Kaneshira who will arrive in the evening.
Maya is very happy. She will wait! After all, she has nothing to lose! She buys some food to eat and then she falls asleep in the waiting room.
When Kanehira arrives, he is told by the office worker about that strange girl who looked so self-confident. When he sees her, he is upset:
She is allowed to say what she said...
He has recognized her! The only rival Ayumi accepts!
Maya will do the audition!

Daito Art Production.
Mizuki brings a cup of coffee to Masumi Hayami. She congratulates with him: Maya will do the audition. Masumi is rather calm. Mizuki emphasizes the fact that he is not surprised at this news... After all, he planned everything, right? Masumi confirms that. Mizuki lets him know that she understood her intentions. Masumi smiles:
You've got a fervent imagination, Mizuki...
But the woman insists:
I'd rather say 'intuition'... Please tell me, did you forgo your feelings?
Masumi: No.
Mizuki is shocked; she didn't expect such a firm answer.
Then, why do you treat her that way?
Masumi: I just made her aware of that chance. It's up to her if she takes it or not.
Mizuki goes on: she asks if he aims to "Kurenai Tennyo", but Masumi just asks her for an other cup of coffee instead of answering.
He is rather thoughtful; Maya's words really touched him:
That girl is on the other side of the road. I thought that the traffic light was always red, but it turned yellow... I didn't figure it out... And when I did, it turned red again...

Himekawa House. Ayumi gets a phone call from Nittei Theatre Offices. Maya Kitajima will do the audition to co-star with her! The girl is excited. She doesn't even listen to the names of the other candidates...

The audition starts!

Nittei Theatre. Third Sunday of September. Audition for Ayumi's antagonist. The candidates are: Midori Kusaka, from 'Free Men Company', Yuki Koshiro, from 'Suzuki Jimusho', Yoko Uegusa, from 'Dream Pro', Ruri Egawa, from 'Taiho Pro', Remi Fujikawa, from 'Jazz Company', Michiru Yukimura, from 'Megamiza Company' and finally Maya Kitajima.
There will be 3 tests: only the ones who pass the first test will take the following one, and so on.

In the first selections day, there are 2 subjects. The first is: poison. The candidates have to interpret some lines:

"Poison. Nobody knows that I have it. I can do what I want of an other's person's destiny. Now, this person's destiny and life are in my hands. I've made up my mind! You, who cheated on me with arrogance, who has always been so selfish, happy to tear my heart up and to make it bleed. Laugh as much as you want, this is my ace in the hole. Unmoved, I will pretend with my usual expression. It will work as soon as you assimilate it. You'll die in 4 hours, as if you had a heart attack. No traces of poison will remain in your body. One or two drops, one or two sips, will be enough... And everything will be over. And I will be freed from this chain of sorrow. My ace in the hole."

The candidates feel relieved: it's rather easy! Maya doesn't agree: there are thousands ways to interpret that monologue, and there are not hints about the person who talks, about the environment and so on...

In the meantime, at Hayami house, Masumi looks at the clock anxiously. He is thinking of Maya's audition. From time to time Hijiri calls him to keep him updated and he asks him if she can do something to help the girl.
Masumi: No, Maya has to count on herself now. Just keep me informed about the audition.
Hijiri: Nothing else?
Masumi: No, just... Protect her...
Hijiri: Ok. As you would do?
Masumi smiles sweetly: Yes.

The audition has started. The committee is not satisfied by the actresses' performances. They are someway too... Superficial... But, there is one last candidate... It's Maya Kitajima's turn!


Original story by Suzue Miuchi. Synopses by Francesca.
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